Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Camp for Vintage Junkies

 How I Spent My Summer Vacation at Meadowbrook Farm.

I only wish this photo belonged to me ... not to mention that kitchen!
If you'd like to pin this photo, please hop over to Meadowbrook Farm to pin from the original source
Welcome, camper!

Late afternoon arrival will begin with a walking tour of the camp followed by the evening meal* served in the vintage dining hall.
After-dinner Meet & Greet. 
Scheduled topics of discussion include blogging, the merits of chocolate pudding, Pinterest, Downton Abbey and sewing with vintage sheets: For or against?  (For.)

Lights out: Whenever. 

Day 1.
Morning.  Round table talks:  Photography, props & styling, creative process, and pro and cons of Hobby Lobby.
Break for lunch at charming local restaurant. Meal highlight is crazy good cheesecake.

I've got mail. My favorite summer camp junk acquisition.
Afternoon. Tour of antique shops which may include encounters with skittish local wildlife.**
Retire to camp for delicious dinner, vintage chit-chat, magazine viewing and Season 2 of Downton Abbey.

Day 2.
Morning. Chocolate muffin paired with vintage fabric show & tell.  This will also be the time for campers to plan future projects involving current and not-as-yet-acquired vintage fabric and will include a vintage fabric swap.
Please remain in your pajamas for this event as it will extend into the early afternoon and be spread out across several rooms.
An in-depth exploration of gingham begins at noon.

Break for a late lunch at yet another charming local restaurant. Dessert will be an amazing cream puff made entirely of 10 billion calories.
Afternoon of antiquing and thrifting along with wonderful driving tour of local points of interest.
Retire to camp for another delicious dinner, more vintage chit-chat, additional magazine viewing and the rest of Season 2 of Downton Abbey.

Day 3.
Cram vintage purchases, boxes of vintage fabric and fluffier self into jeans-that-used-to-fit/car and prepare for departure.

Next stop, Farm Chicks!
While driving, reflect on amazing moments the internet has brought about and the generous invitation that made attendance at Meadowbrook Farm Summer Camp possible.
*at this camp, chocolate is incorporated into every meal.
**please maintain a calm demeanor if a semi-domesticated/crazed squirrel named Rosie runs across your shandal and straight up your pant leg at 90 mph while you are simply standing there, minding your very own business.


  1. Oh.My.Gosh! This rivals any luxury vacation. What a perfect way to spend three days. I hope you brought home some goodies - I am looking forward to the show and tell!

  2. Oh Amy! I am so jealous! I know I shouldn't be but I am! Shame on me! Even with the aforementioned shandal, it looks like you had a fabulous time! And the linens??? I want them! Hmmm.....what route are you driving home? Passing through any dark forests where you might feel the need to help a stranger with a broken down car? A broken down car that belongs to a vintage linen thief? I just know you are so kind hearted you would help me - er I mean that stranger - even if they were secretly lusting after the vintage linens. Okay my story has lost all coherence! Suffice to say that I'm glad you had a good time and I wish I could have been Rosie the Squirrel and gone antiquing and/or thrifting with you and Meadowbrook Farm. But was Farm Chicks???? When will you report on that????

  3. Sounds a great break. We have squirrels like that in Kew Gardens- if you're trying to do landscape photography with a tripod you may as well have TARGET written on you! :)

  4. This place sounds awesome! I have that exact EAT sign in my diningroom! You have just inspired me with the vintage sheets. I was trying to think of some kind of style for my spare bedroom. I have a white chenille bedspread that I will use on the daybed, but I think I will make throw pillows out of vintage pillowcases.

  5. had me at vintage summer camp. Surely such a place is only a dream. I must, no I NEED to do this post haste if not sooner. Swoon worthy I tell you. I should be the happiest girl in the universe to participate in such an event. Linens and chocolate oh my!!!! Yeah for you. Enjoy your treasures.

