Monday, April 16, 2012

Fear, Optimism and Confusion

Him:  What are you doing today?
Me:  Checking out an entire antique store that’s liquidating.
Him:   ( stunned silence )

Him:  Just calling you back after I missed your call.
Me:   I was at Home Depot.
Him:  Buying shelves for the garage?
Me:  ( hysterical laughter )

Him:  Should we put a trailer hitch on the car?
Me:  Why?
Him:  For when you go to Farm Chicks. Won’t you be hauling a bunch of stuff home?
Me:  ( stunned silence )

And yet another version of my tiny antique mall space.

Hope you have a great week!


  1. LOL - great post! I love the way your space looks and need to get over there and check out the new stuff.
    Maybe I already asked you- my brain is like a sieve- are you going to sell at Plucky Maidens?

  2. Sounds like Hubs has a new level of acceptance. Guess he's come to the conclusion that you're not gonna change, but he can.......:P

    Before you know it, he'll be hauling junk home for you too!

    P.S. Diggin' that chair...

  3. Girl, I hate to break this to need a bigger spot! (But rest assured, I'll buy those shelving units off of you for my little shop. LOL)

  4. Awesome. He's a keeper when he gets you. I recently asked my husband if I should get a hitch for the car since the junque for shows just keeps getting bigger. He responded, "The last thing I want is for you to do that. Can you imagine yourself trying to back that thing up into a space?" He makes a good point as I currently refuse to even attempt to parallel park my car (she says hanging her head in shame being a Philly girl who learned to drive on narrow city streets - I used to parallel like a pro...sigh). So then I asked if I should consider using those roof racks the car came with to get more stuff to the Springfield show. He shook his head, "Yeah. Again not so much a good idea for you. I'm seeing you flipping that over on I-71." He's a keeper too. He totally gets me. Junque on!!!!!

  5. OH MY! I see so many neat things and never know what to buy or what to pass up. I usually stick with small items that I can work into my home.

  6. He sounds like the perfect guy for you!


  7. I sure got a good laugh out of this. A good laugh and then some jaw dropping amazement to go with it. What a load! I think all you really need to do is open your garage door and "they will come."
    Told Mr. MST this morning that he needed to leave his car outside for the rest of the week because I'm unstacking the mile high pile that takes up 3/4 of the garage, and emptying out the cabinets. He knows better than to argue. Lots to do before the show on Saturday.
    Looks like it will be a fun week for you too.

  8. enjoyed this one-act play!

    have fun


  9. I hope you recovered from your silence in time to say yes to the hitch! Who may have a trailer full before you even get to Farm Chicks. The list of places we need to visit while you're here is growing. :)

  10. Missed you. Glad to see you're back.

  11. My first though after reading just a few lines was where the HELL are you going to put all that? My second thought, of course, is why don't I find antique stores going out of business?!?

  12. Ha, Ha, Ha!! Sounds like my, HIM!!
    I think they know us all too well ya think?
    xxx Liz

  13. Wait...somebody bought the garden cart? Holy cow can you possibly get anything else in that spot....Time to expand the space not the garage. Smiles...Renee

  14. Hey Amy, do you want a ride to Farm Chicks? I can pick you up along the way as we drive right by you. I'm serious. Would love to have the company and we have a big trailer and my van that would accomodate any purchases you might make. Let's talk.


  15. You have me in hysterics here! I read your post out loud to my husband, but he could hardly hear what I said because I laughed so much. One can easily visualize the situation the way you describe it.
    Lovely post and lovely things you show us.
    It is so difficult to withstand the temptations when beautiful or interesting things come on your path.
    Happy day!

  16. Are details forthcoming on the antique shop liquidation? I was joining Him in stunned silence when I read that ....

  17. I'm definitely following any blog that makes me laugh aloud! At least the man understands... I lived in Portland for as long as I could stand it, or 10,000 public service announcements on suicide prevention during prime time TV. I evacuated to the Upper Midwest but oh, I'd love to go to Farm Chicks!


  18. Hey Amy....!

    Just read your comment on Sue's last post & all I can say is YOU BETTER....hahahaha....!!

    I would have LOVED to have tagged along with you to this place....You me & Sue coulda had a BLAST....!!

    As always....LOVE to see pics of your space....!!!!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  19. Looks great! Wish I was close enough to shop!

  20. The most perfect post ever written.

  21. I also read this post outloud to my husband and was laughing so hard! He has also given up which makes it nice so I don't have to hide my stuff anymore-(although the big items are always a challenge). The vintage tablecloths are easy to hide because I just bury them in the pile!! Fill that garden cart with stuff girl!! Prime real estate for garden treasures!!
    I am your newest follower!


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