Thursday, January 20, 2011

Junk Drunk

 Please pardon me while I decorate this post with some unrelated photos of my thrifted finds.

American Pickers are here! Well, sort of.

(Wouldn't that be nice? They could pick out in the Garage Where Cars Can't Park)

 The American Pickers Season One DVD is here because I won it (so very excited to have won something!) from Sonya at Dime Store Thrift. Thank you, Sonya!

{ If you're not familiar with American Pickers, please check them out. I'll wait here. }

I confess -- I've been watching American Pickers since the very first episode and I think what I love most about this show is that it exists. Mike Wolfe has such a passion for what he does that he knew other people would be interested enough to watch an hour long TV show about two guys climbing over heaps of rusty, old stuff that many would walk right by on their way to the antique store...

Thanks Frank and Mike! You make junking fun. And I think the non-junkers out there are starting to understand the rest of us a little better now. 

Another one of my gratuitous photos of old stuff I found.

Here's a link to a funny story + interesting interview* with Mike Wolfe. I've never met him but he seems like a charismatic & funny guy. Goofy too. 

OMG. If I didn't know better, I might think I have a junkin' crush going on here.

Move over, David Cassidy. 

 Last one, I promise.

And if you're feeling lucky, here are a couple of giveaways for you:

Kathy at A Spectacular Mess has a spectacular bunch of prizes!

Jen at {the cottage nest) is giving away something especially for us fabric collectors :-)

Good luck to you!

*(I can't recall where I originally saw the link for the interview but I think it was over at Vintage Rescue Squad. That's where the pic of Mike & Frank came from. Thank you, Sue)


  1. I love that "Junk Drunk" phrase.After watching this week I told my husband I'm getting that printed up for t-shirts!Enjoy.

  2. They were on David Letterman a week or so ago. Mike said he peddled the idea for the show for over 4 years before someone picked it up. I love those guys. We never miss an episode.

    Wouldn't you love to go picking with them?


  3. Oh you are are so funny. I too had a crush on David Cassidy. I even had a pet turtle named Keith Partridge! Congratulations on winning the American Pickers DVD! You know Sonya and I are both from Iowa but I am on the side of the state with Mike and Frank! My mom and dad actually visited their shop in LeClaire. They weren't there (of course not...they were out picking!) Danielle was there, though! Fun stuff!

  4. Great finds, and I love American Pickers too, but keep your hands off of David Cassidy, because he's mine!

  5. For me it was Shaun Cassidy. I recently came across a picture of my tween bedroom and there was a picture of him on my bulletin board. I probably ripped it out of Tiger Beat magazine. I feel the same way you do about Mike and Frank and their show. So much fun getting together with you and Laurie last week. Looking forward to seeing you at Junk Salvation on the 5th!



  6. Okay I agree, move over David Cassidy. It is a wicked fun show to watch. I have a whole bunch of keys. What do you do with yours? Actually, can I still like Bobby Sherman?

  7. Miss Amy...they did come here and pick out of my parents friends yard. Close enough, right. Of course no one let us know until we saw it on TV! That is our luck. It was the Kansas episode. Even my kids love this show. These are the most animated junkers. I hope I get this animated over rust too!

  8. OOHHH, my grand mother had a clock like that. She alone wound that clock daily for over 50 years. I loved the sound the chimes made on the hour and half hour. On the day she died, the clock stopped and no one could get it to work ever again because they didn't have the same winding rythm that she did. My mother had another clock motor put in it and the chimes just don't sound the same.

  9. I LOVE American Pickers and Love your blog!! Great stuff--going to your ETSY shop now :)

  10. what a funny post..hahaha. i like your gratuitous junk photos....more, more!!! junking takes one to know one!! i think folks do need to understand us better for sure.
    have fun watching pickers.
    take care

  11. Whaaatt? How do I not know about American Pickers? Who is this Mike that you speak so highly of? I would ask you all the when and where, but I think I'll be resourceful and just google it myself. Can't wait to check them out!

  12. I love the Junk Drunk saying too! I never miss an episode! Wish we could find that kinda stuff more in New Mexico. Its all "southwestern"!!

  13. Love your blog and Esty Store, so glad I came across it! Love, love American Pickers....DVR every show! I also collect and love vintage Christmas hubby can vouch for me! I have a small antique business.

  14. I met him! Last year while visiting my BFF in LeClaire, Iowa we stumbled into his shop/garage. He's INCREDIBLY nice, charming and oh-so much MORE handsome in person! I blogged about it 7/14/10 if you want to see pictures!


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