Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pin to Vintage

Maybe by now you’ve had a chance to check out Pinterest, the website where you can ‘pin’ photos from the internet to your personal ‘pinboards’.
Occasionally you might even come across photos from your very own blog!

WARNING: I have found Pinterest to be extremely addictive and now know it should not be viewed unless one is prepared to abandon all previously scheduled activities and perhaps be willing to skip a meal or two while under its spell.

 If you want to see if a photo has been pinned from your blog, replace the xxxxxx with your blog's name:  http://pinterest.com/source/xxxxxx.blogspot.com/
For instance, to see what’s been pinned from Into Vintage, I would use this: http://pinterest.com/source/sointovintage.blogspot.com/

One photo from this blog that’s been pinned is this vintage ornament tree I made last year.

And yesterday another vintage-loving blogger, Charlene, emailed me to share her version of the ornament tree:

I love it! And she was so clever to do this on a real door – why didn’t I think of that?
See all of her photos on her blog, Willow & Paisley.
Now I’m wondering…are there more of these vintage ornament trees out there?

In other news, the exciting Third Annual Academy of Vintage Christmas Ornament Arts and Sciences Award Ceremony (um, does that name get longer every year?) is underway over at Oodles and oodles.
This year’s winners have been announced including the highly anticipated Best Christmas Ornament Reminiscent of a Joni Mitchell Song.”
You’ll see.

PS You can click HERE to see what I’ve ‘pinned’ onto Pinterest.
I’m going to stop saying ‘pin’ and just say pin now.  Pin.


  1. I agree, it's so addicting! I want to have all these gorgeous pin boards blown up and hung all over my walls.

  2. I have heard about how addictive pinerest is and have been avoiding up until now. You may have lured me over!

  3. I gave in to pinterst a week ago. WHAT WAS I THINKING???? I've lost all of my productivity!

    Did your little trick to see who had pinned things from my blog - and I noticed you had, so THANKS :)

  4. Hahahha! Maybe you can lead the "AA" of Pinterest! We need it, right?! Thanks for the tip on finding our blog pix posted ~ had no idea! I'm TOTALLY in LOVE with your ornament Christmas tree. If you rush it to moi, it'll arrive just in time for Christmas, K? Thanks;)


  5. I love pinterest...you are right, though, only go there if you plan on spending hours touring the web!

  6. You put two links to other places in your post and then I got sucked down the rabbit hole of those other pretty blogs. Next thing you know it's taken me 1/2 an hour to remember that I was visiting you in the first place. Reading your blog is almost as addictive as Pinterest. Almost.

  7. thanks for the link that you can use to see if you've been repinned - I always wondered how to do that!


  8. I can relate ;) Yes, I'm addicted.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!
    xxx Liz

  9. Pin to Vintage. Could you possibly be any cleverer? Cleverererer? More clever?
    How fun to see other versions of the world famous ornament tree. You continue to inspire the masses, Amy.
    Hey, I've got an idea! How about if I put that picture on my blog. With any luck, maybe people will pin it from my blog and think it's mine! Doesn't that sound like a good plan?
    I think I'll go do that right now.

  10. Such a cute post! Who doesn't love Pinning? :)
    Merry Christmas! You have some awesome vintage ornaments there! :)

  11. Thanks for sharing the link to see if a photo from our blog has been pinned. Wow! I had no idea that people really liked what I'd been doing!!
    Amazing...just like you!!

  12. If the Academy branches out into Best Christmas Tree Made with Vintage Ornaments, you're certainly a shoo-in to win. I love that tree. And I am afraid of Pinterest, but I suspect I'm about to overcome my fear.

  13. Merry Christmas!
    I've seen so many bloggers doing the "pinterest" thing...so now I can check it out! Thanks for sharing the info!
    LOVE the old ornaments!

  14. Wait a minute...they had Nursery Rhyme ornaments? Where have I been? I must have a full set of these...Oh it is a favorite way to waste time. In fact I love to pin right off of this website...Merry Christmas...Renee

  15. I found you through pinterest! LOL! Yes, i'm addicted too!

  16. Thanks for the hint. I have found 4 of my pics on there. How exciting!! I think I might have to look into Pintrest a bit more. I love the Chrissy dec award, I hadn't heard of that before. Sherry :)

  17. Thanks so much for the tip on how to find if anyone has pinned things from your blog. I tried it out and was pleasantly surprised and excited to find lots of things of mine pinned and lots of lovely comments I never knew about before. So thanks! (Love all the vintage ornaments by the way, I did my tree all in vintage this year and am really enjoying it.)

  18. I know that search technique well. What it doesn't show you is all the pins from your Etsy store, since those only show "Etsy" as the photo credit. I"m still trying to figure out how to find those links other than using Google. Anyone know the secret to that?

  19. Thank you for sharing the way to find our stuff. I was glad to find that the photos lead back to their original source.

  20. Thanks for the tip! I love these shots! Now I have a few more ideas to decorate the home right before Xmas. Happy Holidays! DeDe Vintageandflea.com

  21. Your ornaments are so incredibly cute! I wish they were mine.

  22. Those are soooo beautiful! xoxo

    Happy holidays!

  23. dear treasured friend,

    i signed up for pinterest and haven't been back. i can only imagine the time i would spend there so for now, i avoid it. however, i gots to check out these links! ;)

    warmest wishes for a healthy and merry christmas!


  24. Yes, it's easy to lose track of time when you're on Pinterest! Just discovered your blog through Renee's Sewn With Grace site and love all the vintage goodies. I'm your newest follower and look forward to reading more!

  25. I really enjoyed your post about pinterest, I am quite hooked on it. And I also liked the info on finding your pics from your own blog, what a compliment to be pinned in my opinion. I think that to blog or pinterest is just a source of inspiration and a form of sharing with others who like the same things. I look forward to following your blog and pinterest sites. Terri

  26. I like the way you decorate with your vintage Christmas decorations. Have a happy new year with lots of joyful events!

  27. What a wonderfully nostalgic tree, I love it! Thank you for including me on your blogroll! Today has been full of sweet surprises.

    Happy New Year!!

    : )

    Julie M.

  28. can you believe that i have not opened a pinterest acct yet? yup, just not enough FREE time to do so with working and all. but, i do giggle when i see PINS from my blog. so i guess i need to get caught up with all of the fun and spend a day in PINLAND. LOVE your tree! and thanks for the tip-ola on looking up bloggy pins. :)

    wishing you a creative and blessed new year, miss amy! thanks for blessing all of us with your inspiring and beautiful creative goodness that you are such an expert at!

    mr. d
    miss fee
    and miss becky

  29. Pinterest is so fun! (and addictive) I think it's such a fun way of sharing ideas!


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