Thursday, May 20, 2010

No Before Followed By No After

This is the Before & After story where I don't want to show you the 'before' (not good) and can't show you the 'after' (there isn't one). Yet.

In the old place, the Sad-&-Listless-Sofa-of-Much-Wear-&-Tear sat against a wall and was flanked by end tables and ottomans and fireplaces and other distractions, buried under pillows and decorative throws and the occasional visiting Greyhound.

Sadly, not any longer. Now it's the center of the universe where its many flaws and scars can be viewed from any and every angle, each spot and nubbin highlighted, shouting out "Look at me!"


So I've finally been forced to remove my blinders and Make. That. Slipcover. Or at least begin the process which involves so much math my eyes were watering before I even had my pencil sharpened. But I can't buy the fabric without doing the math so Phase 1 is now complete.

Fabric store, here I come.

Meanwhile, I've been self-medicating with some incoming fabrics like this.

And this. 

This is my all-time favorite vintage barkcloth print. I have this same print in another color and I photographed it to use as my screensaver.

And a teeny, tiny photo of it appears on my bank checks. Because I love it so much.

Here's a sneak peek of some Doily Factory output. The one good thing about moving is it gets me reacquainted with my vintage fabric stash so I've been busy making lavender sachets from old, embroidered bits and pieces.

Hope to have my etsy shop, VintageHome, up & running soon.


  1. Beautiful fabric and the cutwork sachets too!!

  2. omg, did you just buy that barkcloth on etsy? if you did, you bought it from me. i've been following you since you were selling pillows on ebay. love what you make.


  3. The sachets are awesome! Will be on the lookout for that new etsy shop :)

  4. Love, love barkcloth. Love it.
    Do take a before picture, just for yourself. So many times I wish I'd photographed the ugly, even though it goes against my nature to take that kind of picture.
    And I've heard chocolate helps with a math hangover. Certainly can't hurt!

  5. I couldn't even wrap my head around doing slipcover for a couch...admirable that you are tackling that task! Can't wait to see the finished product, hope it is easy peasy!
    That barkcloth is awesome!

  6. That barkcloth is sooooo pretty. Love the bright colors and of course, flowers! good luck on the cover...something I would never try!

  7. I think the worst is over, now that the math is done. Are you sure you're planning to make a slipcover and not something more complicated? Possibly constructing an outbuilding or something? Those are very detailed plans.

  8. I slipcovered a love seat once. Just once. Never again... I couldn't even begin to do the diagram and math that you did. I just eye it up and then make 47 trips back to the fabric store. Then I'd end up with too much and make clothes for my daughter. Remember The Sound of Music? Where the kids were outfitted in clothes made from curtains? Well, for a long time my daughter looked much like that. She always matched our furniture and curtains. Your way is much better.
    Have fun with that! - Kathy

  9. Gasp! This is going to sound extremely dorky, but I can hardly wait to see the finished slipcover. Oh how I wish I were skilled in the art of sewing. I am learning, just slowly... verrrry slowly.

    Thank you very much for the birthday wishes, btw. :)

  10. I am drooling, yes drooling over those sweet little sachets. They are so pretty! And I can't even begin to tell you how drop dead gorgeous the barkcloth is.

    Do you have a Home Fabrics near you? If so, you should go check it out. Of course, you might already know about this fantastic place. "My new love" fabric for my kitchen (which I haven't done anything with but take a photo) was $3 a year there! Yes that is not a typo $3 a yard for upholstery weight fabric.

  11. I just found your blog and I am thrilled you are back at etsy! I bought 3 of your barkcloth (LOVE THEM) pillows recently and am sure I will need more stuff! If you ever go into slipcover business I will be the first one in line! I had 2 chairs recovered in barkcloth , but the lady has since retired.:( Your workroom shelves look like HEAVEN! I am drooling!!


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