Monday, November 1, 2010

Kind of Sketchy

Well hello, November. What are you doing here already -- would you please wait outside?

I've probably mentioned this before but I am a huge scribbler and doodler -- ideas come to me whenever they feel like it (mid-conversation, while asleep/reading/making pancakes/eating pancakes) so I always like to jot them down in my sketchbook before the thought evaporates completely.

Occasionally they even turn into something.  From this...

To this.


This (fascinating, I'm sure) process has run off the road a bit since I filled the final page of my sketchbook some time ago. Now I'm in the habit of firing off ideas onto whatever happens to be in my path like an old grocery list (usually written on the back of an envelope) or a random post-it note.

Or this.

 I have a growing stack of these bits and pieces fluttering around so I finally took a moment to look on etsy for a new sketchbook. And of course, I'm kind of picky. Has to be a certain size, wirebound only please because I'm a lefty and of course, interesting to look at.

Here's what I ended up with.*

Repurposed from an old book with some of the original pages left intact and then filled with recycled sketchbook pages. Love. It. 

Also looks nice against my $2.50 vintage feedsack quilt top. Love it too.

*from Portland, OR-based etsy seller sparrowtracks


  1. I think I'll add one of these to my Christmas list. Maybe then the bank teller won't get the envelope with my amazing little ideas scrawled on it again, along with my deposit slip! Oh, and amazing quilt top score!

  2. Love all those sketches~ And that quilt top. Really, $2.50? Are you kidding me?? That is so great! I love the tablerunner too. Will you be selling any in that color scheme? I didn't see it on your etsy, and those colors are perfect!

  3. Hi Amy!
    That table runner...I'm swooning!
    I still haven't been able to bring myself to use the gorgeous Christmas cards I bought from you at the All Saints sale. Will you be there on Saturday? Hope to see you.

  4. It's always fun to get a glimpse into someone's creative process. BTW...Two thumbs up on your penmanship!!! Ok...I'll admit that I do notice the strangest things! I look at everyones post pictures first, and when I glanced at all yours, I thought it was some cool font.

  5. Your sketches are pretty fun to look at. If I could draw that well, I would probably just draw and not bother to make anything, but I am glad you do.

  6. I absolutely love your pretty. I too love to doodle and sketch so I know where you are coming from. Thanks for sharing this, it makes me smile.
    Hudson's Holidays

  7. Your sketches are so cool to look at since I am not the least bit creative. But your new book is to die for. My potting shed accent color is green and it would make a great garden journal...I'm jealous..must go to her etsy shop and see what else she has.

  8. I am so excited to see your creative process. I truly think of you as an artist with fabric. Lovin' the new journal!

  9. Aha, another doodler! Love the tablerunner and your personalized notebooks.


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