Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Springtime in Oregon

I have something on my mind today.
Not to mention on the ground and trees and roads as well.

Back in January, this scene was lovely.

...and it's still coming down...

On March 21, the second day of Spring, this is enough already.
Is there a form I can fill out to make this stop, please?

Averting my eyes toward the store-bought daffodils.

In other news...
Thank you SO much for all of your encouragement regarding my tiny antique mall space in Portland, OR.
So far, so good and things are selling. Hooray!

There is one little thing that hasn’t sold (that cute blue garden cart which is taking up quite a bit of precious real estate in the tiny space) but the always amazing Monticello Home & Garden Show starts soon so fingers crossed the blue cart will roll on out to its new home in someone’s garden.

I truly hope you’re having a beautiful day where you are. 
If you have some to spare, please send sun.


  1. We awoke to the white stuff, too. Really?? More snow?? The weekend looks better so maybe our daffys will bloom, finally. Can't believe the garden cart hasn't should go fast at the garden show time. Happy melting!

  2. Done with the cold weather too. We did not have snow at my house but my mom did in Lake Oswego. Ben texted to tell me they had it in Corvallis. Ready to have it over with too..

  3. Where in Oregon are you? My daughter goes to UO and sent a picture this morning from her front door.. SNOW... a lot of SNOW! UO was closed until 11:00am this morning, and finals too!!
    Love your blog,

  4. Maybe it just means that you will have a nicer than normal summer with very little rain. I bet that cart sells as soon as people start thinking of yard work instead of shoveling the white stuff.

  5. That's crazy! It's 28 degrees centigrade here in Toronto Canada today - that's 82 degrees fahrenheit. We had NO snow in this city this winter. Which was nice, but we're not sure how it will affect our perennials and other plants this summer. Kinda scarey, really.

  6. Brrr, that weather looks very cold for this Florida girl. I am sending you some sunshine from down south. Smiles, Paula
    PS: Your antique mall space looks great!

  7. It's 78 degrees here in GA but the pollen count is over 5000+! I'd rather have snow, thanks! At least you can breathe!

  8. Oh, dear. Perhaps I should tone down the weather reports from this region. I can say from decades of experience that you will truly treasure the good weather when it arrives. I can also say that doesn't really make anybody feel any better when it's cold and snowy.

  9. You have my sincere sympathies. In a normal year, I would be right there with you, but it's been amazing here in upstate New York. Four consecutive days of blue skies, sunshine and in the 70s. In March! But I'm not gloating. Honest.

  10. Funny, I eyed the cart in the first post. What a lovely shade of blue it is. I knew you would do well. I would much prefer your winter weather to our muddy watery mess. Dog paw wiping is about my least favorite task. Smiles...Renee

  11. May this late snow squelch the mosquito population for Summertime.

    Our poor Spring bulbs are confused....

  12. Oh Amy, oh my. I'm sitting here in the art room with my little space heater blowing away at my legs and thinking this is the way I usually feel in FEBRUARY. Enough already! Did you hear it was 85 in Chicago yesterday?? I hope global warming doesn't mean all the cold moves to Portland and stays there!!!

  13. Come back to California! No snow here! :)

    I have no doubt that little garden cart will scoot right out the door soon - the snow just has to stop falling.

  14. It looks like we are both experiencing crazy weather. It is supposed to be 80 today! Very warm and much too early for a normal Northeastern spring! And you, oh no! I hope it all stops very soon and that Spring arrives.


  15. I'll share the little bit of sunshine we're getting today. I'm sure that precious blue cart will sell soon. As soon as the sunshine arrives, people will be wanting to plant it.

  16. 87 degrees yesterday, mid 80's today in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I refuse to turn on the A/C this soon. That snow should be ours.

  17. How could that little blue cart sell when you've got snow on the ground??? I don't envy the snow, but I would gladly give up some of our 80+ degrees....which will soon turn into 90+ degress and stay around FOREVER!!! Maybe I do envy the snow!!!

  18. Yes, fill one out and give it to me! I'll see what I can do for YOU!! Hee, hee!
    Just kidding...
    It's been beautiful in NY :)
    I'll talk to Him upstairs for you, ok?
    Have a great weekend,
    xxx Liz
    Any consolation, I'm having hot cocoa right now and I'm hot flashing like mad. Can I have some snow please???

  19. meanwhile, we are starting to scorch here in NWA. In past years, it was still snowing here now. I have yet to understand what normal weather is...

    But your space is ADORABLE!!!!!

  20. While it may be cruddy weather there, we're lucky that your posts are bright and happy:) Regarding that lovely garden cart ~ boy I wish I lived closer because that's got my name written all over it!


  21. Have you seen where some people are using the garden piece for a planter? so cute...I am sure someone will buy it!!

  22. Beautiful.....

    Do you still have the blue garden cart?

    Thanks, Daniel


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