Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nuts for Vintage

Can you tolerate one(-ish) more vintage-holiday-show-and tell? I'll hit just the highlights, I promise.

As mentioned on my previous post, I found a few more holiday treasures at a recent 'living' estate sale which, when I drove up to it, didn't look like there would be much to see. 

The sale was held in a ramshackle warehouse of sorts, in the middle of an orchard (you may recall I live in the Fruit Loop) and the woman whose estate was for sale was there and very much alive & kicking. And she was downsizing in a major way.

{all photos can be clicked to enlarge}

Buried in a box, I found this set of vintage cornhusk nativity characters but with spun heads instead of cornhusk heads. Sort of  1970s crafts meets 1940s crafts.

Did you notice the fellow on the far right dressed in purple? I don't know the particulars of his situation but somehow he ended up with an acorn for a head and a nut shell for a hat.

Maybe it's me but he kind of looks like he's wearing a cowboy hat.

This is just the tip of the shiny-vintage-Christmas-iceburg I found at this sale. There were so many ornaments I couldn't bring myself to unwrap them all to take a photo but they did provide lots of ideas/justification for purchasing that I'll share in another post. 

Some serious vintage honeycomb madness was happening too. 

I love that metal hanging decoration on the right, made from vintage tin molds. The Living Estate Sale Lady told me she made those to sell at church bazaars back in the day -- they're for hanging on the front door or from a doorknob. I have some holiday plans for that piece too.

 And finally, picks of all kinds -- witches, pumpkins, Santas, dolls, glass balls, elves and my favorite on the far left, the Black Cat. Some of the picks even had leftover cake clinging to them which always mystifies me. Maybe someone was in a hurry. Or wasn't wearing their reading glasses. 

Which never happens to me. 

Whew - feels good to get all of that out of my system. Thanks for indulging me. 


  1. What fun you must have had there!! I can't wait to see what you do with all this!!!

  2. Amazing! The shiny garlands and honeycomb pieces are terrific! Can't wait to see the ornaments:@)

  3. Oh the mounds of cheery goodness.You sure hit the jackpot.Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

  4. Good heavens! Mercy me! I feel reduced to exclamations of my great-grandmother's era! And that is just a portion of the shiny treasures? Gracious! I continue to be convinced that the Pacific NW is the center of spun-head goodness. (Also, I think that's a nod at diversity in the nativity scene.) I'm going to go back and moon over those photos again.

  5. I love your holiday posts! If you've got any more Christmas things you need to get out of your system - please do!

    That collection of holiday cake picks is adorable. I have a huge box of vintage clown picks. Blah! I'll gladly trade you. :-)

  6. EGADS! (Picking myself off the floor) What a FABULOUS vintage haul. I am so jealous!! Good for you!!!!

  7. What a treasure trove of vintage goodness. My gosh, you did very, very well at the sale. I love the honeycomb items and the creche figures. Fabulous.


  8. Maybe the purple guy is in the witness protection plan? It's so nice that you got to meet the gal responsible for collecting all of that holiday finery, and I can't wait to see some of your ideas for using it all. Just be careful around the purple guy....

  9. First of all, WOW! Such a glorious collection of goodies. Second, how great that you met the woman behind the greatness!! I have been to so many estate sles where I feel a connection to the person who had the estate and wish I could have met them. Finally, I may nead to meander up to the Fruit Loop for some hunting of treasures...... Annette

  10. I am drooling. I will trade you my plaid tin for the picks, caked on frosting and all. Great haul. Yup, still drooling.

  11. Daannnng girl..that was my kind of sale...what treasures you found up in the gorge! If those Halloween picks are Etsy bound, will you let me know...first dibs?

  12. Wow! That is a whole lot of vintage fun you have there. Great finds!!


  13. Ok now whats going on the Estate Sale Gods are blessing you like crazy, you must be a super sweet and giving person, that just doesn't happen unless you are just deserved! I am in LOVE with everything and all the goodies on your previous post, you gotta be kidding I impressed you with my humble PINK tress... I don't think so, you go girl maybe it's time for you to buy a lottery ticket! Just thinkin oxoxo, Diane

  14. Wow, you got some fabulous things! Love the holiday honeycombs and all those picks!

  15. Those little cupcake picks look so cute all together like that. It looks like their all having a party!


  16. Of the Three Wise Men from the East always one is figured as dark, so I think this is a very clever find using the acorn. We call the hats they wear a 'tulband', it is a sort of rolled material swirled around the head.
    Lovely post!

  17. Man-oh-man, what great treasures you've found!!!

  18. I love this post and all the treasures you found!

  19. Wow, that was a great find! Love the honeycomb stuff. This is why I love decorating for the holidays!

  20. Oh my ....I am in heaven...love all your vintage Christmas treasures...your blog is lovely. I am off to visit your shop and poke around a bit more..happy new week to you.


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