Saturday, September 8, 2012

This week’s Moments-in-Vintage brought to you by the camera on my phone

I came across these books, organized by color, in the same local shop where I bought the gigantic typewriter.
That lone red book mixed in with the blue ones cracks me up for some reason. Either it’s a deliberate part of the design or some shopper was really not paying attention to what was happening on these bookshelves.
Wouldn’t an entire bookcase filled with hundreds of red & green books be amazing at Christmastime? Will someone please get on that and report back? Much appreciated.
This piece of big, heavy mid century awesomeness was a mere $20 at a yard sale this morning and the sellers delivered it, in a truck, to my garage.  I marvel at $20 furniture.
And motivated sellers.
Which brings us to something I have been dreading to share with you but in the interest of full disclosure, I feel I must.
The cow has been nicknamed 'van Gogh.'
This photo was snapped out in the Garage Where Cars Can’t Park while waiting for my yard sale furniture to be delivered.
Blow mold central.
And possibly future additions to the "What was I thinking?" pile.
Concluding these moments in vintage, a view from a walk.
On the Old Highway.
Hope this weekend brings you some vintage moments.


  1. I love that hutch and only $20 and they delivered? That never happens to me! Sigh!

  2. Paint them white, white makes everything look better!! Might even look like stone statues! :) Totally awesome find with that $20 hutch!!

  3. that $20 cabinet is freaking amazing

  4. I wonder what happens in the garage under the darkness of night with all those blow molds in attendance...could get a bit spooky.

    great job on that $20 delivery!

  5. Ooh, ooh, ooh! What are you going to do with the hutch?? It's quite the funky find!

    As for your, um, charming Nativity set, here's my response to the burning "What was I thinking?" question:

    1. You love Christmas.

    2. You *especially* love the religious aspects of Christmas. And you felt that it was your duty to remind the world of the Real Meaning of Christmas. Even if you had to do so from a pile of junk in your garage.

    (But I have to tell you that the shepherd in pink looks a tad miffed about something... maybe because someone dressed him in pink?)

    Gorgeous view in the last pic!! (What/where is the Old Highway?)


  6. The books look so cool. It would take many, many books to do that! $20 w/delivery....priceless. You should do well at Christmas with blow mold central. AVG might need the cow.
    Love the views from the old highway. Very relaxing. I really enjoyed this post!! :>)

  7. Wow, what a score! I'm sure you'll be working some magic and it will be unrecognizable. Love the book display...I think someone put that red book there just to grab your attention and it worked. I agree that you should paint poor van Gogh white after giving him back his ear of course. At first glance I thought that was a cool old fire hose nozzle next to him, then I realized it was a table leg:-)

  8. Great score on the furniture, love the walk and is that an orange cow in your garage??

  9. Oh those old hardback books are marvellous!

  10. Love your finds. Looks like there is room in that garage for a few more.....

  11. Perhaps you could hold church services in the garage. We just need to find you the light up star! I love the idea of color coding books Great pic...smiles...Renee

  12. What a gorgeous piece of furniture! What a great deal! And I'm learning to donate stuff I can't figure out what to do with! It's not easy though! lol

  13. What were you thinking? That the blow molds are the most awesome find EVER, that's what!!! I keep finding the small ones and not the large ones (for which my husband is thankful), but I really am thinking about the blow mold candles for the front porch this year. Funky, yet classic.

  14. Van Gogh is a *cow*??!! What kind of rock have I been living under?? I thought he (er, she?) was a camel--one of the extremely rare breeds with a flat back!: P What the heck is a cow doing in a Nativity set?! Donkeys, sheep, properly humped camels--fine, but *cows*??? Might as well add a couple of chickens and pigs, too!

    And Pink Shepherd is actually Joseph!! The vast majority of blow mold Nativity sets I found online have him draped in pink! And now that I know that he's really Joseph, the reason why he looks miffed is because he's still trying to figure out how Mary got pregnant!


  15. Because it's late, and it's been a longish day, and I was reading blogs in my reader instead of clicking on them, I thought I was reading a different blog. But then I got to the part about the Garage Where Cars Can't Park, and the light bulb went off, and I said, Oh, Amy's blog! I thought you'd want to know. Blow molds scare me, by the way.

  16. You're so brace to tackle such a large piece of furniture, though I can't wait to see what you do to it!!! Love the Old Highway photo ... so peaceful!

  17. I love your "new" bookcase/hutch piece. I think it would be pretty with red and green books for Christmas! LOL!!!

    Blow molds! I love them and avoid them like the plague! Once you get one than you've got the bug and you HAVE to keep buying them. It's a rule!



  18. That was funny, that bookcase is amazing! It will be fun to see what you do with it, I am sure it will be great with Mary, Jesus, and Joseph, watching over you!!!


  19. hey you!

    sorry to be such the absentee bloggerette lately. i always love to read your posts -- the make me COL (that would be chuckle out loud).

    so curious about that one red book. i blame a teenager!

    happy september wishes


  20. oh yes, you are onto something again!!!
    and i love your floating shift key, too.

    great finds and love those blow molds! they fetch a pretty penny down yonder!


  21. I passed up several of those nativity blowmolds because they wanted $20 EACH in a so-called "flea market". And I really wanted them, too. Your furniture is lovely and of course you got an amazing deal. My garage looked like yours until a snake slithered out from under a storage box and I decided then and there that it was time to clear it out. We even were able to store my new car there when Hurricane Isaac visited recently!

  22. Those old books on that bookshelf are a work of art! And that view from the highway....breathtaking!!!

  23. I love the books! Some of the titles are funny. Like "Very Hard Cash", "The Girl Next Door" is the title of the out of place red one. And "The World is Like That". Thanks for sharing!


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