Monday, January 10, 2011

The pitter-platter of vintage dishes

I've been dabbling in some of my first vintage treasure hunting of the new year, trying to stay focused on buying only things I plan to resell in my etsy shop.

You know how that goes.

It's especially difficult for me because I have an untreated condition that flares up without warning.

I have a serious case of Vintage-Dish-itis.

That's right. My name is Amy and I'm hooked on dishes.

I found this platter at an estate sale on Saturday.

On the left, Vernon Kilns 'Dolores' and on the right, Spode 'Wicker Dale'

It's in perfect condition and was only a dollar on half-price day. That's my Grandmother's china on the right -- two completely different patterns but I love how they look together.

Johnson Bros. / England

This gently worn platter was also only a dollar and it came from the same estate sale. I was completely prepared to sell it on etsy but then those cupcakes appeared. Fortunately they won't be here long. 

I give them until dinnertime. Then I can re-evaluate the situation.


I think I can part with this one because it doesn't go with any of the dishes I already have although it definitely works with several of the vintage tablecloths around here. Maybe I can start a new collection with it! Also found at the estate sale.

Alfred Meakin / England

 And lastly, this pink rose platter which is covered with crazing. Fifty cents.

I like a little crazing.


  1. They're just gorgeous. I just don't know how you can let such beautiful things go for sale and not keep them for yourself, must be a hard one!

  2. I'm crazy for crazing!! The platters are wonderful...the first one is beautiful with your china!

  3. We have the same condition! I think it's contagious. Love the crazing as well.

  4. Those are all beautiful....I don't think I could part with them either....

  5. If it makes you feel any better I have a little confession to make. I buy saucers. Saucers with pretty flowers and no cups. There should be a support group. We could all go shopping together - tehe!

  6. Awesome finds! I love how the dish colors go together. If we only buy what we love for our shops it makes sense that we love them too:>)

  7. I have a similar condition.You are not alone.Someone has to rescue these lonely dishes!!I "borrow" mine for a while and then sell them.Enjoy.

  8. oh man, Amy. You gotta be careful with dishitis. Next thing you know, you have this on our hands...

  9. I had to swear off plates. Well, almost completely swear off them. Exceptions are made. Exceptions would have been made for these.

  10. Let's start a group...I have it too. I love the old dishes and the restuarant ware. I am a sucker. The Vernon Kilns Dolores is one of my favorite patterns. You really got some good stuff!

  11. Hi. My name is Jill, and I have that same addiction. My drug -I mean dish- of choice is vintage Spode and Hazel Atlas. So many pretties... so little cupboard space.

    I love how your new platter coordinates so well with your grandmother's Spode. So pretty!


  12. I love that white plate. These are all so pretty. You aren't going to sell them NOW, are you?! hahahaha!!! - Kathy

  13. I love that you showed the Pyrex dish! I have the same set from my Grandmother, and they have become our daily dishes. They also have ones with a reddish border and a lime green. I have the whole set, platters, serving bowls, and teacups...and I would never part with them!! They're better than any new store bought dishes I have!!!

  14. Just found your lovely blog...and I am soooo enjoying all the dishes in this cupboards are overflowing with thrift plates and bowls are packed so high my husband always complains when he goes to get one. Oh such Joy they bring to visit your etsy shops.

    Tuesday hugs. xoxoxo

  15. You have a great eye for vintage dishes!!!! Thanks for sharing your collection....

  16. What pretty pieces! Don't think I could give up any of them. Love to have one of those cupcakes!

  17. Very beautiful...I love roses and the platter is a rare find! I just posted an unusual tea cup. Maybe you'll know something about it! Hugs! ♥

  18. Amy, as your newest follower, I will support you in your 12 step program to get you off the dishes! They are gorgeous. I would have to agree with the other comments - how do you part with them?

  19. i have dishitis!! i love vintage dishes. i have about 200 at least i think...maybe. haha. love them!!! put them everywhere!!! enjoy yours. they are lovely.

  20. I hope you don't mind - I've just included you in a post on my blog - I also have a post on pillows that includes several of yours (love them, by the way!). That will likely be uploaded within the week.

  21. Hi!
    SO nice to meet you!
    I love your darling blog!
    I spend awhile looking at your past posts, and enjoyed all the vintage items--YUM!
    Especially the Christmas ornaments and dishes...
    HUGS and blessings to you as you make your home!

  22. these are wonderful! i too love dishes and just found a set of six small dessert plates with the most precious brown english countryside scene on them. you've inspired me to show them!

  23. In awe! These prints are so pretty!

  24. I love the white plate! In general, I love plates! Vintage the better. Glad I found your Blog! xx Liz

  25. The dish-itis is very contagious and unfortunately will never quite go away ...
    It is fun to mix and match, and your Pyrex really goes so nice with the material. There is always a reason and a season to use all that you have shown on here ... I go to auctions every now and then. Amy, you would hold your breath .... I will send you an email with a picture. I could buy a new dinner service every day, that is the way I have have been contaminated by the dish-itis.
    Have fun, and enjoy all the things of beauty!

  26. Love crazing. It makes a piece for me.
    That platter truly looks like it's a complimentary pattern (like, on purpose) to your grandmothers china! I love the way they go together. And the pyrex and the tablecloth were made for each other.
    I don't think you should sell any of it.
    There. Was that helpful?

  27. Amy your platters are DELICIOUS as are those GORGEOUS cupcakes which I'm sure no longer exist in this plane....hahahahaha....

    Tamarah :o)


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