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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Are we there yet?

After many conversations in the car regarding things neither Laurie/Ethel nor I could recall about our previous road trip to Alameda Point Antiques Faire (Did we stop here last time? Does Roseburg come before or after Ashland? Where was that place with the great cupcakes?), I decided to take some notes this time around.


As planned, we left Laurie’s house in Portland, OR at 8 a.m. to head to Alameda Antiques Faire in the San Francisco Bay area. Woo-hoo! So excited!

One scheduled stop on the way out of Portland at a church rummage sale was quickly followed by two unscheduled stops at estate sales.

 Which resulted in another unscheduled stop back at Laurie’s house to unload her car which was now completely full. Four hours and 16 miles later we are still in Portland.  

Yay us!

New plan!  Leave for Alameda at noon.  The goal is to reach Redding, CA, about 420 miles away, where we’ll stop for the night.

That afternoon we went to three antique malls, a thrift store and a vintage shop before eating dinner and eventually keeling over.

It is weird that it took us 9-1/2 hours to travel 420 miles? The junkin’ just can’t be rushed.


Laurie/Ethel admires a combo stove/refrigerator. 

We hit the road at 8:45 a.m., eventually ending up in Emeryville, CA, about 200 miles away (an *easy* 3 hour drive) and just a short distance from Alameda Point Antiques Faire, our Sunday early morning destination / reason for living.

We managed to turn a 3 hour drive into 10 hours and here’s why: 3 vintage shops, 1 flea market, 3 yard sales, 2 rummage sales, 1 thrift store, 2 huge antique malls, 2 random shops and 1 estate sale. In 4 cities.

SUNDAY (aka The Really Big Day)

 Got up painfully early at 5 a.m. and the reward was attending heaven-on-Earth, Alameda Antiques Faire, for 7 hours of some mighty fine vintage shopping from (not a typo!) 1,000 vendors.

Eventually I had to rent a shopping cart (as in the type used at a grocery store) to collect the items I’d purchased and left behind with the vendors. I kept it all straight with my Patented System for Remembering© by writing the vendors’ booth numbers on my arm.

In sharpie.

Tired, happy, sunburned and loaded down with vintage junk, we left Alameda at 1:30 p.m. to begin our drive back to Oregon, stopping in Yreka, CA for the night.


Random antique mall vendor in Medford, OR? It's all a blur to me now.

We left Yreka around 8:45 a.m., thinking we’d be back in Portland by 4 p.m., only 325 miles/5 hours away.

After stopping at 8 more antique malls (and one ice cream shop) in 2 cities, we rolled into Portland at 8:15 p.m., taking almost 12 hours to travel 300-ish miles.

 To recap: 4 days / 1400 miles / 3 estate sales, 3 rummage sales, 13 antique malls, 2 thrift stores, 4 vintage shops, 1 flea market, 3 yard sales, 2 random shops and 1 Alameda Antiques Faire (because there’s only one Alameda!).

Thanks for traveling along!

Click the photo above to read Laurie’s version of events.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Just in case

Late last night, when normal people are winding down and relaxing, Ethel and I pulled into town after 4 very full days of hardcore junking and unloaded a car packed-to-the-gills with vintage finds from our road trip to Alameda Antiques Faire.

Today I’ll be processing my finds, going back to Ethel’s house to pick up a second load of vintage junk (!!), and thanking my lucky stars for all of our good luck and great vintage scores.

Please stay tuned for further updates as they become available.

Click photo and prepare to be amazed
 Meanwhile, as my thoughts turn to junking closer to home, I thought I’d share this *beyond amazing* score at a yard sale.

Gives me hope.

Friday, August 30, 2013

You Are Getting Very Sleepy.

…and when I count to three, you will awaken, open your eyes and remember nothing of the past three months.

Which ought to be pretty easy to do because there hasn’t been anything here to remember.

Hello! How are you?

I. Am. Fine.  Just wandered a little too close to the edge of the internet and fell off for a bit.

Here’s how I’ve been spending my internet summer vacation:

Feeling rustic for Fall. 

Keeping my space at Monticello Antique Marketplace filled and fluffed while looking ahead to the vintage Christmas holidays. Still waiting/hoping to find that big vintage Christmas score out there, somewhere.  An abandoned Shiny Brite ornament factory filled with long forgotten inventory would be ideal.

Which brings us to…

Fortunately I didn't spend an arm and a leg on these.

Yard sale-ing with mixed results.  Is it just me or does it seem as though yard sales are getting less awesome by the minute? Out here in the country, they’re my main source of vintage treasure during the summer months so every weekend I head out with my fingers crossed.

…and then head home with not nearly as much vintage treasure as I had hoped. Where has it all gone? I double-checked and it’s not in my garage.

Well, maybe a little is in there.

Heaven on earth in Alameda, CA

Junking with Ethel.  Earlier this month, she and I made a speedy trip down to the Alameda Antiques Faire (aka The Vintage Mother Ship) in the San Francisco bay area, with many, many stops along the way at antique malls, thrift stores, junk shops and anyplace else that caught our eye.

