Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yard Sale High

Yard sale-ing out in the countryside of Oregon is a much different experience for me than in the more urban areas of Northern California where I used to live. There are fewer shoppers in general and definitely fewer vintage shoppers -- prices seem lower to me too. 

I'm still a little shocked & thrilled when someone wants only a dime or a quarter for something or says "Just take it."

Sewing loot courtesy of Estate Sale, Day Two. Fill a grocery bag for a buck.

Some of you asked about my recent yard sale endeavors and due to the excessive amount of loot acquired in the past seven days (some of it purchased to re-stock my neglected 'things-I-find' etsy shop, PeppermintBark, now patiently waiting to have pictures taken...), I'll just hit the highlights here. 

Hiding in a vintage hat box.

Also, in order to photograph said loot, I move it from the Loot Holding Area (downstairs) to the Loot Photography Area of Better Daylight (upstairs) and then return it to the LHA (downstairs).

Loot + Stairs = Lazy.

Vintage Christmas picks, corsages and spun heads. Dee-lightful. 

A festive and excited group of holiday revelers.

More vintage Christmas stuff. Missing from this photo are the rolls and rolls of vintage wrapping paper. 
(See Loot + Stairs).

 Your garden variety spun head Santas wearing what looks a lot like some sort of fur-trimmed holiday lingerie. Standing next to an avalanche of vintage chenille.

And some Bluebirds of Happiness. I think they're happy because they like vintage tablecloths.

My unbridled enthusiasm for vintage Christmas collecting/hoarding is beginning to stack up in the LHA so later this month I'm renting a case in an antique mall so I can unleash some of the madness. I'll fill you in on the details once I get moved in.

 No idea. Maybe you know?

Have a wonderful evening!


  1. Understand why to had the yard sale high going...pretty good finds. No idea what the last photo it...unless a bird...but is that fur? Great expression on the green elf in the Santa photo - looks like he is puckering up for a holiday kiss under the mistletoe.

  2. Wowee!! That's some great stuff!

  3. awesome finds!!! I love them all. I too have a weakness for vintage Christmas!

  4. I'm DYING over your loot! Dang, girl, you hit the jackpot! Out here in Oklahoma, the estate sales are serious business. Not as many good deals to be found, seems like everyone is out for the same things I always am. But I'm just jealous on a whole other level since you were in the Oregon countryside to boot. Oregon, oh Oregon. It's my favorite state I've ever visited. So much gorgeousness packed in!

  5. I am loving those reindeer! Hope they will be in your Etsy shop!

  6. Beautiful...maybe that last one is a homemade Christmas penguin?!

  7. Oh how I envy you, great finds! I get very little vintage. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Bwahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! I don't know WHAT that thing is!! But - I WANT IT!!! hAHAHA!
    tHIS WAS GREAT! One of your best posts. I'm laughing my head off and (settling down now) extremely envious. And man o' man I would love to see the vintage giftwrap. I have tons. Seriously. Tons. More than I have a right to own. It's my passion. Would love to see it, (wink, wink, blink, blink). Looks like you had a blast. BTW - you may send me those reindeers if you don't know what to do with them. What fun! Looks like a great time. Kathy

  9. Those "lingerie" Santas are fabulous. Have never seen anything like them before. And those bluebirds of happiness the sweetest.

    It is amazing how different areas have different prices on things. I enjoyed thrifting and antiquing this summer.

    Best wishes for a beautiful day. :) Tammy

  10. Great Finds!! I love my new towel. Everything you make is wonderful. Thanks.

  11. You sure have had some wonderful "Treasure Hunting Luck" my sis lives in Oregon, when I was there in November we didn't do any yard sales ): I too have been pretty lucky in California. I am north of L.A. so that helps I think. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Diane

  12. Wonderfully sparkly and nostalgic. The baubles are very very covetable.

  13. Great haul and the sexy Santas are a hoot!

  14. Yep--here in California it's tough to find the really good stuff! Love all your vintage Christmas finds--but those sweet bluebirds just twanged my heart strings! Are you selling those? Would love to know!!!

    Hope you're having a beautiful Oregon day...


  15. Wow, love your finds. I can only dream!

  16. What fun! I'd say the last creature came straight from a 6 year old's imagination! ♥

  17. Okay, this is my guess... maybe it's a transgender snowman with a hairy back, drinking a beer.
    Great finds! You and Laurie from Magpie Ethel (Portland) find the greatest stuff-- at the greatest prices. I love everything you found-- including the santa's in the holiday lingerie! Too funny!

  18. I am just drooling. I am envious. I want it all. Loved it all....unbelievable prices. Great job.

  19. Unreal loot!! You really scored out there in the country! Love the hat box full of deer..too cute.

  20. your vintage christmas finds are just the sort i love to find. i have no idea just what that last thing is...maybe misguided bird art? anyway, relatively new to vintage blogs, myself, and somehow wound up here thru the vintage list. or someone on it! nice to "meet" you.

  21. If the bluebirds up for sale...I call'em! They are adorable!

  22. I can't seem to make it past the first picture - pretty bias tape and spools of gorgeous aqua/green/yellow thread.
    I love vintage Christmas goodies. I can't bring myself to go there quite yet though - milking summer for all it's worth.

  23. That's awesome! I love vintage sewing supplies, and your Christmas haul was especially cute!

  24. Similar LHA/lighted area issues here, so I appreciate those photos even more. The sheer Santa outfit is a little risque. Glad we couldn't see more. Re the last photo: No idea. No idea in the world.

  25. jackpot!!!

    way to go, miss a!!!

    you just have to look in all of the nook and crannies when out junking!

    cute stuff! good luck at the shop!

    becky and clan

  26. You had a great haul!!!! I also got some fabulous items this past saturday.....vintage quilts....5 bucks each....old halloween!!! I posted my pics on my blog. When you get these deals seems like a dream come true!!!


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