Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Burning questions. Sizzling answers. Welcome to IntoVintagepedia.

On moving, unpacking and getting organized...

ness said...

Q: I'm so glad you are back! We get a tour of the new house, right? 

I know these look like framed prints but I'm currently calling them 'bathroom curtains'.

A: Thanks Ness! Recently I brought home a little $5 table from a yard sale which I plan to put on one side of the guest bed once I tighten up the table legs and shelf, then primer and paint it. While I was thinking about the process for this little table, the bigger picture popped into my head and I had to wonder, "Will I be forever moving furniture around, painting, sewing and fixing? Will the place I live always be a work in progress?"

Yes. Yes it will.

I can't imagine that the day will come when I'll look around and think to myself, "Whew. That's all done." So to answer your question Ness, yes I will, pending the completion of some (any!) projects around here. 


Q: Organization is a wonderful thing. Have you read "Homer and Langley"? It's a novel based on the real-life story of two hoarding brothers, and indeed, heavy equipment did need to be brought in to find one of ... oh, I don't want to spoil the ending. But you can guess.

A:  No, I haven't read that but you had me at 'heavy equipment.' 


Teresa said...  

(This is a question two-fer)

Q:  Are those iris I see out your window? Oops, sorry. I know this is an inside post, not an outside post. Can't help it

  A: Teresa is mighty observant because yes, those tiny, blurry, lavender blobs are indeed iris. And not to worry, I do that all the time. Someone might be blogging about their favorite cheeses and all I see is the vintage tablecloth the cheese is sitting on. 

Q: I have to say I'm quite impressed at your organizing speed. Are you totally settled? It's been ten years for me and I'm barely settled.

 A:  Totally settled? Did not know that was an option. As in every last box is unpacked? No.

No. No. No. 

At this point, I've discovered how unopened boxes make great end tables or nightstands or just about anything else you can think of. If you're expecting company, simply toss a vintage tablecloth over it and you're good to go.


Regarding that slipcover I keep talking about...

Q:  Do you have a Home Fabrics near you? If so, you should go check it out. Of course, you might already know about this fantastic place. "My new love" fabric for my kitchen (which I haven't done anything with but take a photo) was $3 a yard there! Yes that is not a typo -- $3 a yard for upholstery fabric.

A:  Sadly, I do not have a Home Fabrics near me. I suspect this is the universe's way of keeping me out of trouble knowing that if I had access to $3-a-yard upholstery fabric, I would be drawing up plans and buying fabric to slipcover every-dang-thing in the house. And your photo of your fabric puts you miles ahead of me as I don't even have any slipcover fabric to photograph at this point. Except for these swatches. Which don't count.

All I have so far is a lot of slipcover talk. And construction plans for an outbuilding.

barbara said...

Q: I think the worst is over, now that the math is done. Are you sure you're planning to make a slipcover and not something more complicated? Possibly constructing an outbuilding or something?

A:  It's true. I've somehow managed to turn a simple slipcover into the equivalent of a small barn-raising.  

  Looking forward to the holiday weekend and maybe even a little sunshine. 


  1. Cute post and happy to have some of the questions cleared up! You must read Homer and Langley (that Barbara mentioned) - great story and will make you question any sort of hoarding tendencies you have (not that you have any, but I have major issues). Hoping for sunshine as well - we have certainly had our fair share of raindrops lately.

  2. Hola, hi!! I just love to know you are doing so many things around your home, moving things, unpacking or packing things, painting and repainting... I understand, a home is never finished!!!
    Hugs to you,
    Maria Cecilia

  3. We HAVE Homer and Langley at the library where I work. When I go in tonight I'm going to snatch that "badboy" up! This post of yours, was one of my favorites. I loooove that wicked sense of humor that you have! Ta-ta dolly. Have a great day. - Kathy

  4. Hahaha! I loved reading this post! I see that tablecloth, too!

    Your set of 3 photos/prints in the window remind me of a trip we made a few years back to San Fransisco and Crater Lake by way of Yosemite. 1,400 miles on the rental car. Good times!

  5. I hope Into Vintagepedia will be a regular feature because I so enjoyed the first installment. (And I could not spot those irises even AFTER I knew they were there.) Hey, not to ask yet another question, but I was reading my comments and it looks like you and Laurie are renting a VW bus and thrifting your way across the country until you reach upstate New York, yes?

  6. In keeping with my tendencies to not comment on the actual post, but on something that catches my eye not related to the post....I love the aqua flower basket pillow cover! I may not have shared that I actually made one (1) pillow during my copy-cat phase, and it was from the other half of that runner. I used aqua pom-pom trim, but love your gingham even better. Beautious.

  7. are there instructions for the darling patriotic flag pillow? When I click on the picture all I get is a bigger version of the picture. Thanks,


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