  6. It sounds like heaven!


  7. Forgive me....I was lost at the mention of Downton Abbey and vintage linens...This was an actual getaway. No children, no chores, scheduled antique stores. Meals were brought to you? That crazy squirrel was nearly meant to remind you that you were not dreamy! was like a pre-Farm Chicks party. Smiles...Renee

  8. So, when does the next session open up for registration? ;)

  9. So glad The Shandal survived the skittish local wildlife and that you had a fun visit! Your fabric photos are gorgeous... I'm really loving that chenille eye candy!

  10. Come back, Amy!
    So...couple things.
    1. Since you left, I've discovered that Rosie has quite a rep for attacking vintage shoppers. You are in good company.
    2. Those sheets look a million times more adorable in your photo than they did in the smelly thrift store. You've got the eye, my friend.
    3. Speaking of gingham, I'm still sporting an unhealthy obsession with the variously colored (and highly priced) gingham tablecloths we saw at the shop in Coeur d' Alene. My Etsy search box now says, "let me guess....gingham tablecloth again?"
    4. Did the rental car check-in man notice the gouge I put in the door of your car? Yeesh.
    5. Thank you for being such a wonderful guest, Amy! You'll have to come again once I've painted over the queasy green guest room walls and installed my Carnation sign!
    6. See you in July at A Vintage Gathering!

  11. Where do I sign up! Sounds like a perfect vacation to me!

  12. as always, you and your posts ROCK. love enjoying this camp experience vicariously and will be sure to add extra chocolate to my own meals today in celebration of camp.

    thank you for introducting me to meadowbrook farm. what a delightful blog!

    hope all is well, sweets!


  13. Even with the scary squirrel episode, where do i sign up? :)

    Elated you had a delightful time...takes one's mind off of the "shandal". :)

  14. Oh, Amy, you are one fortunate woman. That trip sounds like heaven. And I saw Teresa's comment that she is coming to AVG in July. I am so excited. Can't wait to talk to you about the trip!!!

  15. What a perfectly devine vacation!


  16. Oh, what a perfect vacation you had! So glad you enjoyed yourself! And a vintage fabric swap, oh my how fun!! xo Heather

  17. Yea!! I'll take one reservation!!

  18. Didn't Ray Stevens have a song about a squirrel getting loose in church? Anyway, sounds like such a fun time (in spite of Rosie)!!!

  19. Oohaah...sounds PERFECT!!!I could use a vacation like that!!

  20. That is my kind of summer camp...even if there was no mention of glitter.
    Badges earned?
    great post!

  21. What a totally gorgeous, divine kitchen!
    Sounds like a fun holiday!

  22. All this and Farm Chicks afterward? Like the cherry on top of a sundae.

  23. Oooh, I so envy you. Living in a large, modern city as I do (Toronto, Canada) it's hard to find anyone who shares my love of vintage (especially fabrics), never mind a whole conference devoted to it! Swooooon......

  24. Amy, welcome home camper! What a wonderful visit. Sounds like a dream. hahaha maybe not the squirrel!
    hope you have a great weekend!

  25. Oh, I was just thinking about checking in to see how your trip was. Sounds like absolute bliss! What a great reward for the broken foot inconvenience you've been experiencing!

  26. My kind of camp...chocolate with every meal, Downton Abbey, and pinterest! How fun! Love all the pictures!

  27. When is your Camp Weight Loss? Seriously, sounds like a very fun time!! Love being a grown-up so I can do fun things I really like with people that I really like even if I just met them!! The idea of a camp with cuteness filling the days is my kind of fun!

  28. I did not know there was a vintage sheet sewing debate going on in the world. I think I would come down on the For side too. If I could sew worth a darn. Camp sounded wonderful and I am totally jealous of you getting to see the farm in person.

  29. This is my kind of camping. Wow, sounds like an incredible adventure packed full of vintage goodness and topped off with chocolate. I might just put up with a wild squirrel for all of that I see here. Remember: calories don't count when you're on vacation.

  30. Oh Amy, This sounds like soooooooo much stinkin' fun! Any room for another vintage addict (moi) next year? I'll make the cream puffs AND add chocolate sauce on top!! Tempting? I certainly HOPE so!

    Like Betsy said, calories don't count!!!



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