Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ker-Plunky Goes the Maiden

That’s right.
About ten minutes into the frenzy of unloading my U-Haul full of junk at the Plucky Maidens event this past weekend, I managed to spaz out trip on the truck ramp, bend my foot entirely the wrong way and, in an attempt to be an overachiever in field of self-inflicted injuries, break a little foot bone.
( You know how people say "Oh, if it were a broken bone, you'd know it!"  My response to that: “You might not.” It took an x-ray two days later for me to know it. )
Luckily, I injured myself while in the midst of some of the nicest people on the planet. Many of the Plucky Maidens vendors very generously provided ice, manual labor (unloaded my truck!), ointments, candy, wine, advice, hugs & moral support.
Of course, now I'm kicking myself (with my good foot) for doing this at the start of yard sale high season.
To my gas pedal foot, no less.
So I have just the one photo of my double space at Plucky Maidens. I meant to take more but decided to sit down instead.

Happy to report that despite The Foot, I sold a lot of junk.*

 (*I’m always curious what people are buying – here are some of the things I sold:  mid century modern chair, rusty window screens, old single pane windows with chippy paint frames, a dresser without drawers converted into a potting table, galvanized metal tubs, metal numbers, two concrete deer (one of which was resold to someone else before it left the building!), garden chair, tall wood ladder, misc. metal cabinets and carts, all sorts of odds & ends, garden bench, milk glass vases, vintage suitcase, clipboard chalkboards, vintage tablecloths (I can’t keep them all … or can I?), chippy paint stepladder, garden books, wood/painted drawers, vintage pennant banners, typewriter, globe, mcm metal shelves)


  1. What I want a picture of is the garage...with the handicap ramp now that you cleared all the space out. I am so sorry for your fall. That sounds just like something I would do except my family would stand around pointing and laughing and then pay for it later....glad you did so well. Smiles...Renee

  2. You forgot to mention the SPOON I fetched for you. I believe this paragraph should read....
    "Many of the Plucky Maidens vendors very generously provided ice, manual labor (unloaded my truck!), ointments, candy, wine, advice, A SPOON, hugs & moral support."
    Glad you are on the mend and your booth looked great. Nice to have you as a fellow Plucky Maiden. xo

  3. Ethel -- don't forget the Pepsi too! Thanks, friend!!

  4. Wow! I wasn't there to see your booth on Friday night and I am amazed how much less there was when I left there on Saturday. It sounds like you were spot on with what people would like. Good job! Now sit down some more. Sit down a lot.

  5. I fell down the stairs and jammed my little finger. It turned purple, I put ice on it and thought it was sprained...for six weeks. I could still type. And then a friend suggested that I have it X-rayed and IT WAS broken! Try typing with a splint: a, shift are on that finger! Oh, the stuff we put up with!


  6. Oh no! That sounds like something I would do in a hurry to get the show started. What a team you Plucky Maidens, advise, wine, candy, wine, spoon, hugs. Get your foot rested so you can get out there before the season is in full swing. Glad you sold so much!

  7. So sorry about your fall! That has to hurt!! Love your space!! Looks like you have some great treasures!! Oh, would have loved to see all the tablecloths!! Hope you recover quickly!! xo Heather

  8. Okay, the gas foot might be down, but how about the braking foot???? That one still works, right???

    Sorry to hear about your injury and I sure hope it heals fast!

    And have you ever thought of going into business just writing blog post titles? You always have the best!

  9. Owie! Pam told me about the mishap. We are a battered and bruised bunch! The booth looks fab, and I'm glad you sold a lot!

  10. I laughed out loud reading your post. Gawd, I'm terrible! Why is it that when someone does something like that (or stubbing a toe) it makes us laugh? And we KNOW how painful it is! Seriously, how nice of your fellow sellers to graciously help you:) Happy you sold so much ~ sure wish I lived closer!

    On a different note...please email me at cindy@RetroRevival.Biz so that I can ship you your blog prize.


  11. Oh no! Glad you had some comfort and help! I fell yesterday and I was thinking how "unfair" it is that we start falling again as we get older but yet we don't bounce right back up like we did when we were toddlers!

    I like that red ice chest in the pic- and how you wrote your name on the chalk board.

  12. I'm so sorry to hear about your accident! How awful, but I'm glad to hear you are okay. Bummer about the broken bone though. So happy you had a good sale. I really wanted to come, but had so much going on to get ready for Farm Chicks, I just couldn't get away. Looking forward to seeing you! Hope your foot heals fast!

  13. I always knew that junking was a dangerous sport! I hope you're not out of commission for too long. Your SOLD list sounds like all of the things that I love, so if I had been there, you probably wouldn't have had to worry about packing up. I would have cleaned you out!

  14. This seems like the graceful moves that I make! Oh, so happy you had such kind people to help you out with! I remember talking on the phone with my dad a few years ago, as I was admiring the birds in the sky. I just walked right off the four step deck as if I could levitate.. wrong! I went crashing down, my phone fell apart, I am crying, ow, ow! And I am trying to crawl to the phone that has fallen apart, but can hear my poor dad on the other end, Susie! Susie! What is going on? My foot ended up broke as well! To top it off, I fell off the same step and re-injured the same foot exactly one year later! Now I stay off the step in October!
    Your blog is really a great place and I am happy your sale was still a success! I pray you heal quickly, and no more stunts!

  15. You really had the magic touch with sales!! I am so glad, and hope it made up for some of the distress from the "mishap". My offer still holds for a driver :>)

  16. Trying to think how this could work to your advantage. Handicapped parking spaces? People with boots/crutches/other medical devices get to go to front of line at sales? Better prices for pitiful people? If only we could line you up with a driver.

  17. So sorry to hear about your foot. It sure didn't stop you from working your magic on your space. It looked really wonderful! Glad you had a successful sale despite the mishap. Speedy recovery and I hope you are back on the hunt in no time. Take care. XOXO

  18. Oh no! I hope you recover quickly! Loved hearing about your sale...very interested in what people buy, too!

  19. I am SO sorry to hear about your foot, but that was a pretty good way to get help unloading your truck!!! :) Seriously, I hope your foot is better...congrats on the good sales!!!

  20. Junkers and vintage lovers are like a sorority...ready and willing to help!! So nice the others helped out!! Too bad about the foot!! Hope your feeling better soon! I am your newest follower!!


  21. I'm so sorry to hear about your foot! At least you got some wine out of it. Congratulations on selling all that stuff. I'm always interested to see what sells well also.

  22. Ker-plunky goes the maiden, you are so funny! I'm so sorry about your foot! Hope it heals quick. So glad you had a good show! Your shop looks great!!
    take care!


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