Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Take two tablecloths and call me in the morning

Wishing I felt a little more like this...

I've spent every minute lately with my new sidekick, the head cold. Despite my best efforts to sprint ahead and shake it, it always seems to catch up with me later in the day. Admittedly, I don't do sick well, spending most of it in denial about actually being sick, even as I'm hitting the couch with blankie, pillow and cup of tea in hand. ("I'm not thick. Whereth my kleenexth?")

Fortunately, just when I really needed some perking up, the mailman delivered a box of good cheer from a certain Sweet Bee at Sweet Bee Cottage. Thoughtful Janelle (aka Sweet Bee) and I go way back -- we 'met' on ebay years ago and then we started blogging around the same so she knows all about my vintage tablecloth addiction.

And she sent me a fix. Thank you for these, Janelle! My cold is much better now but my addiction just got a little worse. 

I confess I had one more vintage Christmas (and Halloween) lucky streak at an estate sale recently -- a sale I pretty much forced myself out of my sickbed to attend because I am dedicated. Or delirious. So glad I went and I'll share more later this week. This Beistle honeycomb Santa was one of treasures I found.

Meanwhile, it's back to the Doily Factory for my regularly scheduled Christmas sewing. 

P.S. Regarding vintage tablecloth addictions: Have you been to The Little Round Table? Candy has created an amazing Index ... for the 120-ish vintage tablecloths in her collection. This lady is or-gan-ized!

Here's a link to her Vintage Tablecloth Index (once you get there, scroll down to see the photos).

I suddenly feel the need to alphabetize something.


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Thanks for the peek at that vintage Santa you mentioned in your note...he is quite fab and looks to be in great shape!

  2. Oh, this weather change is getting all of us, feel better quickly, my friend. Love your pretties & Christmas treasures.
    Have a great eve ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. I just realized I was way off the mark with the number of tablecloths in the index - it's over 250! :-)

  4. Girl you need to rest and let the cold catch with you..then pass you up and let it keep going!!

    I do hope you get to feel beeter really soon!Isn't Janelle a sweety..she is so precious to me also.What a great vintage find for you!!

    Take it easy and get well!!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  5. So glad to provide a little vintage medicine for you! You're a sweetie for the shout out!

  6. Nasty cold...sorry you caught it!!
    Feel better soon!!

  7. Hope you feel better soon - colds are no fun. How nice of your friend to send you those tablecloths and I am in love with that Santa!


  8. Hopefully, you'll be back on your feet soon....isn't it amazing how long it can take to get over a silly cold?
    I'm afraid to click over to the tablecloth index, as my addiction is always just hovering under the surface, ready to take over my life given even the slightest chance.

  9. I've got the sniffles, too, but I think it's unlikely I caught it from you. I am kind of afraid to click on that tablecloth link but I'm pretty sure I will. Feel better! (And keep the Kleenex handy. No vintage hankies, please.)

  10. Vintage goodies are always the perfect cure for what ails ya! I don't think I've ever seen any Christmas Beistle before, so I think you've just changed my world forever. Feel better soon, and don't toil too hard in the doily factory!

  11. Amy....
    Just found your blog today and wanted to share that I, too, am a vintage tablecloth addict...I own over 800 cloths + tea towels!! I'm not looking for a cure...I love my addiction, don't you?

    Candy I are both members of The Vintage Tablecloth Lovers Club! We are all addicted and I'd like to invite other linen addicts to check us out and become members!! (I think you may be a member too...am I right?)
    Go to: http://www.vintagetableclothsclub.com
    The club has a database of about 500 cloths available to members to help ID your cloths!!

    Hope your cold is better!

  12. Sniffles and sneezes all over the country...you are not alone. Feel better very soon!

  13. I'm only now recovering from the same head cold. Where was my vintage finery when I needed it???

    ps - LOVE the title of this post!


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