Monday, July 26, 2010

Where little banners come from.

Shoes without socks - was I brought up in a barn?
I definitely don't collect old wooden picture frames and yet, I seem to have a bunch of them. And since I don't collect them, they aren't used for anything much such as framing a piece of art but I like having them around. And I especially like the look of a group of empty frames on the wall. 

To me, the frames are art all by themselves.

Ok - this is a little minimalistic, even for me
And so my non-collection of frames inspired my blog banner. Oh sure, I could have done the smart thing and made my banner from one of my billions of photographs taking up space on my hard drive but...

I had this idea.

And it involved those frames. And vintage fabric. Because in my barkcloth-doily-tablecloth-infused world, fabric is art too.

After a series of manuevers, 
Disclaimer: No vintage fabric was harmed during the creation of this banner.
(I used color copies)

stops & starts and arranging & rearranging,
To angle or not to angle?
my banner was born. And because I'm thrifty, I made it a two-fer.


Um, fraternal twins.

The top one for my blog and the bottom one for my etsy shop.

And that is where little banners come from. 

(Wow! I'm really feeling the ital today!)

In other news, later this week seems like a good time for a giveaway. Here's a hint...


  1. I always am happy when i see a new post from you! The frame/banner idea is BRILLIANT...may have to try that myself someday (not for my banner tho)
    Liking the hint for your giveaway...liking it very much!

  2. I think your banner is wonderful! (My eye is always drawn to the cherry fabric) I've been itching to do something different with my shop banner, and this inspires me to try and get more creative this week.
    I love Giveaway teasers!!! I will definitely be back!
    God Bless,

  3. I just love that vintage fabric! Does the giveaway have to do with those gorgeous towels?

  4. Great idea for a banner! It looks beautiful and it is original:>)

  5. Your craftiness never ceases to amaze! I was a bit anxious on the fabric's behalf, and relieved to hear color copies were used as stuntmen.
    So, I was wondering how that rug is coming along, but of course the fact that I haven't sent you the fabric yet may possibly be having an effect on it's progress, yes?
    I have guests coming this weekend, so I must deal with my guestroom (where the fabric is hiding out) soon. I kept the door locked during the photography workshops for fear someone with a camera and a blog would out me.
    This is turning out to be more like an email than a comment, isn't it?
    Hope you are well, Amy!

  6. What a great idea!!!!! ANd I will be checking hourly for the giveaway! :):) Sandy

  7. Thanks for sharing with us how you did this.I love when bloggers decorate their own banners!!

    I have a question..etsy...are you still pleased with it? I have weighed all the pros and cons..and seems it would still be better and easier than going to Fall shows and sitting in Malls or Tents all

    Just a wondering how you feel about it. I do know some of my first free money I make..I am shopping at your store...I just pine away for the vintage bad pineing doesn't make you loose

    Have a good evening..Cindy Ric-Rack and Gingham

  8. I've always loved your blog header. So glad to see a new post from you, too!! And that giveaway - yowsa!! I'd sure love to win that, you sweet thang, you...hee-hee


  9. You always make beautiful things! I'm on my way to your etsy to take a look!

  10. Your frame banners are quite a creative idea for your blank frames.
    Love vintage linens.
    Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

  11. I bought a cherry dishtowel from you on it!!! Can't wait to see what the giveaway is!!!!

  12. Fabulous! What a great idea - it is so you!


  13. I love your photo captions. I am glad that no vintage fabric was hurt in the making of your banner, which I like. You have also given me an idea to actually frame some fabric that I have. I too have a collection of frames. I am a frame addict. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Clever idea on your banner. Love the fabrics and having fun reading your blog.

  15. Fabulous banners and story!! I love how one of the tags is "things I don't collect".

    I've been saving a stash of gingham aprons to make a banner with, and FINALLY got around to it. BTW, I don't collect aprons.

    Here's to banners of fab things we don't collect!!!

  16. Aren't you the clever girl :->
    Fabric has to be art, something has to explain this insanely large collection that I have. xo, suzy

  17. color copies, eh?....super clever.

    I have approximately 58 frames in my studio as we speak.

    Those aren't perchance the towels I saw in the Storque article? (Congrats to you, Friend!)

  18. I've always loved your fun to see how you created it! I look forward to your giveaway,

  19. I wish I could come up with a clever idea like that! And your giveaway tease has definitely got my attention!

  20. Over the top charming! I just love it... I framed vintage barkcloth photocopies...added little glass handles to the sides and have a tray.... :-) Can't cut up the good barkcloth.

    Have a great day.


  21. Super amazing and creatively cute. I LOVE IT.

  22. amy, you have done a great and wonderful job with your banner... and worked a lot my darling....

  23. Wonderful! You got my creative juices flowing!


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