Friday, June 11, 2010

Please be seated.

   Meet my latest project. And I totally understand if you have to look away.

It's pretty bad.

I didn't know the previous owner of my vintage dining room chairs but I think it's safe to say he or she may have chosen practical over pretty when deciding to cover the chair seats in what looks and feels like '70s carpet. Of the indoor-outdoor variety. 

(I might also add that the leaves to the table were wrapped in pieces of variegated green shag carpet.)

Fortunately, the price for the entire set was extremely affordable (free!) so I got over it pretty quickly.

I've been browsing around for some vintage fabric to replace the carpet seats and finally found some on eBay that was large enough and met my criteria for price (low), color (brown), motif (floral) and age (old). 

Unfortunately, that was almost a month ago and up until this afternoon, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever see it. Have you ever had that feeling about an eBay purchase?

But now it's here, safe and sound and in need of some ironing, I see, after loading the photo. All for $7.99 + free shipping.

I know! 

I just need to unearth my staple gun out in the Garage Where Cars Can't Park. Although doesn't a shiny, new electric staple gun sound good? I don't know anything about them but I never let that stop me. 

Here's one more weekend project. No staple gun required.

Have a rosy weekend!


  1. Can't wait to see the finished project!


  2. An electric staple gun sounds devine!! Please be sure to show the finished looks like it will be very pretty.

  3. Glad that great fabric finally arrived. I am waiting for an Ebay purchase that was made on May 18th. I hope I have the same luck and receive mine...come on people...ship quickly! Love the free table and with your $7.99 fabric - you could splurge on a shiny new staple gun!

  4. Love the beautiful vintage fabric! HAVE FUN! ♥

  5. That fabric is gorgeous. (And so cheap!) Worth waiting for, but really! If I don't get to the post office the day after somebody buys something from me on eBay, I'm in an absolute panic. A month is really pretty amazing. Be sure to post the finished project!

  6. Get you the electric staple gun!!! You will love it. It makes you feel like Dirty Harry. You'll be a "stapling fool!" Nothing will be safe once you have one...hee-hee-hee - Kathy

  7. Amy,
    You make me laugh! I could or would never try to redo any chair or item like it! :) Good for you! So your Dad was from Parma???? What part????? I sitll have tiems to send to you....just have to wait for the funds. I found a great 1930's tiny red/cream enameled top kitchen table I had to buy to become an island in my kitchen.....:)

  8. Grrrl, once you've had an electric staple gun there is no going back. It's definitely one of those "why did I not do this sooner" type of purchases. Go and give Sears your $30, you won't regret it, ever.
    xo, suzy

  9. What a deal on the whole shebang. You certainly have vision - I don't think I would have made it past the green shag carpet.
    Can't wait to see them done!

  10. Can't wait to see the finished chairs...very cool fabric and whaddadeal! Those electric staple guns are pretty expensive, aren't they? They work great 'tho (I've taken a reupholstery class before), much, much better than the manual.

  11. There's lots of furniture with great potential out there.....most of it very comfortable!

    ...It's just that...sometimes the aesthetic aspect of the furniture needs some "sprucing up" if you will. haha. You seem to have mastered the art!


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