Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rust. Ick. : The Goods

A few of the things uncovered, dug up, pried loose and unearthed while picking out at the *secret weapon.*

   Opening the door of this mailbox to see what was inside brought immediate prophetic visions of the slithering reptiles who decided the accommodations were so delightful that perhaps they would winter here as well.

Fortunately, the only occupants were vacated wasp nests. And yet I was certain I would find the one stupid snake that thrives in freezing weather and DOES NOT want to be disturbed.

Redirecting crazy snake thoughts toward that chippy aqua window…

So many little bottles. I wish I had more of them because they sell so well. Why does it seem as though so many are fond of the little bottle? Several of the bottles still hold a bit of their original, mysterious potions.

Maybe I just answered my own question.

And let’s not overlook the handsome and rustic metal toolbox. Perfect for carrying many little bottles.

Lovely old metal egg crates. Dried weeds were included at no extra charge.

Metal letters that were sold to me by the pound. (?!)

One lone drawer that will be making its debut in my antique mall space as a vertical display shelf.

And some of the countryside’s finest in this year’s rust.

Please have a fabulous weekend.


  1. Oh wow....what fun! Wish I could find a treasure trove like it all!!!! All of these items would so sell big the weekly antique auctions here, this is what the booths are full of right now! We watched a lot of 200 metal letters (and they were not real big) go for over $1000.00 last week!

  2. i cannot believe this place exists.

  3. Mailbox?
    What mailbox.
    I only had eyes for the aqua window.
    (Now I feel bad because the mailbox is pretty darn cute, too.)
    And that last and most awesome rusty basket. I'm picturing it planted with primroses. Right now, I'm picturing everything planted with primroses, as I've got a raging case of Spring Fever going on.

  4. Great finds, but especially the rusty baskets! I'm your newest follower - love your blog!
    Cindy @ Art,Books,Tea

  5. I'm heading up to Portland on the next junkin' train. Wow, what a gold mine! Love your description of the mailbox, love it all right down to every rusty detail. Pinning the window.

  6. If you ever find yourself in a pinch and need a helper to know who to call. Good secret weapon to have in that back pocket.

  7. If you ever find yourself in need of a strong helper to help you know who to call. Love that you have a secret weapon in your back pocket.

  8. I need a *secret weapon* but I want the aqua window. (you have found a great secret weapon)

  9. That last basket is my favorite, by far, but the rest of the stash is rusti-licious, too!!! Lucky you for not finding any snakes! Ick!!!

  10. Envy, envy, envy!! I can't believe what great stuff you found. Love the wire baskets, no wait, I love the bottles more, no wait....
    You know, I'm not that far away. I could just drive out there and go round and round in circles until I found it but what would be the point when you already scooped up all the good stuff. 8+) Big high five!

  11. All of them are great! I am currently looking for something very similar to the lone drawer you found, what an awesome find!

  12. You couldn't rust it that perfectly if you tried! Only "Mother Nature" can paint such beautiful brown. Thanks for sharing!

  13. You are K-i-L-l-I-N-g me! I love it all. Can't pick a favorite. love those letters. I would be labeling everything. So glad you enjoyed it! Smiles...Renee

  14. You know, I've never known you to be mean, but this is just torture......

    I would be hyperventilating at the prospect of finding all those bottles, let alone the baskets and aqua window and letters.

    Hmm, Hood River's not that far from me..........
    perhaps the term "stalker" has been given a bad rap.

  15. I'm laughing at the magic potion bit! We always find something questionable.. this wk. for me was teeth fasteners??? Eek! I mean YUK ;)
    Have a great Sunday!
    xxx Liz

  16. That aqua paint color behind. the mailbox is perfection~it instantly makes me happy!


  17. I would love nothing better than to walk with the snakes as a means to do some good pickin'!!!! The things you picked would have been the ones I would have.

    Can we just say "score!!" and provide you with a resonating golf clap!


  18. GASP! I can not believe your great finds! Where are you and can I come next time?

    All that rust plus little bottles makes my heart pitter pat.



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