Thursday, September 9, 2010

Putting away my tiara

Guess I won't be wearing my sundress and tiara for a while.

It's as though someone flipped a switch here -- suddenly it gets dark early, the distant mountaintops have a fresh coat of snow, I'm wearing socks and most telling of all: The yard sales are fading away.

Dahlias gathered last weekend at the local u-pick-'em flower patch

I'm also playing my favorite game of the season called "How long until the heater comes on?"
So far, so good. Because it's still summer if the heater isn't on.

Some of the summer yard sale loot that's been piling up is slowly getting photographed so it can be listed in my etsy shop.

My dining room has gone from this...

To this.

Someday I'll realize that just because I call it a dining room doesn't make it one.

And sadly, those hideous chairs have still not been recovered. 

Hello, Almost Autumn. Thanks for your colorful inspiration but please go easy on me. I'm not quite ready for you yet.


  1. Hee-hee! I play that game, too. I have this thing about waiting till Oct! ♥

  2. THE HEATER GAME!!! HA! I love it! I play that too. I hate being cold. Hate it. BUT - I hate closing up the house and turning on the heat. I'm also holding out on socks. I can wear sweaters, jackets, and extra shirts, but I hate putting on socks and shoes. So, don't I look lovely bundled up like a Polar Bear with my bare piggies hanging out in my Birkenstocks?! And my dear bloggy friend, don't put away the tiara. I think you'd look smashing wearing it with your "Nanook of the North" wear. Cheers - Kathy

  3. I'm never ready for summer to end. I'm lucky that it hangs around pretty late here. It's been such a hot summer though, I could stand it if the temps backed off a little bit. I've completely forgotten what rain is. I would love nothing more than a dreary rainy week. Perfect sewing weather. There are a bunch of yard sales this weekend and I think I better get out there cause these could be the last. xo, suzy

  4. I love autumn. However, the cooler nights mean we will have to buy the dreaded heating oil again very soon. I haven't missed that at all.


  5. I'm with you..and as we speak our furnace kicked on!!!! For me it is the guest room.... the only time it looks good is when a guest is due at any moment!

  6. You've never seen a picture of my dining room after a few sales, have you? Nor will you. We turned on the pellet stove the other night, but we really kind of wanted the atmospherics of the flame more than we needed the heat. I like fall, but I don't think I'm ready for snow-covered anything yet.

  7. We're so happy to not be playing the air conditioning game! Hopefully Mr Heater won't have to crank up anytime soon. Your dining room looks much better than mine right now - really.

    P.S. Don't EVER, EVER, EVER put the tiara away!

  8. LUV the doors! Reminds me of one I bought for $5 -- and it had the glass knob handles!!! Yes, dining tables are very seldom actually for dining. My house has that same dilemma:)


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