Sunday, April 10, 2011

The post that starts out odd and just keeps going

Today was one of those days where I stopped what I was doing just long enough to notice how weird it was.

There was an endless line of little vintage folks waiting to get their picture taken for my etsy shop.

I felt like the school photographer.

Here comes Mrs. Peep's class.

Followed by Mr. Gurley's group for their class portrait.

I can only imagine what the yearbook might look like.

In unrelated and hopefully less odd news, I brought home this little piece of furniture that was tagged a 'barber's cabinet.'

Er - maybe it's from back when barbers performed surgery because there are all kinds of unidentified 'stuff' splashed on the outside of it.

Yeah, I know.


Thankfully, it's coming clean without too much effort. I heart rubber gloves.

Just wondering what this drawer might have been used for? I have several terrible ideas but I'm going to call it the 'barber's hair bin' for now so I can sleep at night.

Sweet dreams.


  1. You are so funny! My grandparents used to have a drawer in their bathroom very similar to this one and it was used for laundry... maybe this was for the barber's dirty towels!

  2. Sweet dreams indeed.......makes me think of House on Haunted Hill.....or Sweeney Todd...OY!

    I think I read somewhere that back in the day the barber was also the dentist.

    Sometimes you are so hilarious, I am certain you are hittin' the sauce when you the class photos.......

  3. LOL, you are a riot!!!!! I love the cabinet, just assume they were wrong and it wasn't a "barber" bin but in a sweet kitchen and it is nothing on the said it came off easy...see????? Those pilgrims look great for their yearbook and the chicks????? Well... all chicks are cute!!!!!!

  4. Hopefully by "Barber" they didn't mean "Sweeney Todd." Whatever it is it's very cool.

  5. What a funny post. I like Mrs. Peep's class best. He, He.
    I thought that was a medical, dental, cabinet?
    I know what you mean!
    Have a great wk.
    xxx Liz

  6. Thankfully I'm reading this in the morning, so I wasn't haunted by murderous barber dreams. (I so hate them.) I swear I have a memory of that cabinet from my childhood dentist's office. That should give you something to think about. By the way, I would like to order one of those yearbooks. Class of 1952?

  7. Oh what fun photos and your cabinet is super cool! ♥

  8. The class of 2011 took such great pictures, and it looks like they were all very well behaved! I'm sure you expected the boy pilgrims to make bunny ears on the girl pilgrims heads!
    Barbers pulled teeth too, back in ye olden times, but I'm betting you like the idea that the drawer is for towels!

  9. Love love LOVE the yearbook treatment! And drooling over that cabinet. I'm a sucker for those. Officially jealous

  10. This had me laughing outloud!! Love Mrs. Peep's class. And the Gurley candles. Too, too funny. But the best - is THE BIN!!! (cue dark and creepy music) Just the size to fit ...say... a HEAD?!!
    Do you hear the sharp notes of a violin in the distance ala Psycho? This was funny, girl!! Happy Monday. - Kathy

  11. Maybe the drawer was for dirty towels. It looks lined with galvanized aluminum. Love all your sweet little pilgrims.

  12. It looks like Mr. Gurley's class is filled with twins an triplets. Poor little mini-pilgrim girl is the only one without a buddy.
    I love that cabinet! Very, very cool. I want to put potting soil in the tilt out.
    Are you taking it to your July sale? Did I ever tell you that I had an antique mall space years ago with a friend? It was an epic failure, because we only bought stuff we loved and couldn't bear to part with any of it. Our husbands, (the furniture movers), finally went on strike and so that was the end of that. It sure was fun to have a valid reason for shopping trips - had to at least pretend we needed to keep the space full.

  13. I love the class photos -- so funny. The cabinet is amazing, and that "hair bin" is enormous. I wonder what was kept behind the door just above the bin, and why the barber needed to see the contents through the door.

  14. I always, always enjoy your posts. Loving the classes all lined up for their time in front of the camera! Glad to see a photo of the cabinet you were talking about the other day - tis awesome...even with the sinister barber vibe to it!

  15. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos....just 2 funny!

  16. Too funny, Amy. Love those little peeps all lined up! But the cabinet takes the prize. I have no idea what it's all for but like it alot.

  17. Oh no. I went there. Maybe it's for spare parts? Or used parts? Or - no - I can't go there after all. (but my mind went there)

    You are so funny! I wish my kids would line up as cooperatively as Mrs. Peep's class did. Maybe I can get some tips from her.

  18. This is great. Your writing is so much fun. Love the little Peeps.

  19. I love this cabinet. What a fantastic find!

  20. Oh. The comment about Sweeney Todd cracked me up!! I think the drawer was for dirty towels too. I love that cabinet. I would have donned rubber gloves and took it home too!

  21. can i tell you that i LOVE this post! love the humor from top to bottom!!!

    off to read this again ... thank you for the big SOL (smile out loud).


  22. Too funny! Loved the yearbook mugshots~ so cute!

    That cabinet is so great. I think I'll believe that the bin is for towels. The hair idea gives me the heebie-jeebies!


  23. I am pretty sure the drawer is for flour.

  24. Ummmmmmmm....I'm gonna go with the 'Barber Shop' cabinet theory Amy....'Cause....ewwwww....hahahahahaha....WHATEVER it was....It's a WONDERFUL piece....!!

    LOVE you SWEET little chicks & Gurley's....!!

    I hope you're having a WONDERFULLY CREATIVE week....!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  25. Love the post! Many of these faces remind me of my classmates! Especially the Pilgrims. I went to a conservative school.

  26. I had a cabinet like that once and the bin was for potatoes!

  27. How sweet. These little school critters put a big smile on my face. I do believe I recognize some of those faces:) Love that cabinet. I'm sure it has a million tales to tell. Thanks for visiting me....yes, it was a wonderful day!

  28. The cabinet is fabulous. It would make a great flour bin.

  29. In our house, the bin was used for potatoes. The Cooperstown Diner in Cooperstown, NY has one also, & it's filled with... potatoes!
    I like it here. Must do more exploring on your site! Great job!


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