Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sometimes they call me Sandy

Do you recall this little project, waiting patiently (or nervously) in the Garage Where Cars Can’t Park?

It's number finally came up on the to-do list. No big deal – this was going to be a one-color (white) paint job and nothing more.

But after a coat of primer, I thought it might be ‘fun’ to add a second color to give it a little interest.

And I swore on a stack of Country Living magazines that under no circumstances was I going to get anywhere near a piece of sandpaper.


After gently trying to sand off a tiny blob of paint, I lost all control.

There’s just something about distressing that’s so … therapeutic.

Oh, the irony.

After that, what’s the harm in a little vintage wallpaper?

It's a slippery slope.


  1. It's so cute...especially inside the drawer!

  2. A slippery slope to...PERFECTION!!!!!!!Lovely.Can you come and do a few pieces in my garage where cars can't park?!

  3. You couldn't have made it any cuter with a can of Annie Sloan......:)

    And Oh that darling wallpaper....Genius!

  4. LOL! So funny! I had a similar experience recently. Slippery slopes are just so. . . slippery!

    The finished look is amazing by the way. Love it.

  5. i'm slippin' right there with you ... and loving the results.

    {isn't sanding away paint so relaxing?}



  6. I actually gasped at the wallpaper. Like I literally scared my husband. Yum.

  7. There are different kinds of sanding. The kind where you sand the glossy surface so the new paint will stick = very NOT fun. The kind where your sand paper is an art tool = FUN. And your results are just perfect. Nice job!

  8. A slippery slope to DELICIOUSNESS....hahahahaha.... :o) !!

    I LOVE it Amy & the wallpaper was a nice touch....I bet it feels GREAT to have that project out of the way ONCE & FOR ALL....!!

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend Lovey....!

    Cheers from here,
    Tamarah xx

  9. Gorgeous, will have to try that myself one day (however I don't have an artistic bone in my body so it could be intetesting). ;)

  10. Hahaha! Sandpaper is your FRIEND! Looks absolutely lovely:)

    Hope you have a happy 4th!


  11. You've got to be so proud of this project. She looks gorgeous!!! Good choice on the two colors, the wallpaper touch is super and the distressing is just perfect!!! I'm working on a one-color project now that I say I'm not going to I wonder if I should!!!
    Decisions, decisions!!!

  12. Amy Slippery Slope Sandy I should say, you've absolutely outdone yourself! This is adorable! And really the sanding and the vintage paper just make it perfect. So darn cute. And PRACTICAL! sigh - Kathy

  13. OK

    I found you I should have known you were in the northwest.

    there is no cool shabby chic junk booths in my area

    everybody just doesn't get it around here or I haven't found those people yet LOL

    I really like that little nick nack shelf

  14. Oh, it looks so great! Love the arrangement on your shelf, too! Have a nice holiday weekend! Twyla

  15. Oh that sandpaper is like a Lays potato can't stop with just one little scratch. Too good to stop. What an addiction!

  16. Okay rocked that shelf. Adorable - will I see it at Vintage Gathering? Love the patchwork of paper in the drawers. Totally NAILED the makeover on this one...sandpaper was a friend.

  17. OhmygoodnessOhmygoodness-- that turned out soooo great!! Love. It.


  18. It turned out beautifully! And sandpaper is your friend!


  19. I love it. The two paint colors are perfect, and a little sandpaper therapy was a great idea. That slippery slope can be a good thing too:-)

  20. It's a slippery slope! hahahahahahahahahahah!!! What a fun/cute post!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  21. Hi "Sandy" Your slipped wonderfully. Love the shelf and all the details. Hope you bring it to AVG in July!

  22. Looks great, and the choice of colors refreshed it...esp. love the adorable vintage paper in the drawer.

  23. Oh dear. It turned out fantastic, but now is someone going to have to pry the sandpaper from your hand? Good thing there aren't any cars in that garage!

  24. Gurrll...I hear ya', distressing is quite therapeutic isn't it?!..Just mentally replace that curvy leg for the bit** at Wal Mart who stole your parking spot! an..OOPS! Sorry, got carried away! hahahah LOL Looks Fab!!!


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