Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Alex, I’ll take “Things that cost less than a gallon of gas but are bigger than a breadbox” for $3, please.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the vintage industrial look holds out long enough for me to sell these in July at A Vintage Gathering.

 If not, that’s $3 I’ll never see again.

This rolling shelf filled the entire back of my car and part of the passenger seat in front. I had to drive home with my head pressed against the driver’s side window.  

I was told the rolling shelves were used to wheel flats of tomato plants out to the garden.  I assume the chair was used for sitting.

I’m considering conducting a Craigslist experiment just to see if I can sell this and how far someone will travel for it since I live an hour’s drive from Portland, OR, home of the nearest Craigslist city.  

Meanwhile, it resides in the GWCSCP.

I have a big weekend ahead hanging out with other vintage people as I’m making my inaugural trek/roadtrip to the Pacific NW Vintage Promised Land known as Farm Chicks.

Of course, this is strictly a fact finding mission although there may be some random frivolity mixed in. And a little treasure hunting.

I even had some cards made in case I forget my name or email address.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hello Amy,
    Awesome vintage finds the chair and rolling shelf. I love your new business cards they are so pretty and fun! Have a creative day!
    Smiles, Paula

  2. Why do I never find these things? Oh, right, I'm lazy and don't go out looking. What great finds and am sure you'll have a super resale on them.

  3. Well, now that sounds like fun! And I really bet your $3 investment pays off in a big way! Good luck and have fun!

  4. Are you kidding me on the price on those stools and cart?!? I got 2 of those stools in April and you don't even want to KNOW what they cost in comparison. What a score for you!

  5. All I can say is WOW....$3.00 for those two pieces!! I think I'll drive out to Oregon and pick them up. Let's around $3.75 for a gallon of gas and 1000's of miles....ok, it might not make sense but think of the fun I could have along the way!!
    Have fun this weekend at Farm Chicks!

  6. Those are great finds at ridiculous prices!!! Congrats!!

  7. wow, no way...that is amazing for only $3
    that would have been one of those start the car!!!
    I am sure you won't have any trouble unloading them, trends or no trends. They are classic pieces

  8. Hee Hee......great mental picture of you driving with your head against the window....:)

    I know you didn't mention it, but Oh that green door! I'm diggin' that color. My favorite shade of green.

    Your moo cards are Fantastique! I've been wanting to order some for ages, but I keep vacillating on the design.

  9. Love your "industrial" finds and the prices were definitely hard to beat.


  10. Love the industrial finds. They will sell in a flash!! Your new cards look wonderful...great idea to take them to Farm Chicks. Have a super time and safe travels!!
    Take pictures for those of us who have to stay home :>(

  11. Hahaha! Your post made me laugh, especially when you wrote, "I assume the chair was used for sitting." Thanks for that:)

    You certainly have a gift for finding amazing pieces at AH-mazing prices! Must admit, I'm a tad jeal!

    With a smile,

  12. LOL! - I've had some drives home like that myself. Your new cards are beautiful. Have fun!!

  13. OK...the rolling shelf is AWESOME!!! Love the chair too!!! Have a fun trip!!!

  14. Your cards are fabulous! Hope you have a productive fact-finding weekend!

  15. That rolling shelf is AMAZING and I love that you had to drive with your head to the window (a true junker). See you this really is the vintage promised is phenomenal!

  16. Industrial is here to stay. That's my prediction anyway.
    I could probably squeeze that rolling shelf into the greenhouse and then I could have more plants!
    Oh, here's an swing by Saturday morning, drop off the shelf, and then I'll hitch a ride to the show with you! Sound good? I'm only an extra three and a half hours out of your way.
    See? I knew I'd find a way out of having to make that drive by myself! (Then if you could just pop me back home after I'd be eternally grateful.)

  17. ok, that shelf is the amazeballs. I would drive quite a ways for it!

    I'm hoping that industrial look holds out too since I just added a whole section in my shop devoted to it. Always late to the party.. : )

  18. First of all, I'm jealous that you get to go to Farm Chicks!

    That chair and rolling shelf are WONDERFUL! What a deal! I can't believe that someone won't snap them up.


  19. absolutely amazing prices. I have a reseller I am in touch with that has a guy that buys and pays...too bad you live across the country! although, I'd probably keep them for myself, especially the stool.

    hey, missed you at my tag sale! LOL we had beautiful weather here and annoying tag-salers ...with a few nice ones thrown in, thank goodness.

  20. Great finds and crazy prices! Great job. Love the cards too.

  21. Okay. 1)Best blog post title ever. 2)I have just one thing to say about that rolling cart:
    Gimme! Thanks for the Farm Chicks photos too, especially the derriere shots.

  22. Good luck selling! That rolling cart: I crave, desire, want! That would be perfect to hold art supplies and books in a studio, great finds and prices! :) And further "!"

  23. I bet those industrial pieces will fly away WITH the price you are asking! Great find! karen....


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