Currently obsessing over these mini diorama vintage ornaments

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Missed you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Shampoo. Rinse. Repeat.

It was a Saturday just like any other.
I got up early.  Left the warm house and headed out the door into the cold (32 degrees!) morning.
Nothing too unusual as this is my typical yard sale routine this time of year … with one tiny exception.
This past Saturday’s yard sale was in my yard.
That’s right. The days have been numbered for the ‘What was I thinking?’ pile and The Garage Where Cars Can’t Park.
Fresh as a daisy.
So I set up my old junk out there on the driveway for a couple of hours because that's as long as I can stand it, then made a trip to the local senior center thrift shop to donate the unsellables (ouch --- so many unsellables!) and was ultimately rewarded with some room to move in the garage.
I was not rewarded with a big pile of cash unless you count the snack-size ziploc bag filled with quarters.
Praying for it to stop
Combine that room-to-move with yet another sunny day here in Oregon and suddenly it’s Bathtime for Blow Molds, in preparation for their upcoming trek to the vintage Promised Land (my antique mall space).
Look who's crashing the nativity
Will this weirdness never end?  I suspect my neighbors would like an answer to that as well.
(The outcome: I made a whopping $47! I am not a fan of having yard sales! Someone even tried to pay for a 25¢ item with a fifty dollar bill! You cannot make this stuff up! Never again!)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

This week’s Moments-in-Vintage brought to you by the camera on my phone

I came across these books, organized by color, in the same local shop where I bought the gigantic typewriter.
That lone red book mixed in with the blue ones cracks me up for some reason. Either it’s a deliberate part of the design or some shopper was really not paying attention to what was happening on these bookshelves.
Wouldn’t an entire bookcase filled with hundreds of red & green books be amazing at Christmastime? Will someone please get on that and report back? Much appreciated.
This piece of big, heavy mid century awesomeness was a mere $20 at a yard sale this morning and the sellers delivered it, in a truck, to my garage.  I marvel at $20 furniture.
And motivated sellers.
Which brings us to something I have been dreading to share with you but in the interest of full disclosure, I feel I must.
The cow has been nicknamed 'van Gogh.'
This photo was snapped out in the Garage Where Cars Can’t Park while waiting for my yard sale furniture to be delivered.
Blow mold central.
And possibly future additions to the "What was I thinking?" pile.
Concluding these moments in vintage, a view from a walk.
On the Old Highway.
Hope this weekend brings you some vintage moments.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Three Lots for Three Bucks

Price: $0
This bunch of dishes was in the free box outside the door of my local Senior Center Thrift Shop.
They were free in the financial sense but there was a price of another sort waiting in the box.
All of the dishes were stuck together in a big, gooey glob by what I think/hope was chocolate syrup.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself it was.
Free.  Focus on the Free.

Price: $1
I would have gladly paid twice that because when it comes to vintage Christmas,  I. Am. Weak.

Price: $2
I didn’t even look through this mountain of sewing patterns found at a yard sale – for $2, all of them went straight into the car with plans to use the tissue pattern pieces for wrapping any breakables sold at my next vintage event.
Until I started unpacking the box when I got home.

Some of these patterns are charming.

And some of them are horrifying.

But they all represent one woman’s lifetime of sewing:  For her younger self, her married self, her young daughters, teenage daughters and eventually, her granddaughters.
So much for my wrapping paper plans…

Wishing you a wonderful 4th of July!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Holey Sheet

Late last night, long past when I should have been asleep in preparation for today’s yard-sale-ing,* it seemed like a great time to start a little no-sew vintage sheet project I’d been thinking about.

Impulse control? Never heard of it.

I’ll be a vintage vendor at two outdoor events later this summer and I wanted to make something colorful to flutter gently in the mild summer breezes that will be blowing softly through my vintage-packed canopy tent.
(This post is actually a subliminal message for the weather gods. I hope they receive it so I don’t end up with something colorful and sopping wet flapping madly in the hurricane-force winds beating against my rain-soaked canopy).

And I wanted it to be fast and easy.

Like tying-knots-onto-string-easy.

And it was.
Have a wonderful weekend!

 *Sadly, June-uary weather prevailed and rained out today’s yard sale plans.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I swear, it followed me home

Can I keep it?

It gets along great with my Dollar Store plates.

 And it's very quiet.

This was the best (and scariest) part.

(After unpacking, I was very happy to discover only 2 pieces were chipped and from the appearance of the chips, they happened before these pieces were tossed together to become a ‘boxed set.’)

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lots of lots

This summer of yard sale hoarding has produced some interesting results.

Dozens of them.

Setting things aside here and there for months adds up eventually.

My Santa cups runneth over.

In an effort to address this accumulation, I've signed up to sell at one more vintage event this year.

It was that or get a storage unit.

Or move away.

Now I’m already having a little separation anxiety about the milk glass.

And in a fit of purging after attending an especially scary & jam-packed estate sale, I’ve decided to sort through my personal vintage Christmas stash to see what I can live without.

I mean if I can live without.