Friday, October 1, 2010


 To me, this guy is a little 'clown-scary'

Some of what you're about to see is ridiculously cute and sweet and may lead to a toothache.

Stop me if you've heard this before: This morning I stopped by an estate sale that had already been open for a couple of hours. This is my motto regarding estate sales: Arrive late, don't expect much.

This sale had His & Hers outbuildings -- His was all tools & bolts & drill bits but ... Hers was dedicated entirely to vintage holiday crafts! And there still was plenty to choose from despite my late arrival and low expectations. 

A vintage Christmas Vegas chorus line
I just couldn't help myself but I probably should have.

This summer's yard sales have resulted in an unexpected 'abundance' of vintage Christmas everything,  so I've decided to sort through it all, keep only what I really, really love (I might need one more 'really' in there so I'll actually get rid of something) and am most likely to use (snore) and then the rest will go in my etsy shop. 

I may be experiencing a delayed reaction to the silverware hoarding at Estate Sale 2.0.

So hard to resist ... how cute is this little bunch? 
 There was also a bit of vintage Easter which included this barnyard of cuteness.

I found one vintage Christmas tablecloth which came with (no extra charge!) a glob of vintage Christmas dinner. Kind of like a really gross gift-with-purchase. 

Didn't stop me though.

The offending tablecloth came home and is currently taking a timeout soak in the vintage-linen-laundry-bucket.

 Hope you have a terrific weekend!


  1. Did you get ALL of those ornaments at one sale? Wow! Great find!! Hope you put some of THOSE on Etsy! I want ! LOL!


  2. Your vintage Christmas finds are the best eye candy-love it!

  3. Great finds!!! I found a couple sweet elfs a couple weeks ago with their tags/story on them.
    No sales for us this weekend...getting the house ready for our house almost looks like "horder's"...
    deb :)

  4. I did get all of the ornaments at the same sale - I couldn't believe no one else grabbed them before I got there. My lucky day!

  5. i think i chuckled through this entire post. a very fun read and glob aside -- wonderfully cute finds!


  6. What wonderful ornaments and love the chorus line of the little flocked reindeer. I don't think that little pixie is creepy - he is really cute!


  7. Oh, my goodness...what fabulous finds! Love it all--well, maybe not that glob of vintage dinner!

    ...and teeth hurt from all this Christmas sweetness! (especially the little Christmas elf--love him!!!)

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. Such cuteness! My most favorite are the RED reindeer. Great finds.

  9. The Christmas Elf is slightly sinister, and I still think he looks like the lead singer from Lifehouse. LOVE those reindeers. I have a herd o'reindeer myself, you know. Mine aren't in a chorus line though. Some of mine are rather hobbled, shall we say. They need to lean on things and hence, look like drunken reindeer. Which by the way would be a great name for a mixed drink! Cheers - Kathy

  10. Total, total envy here on this end. A building dedicated to vintage holiday crafts? A dream sale in my world! Great finds except for that bit of holiday dinner.

    p.s. charming easter photo.

  11. One can never own too many vintage Christmas decorations, in my opinion. I wouldn't have been able to resist either.

    Oh, that elf is adorable, not the least bit sinister! But then I'm a doll collector - and to many people antique dolls are very, very scary. Scarier than clowns and elves.

    Love your blog!

  12. The angels are my favorite. Love your posts!

    Warm hugs,

  13. These are all very lovely (and would not have been waiting there had I been to that sale before you, which seems quite unlikely, living on a different seaboard and all). The pointy cheeks on those elves frighten me, too, but people keep buying them from me, and therefore I will keep buying them. But I find them a little haunting.

  14. Cannot wait to see the tablecloth!!!!! Please post a pic after it's done bathing!

  15. Can't believe all of that was still there!! You really found a "treasure chest". Love the deer and the chicks.

  16. I love everything you found. So much of it reminds me of my grandmother's Christmas decorations (which I now have adopted!) :)
    I am hoping you might be selling some of those ornaments on your etsy shop???

  17. Girl, you do know how to do the estate sale thing the right way! I never find anything good....perhaps because I never go to estate sales.
    The vintage Easter barnyard collection is adorable. When you were showing your Christmas finds earlier this summer, Christmas seemed so far away, and now here we are with it just around the corner!

  18. You have such a lovely blog! I'm glad I stopped by...LOVE the vintage ornaments they are always a good find!

  19. ...pardon me...

    ......wait a moment......

    ...have to wipe the drool off of my chin....

    ok..i am back.

    you have quite an impressive collection, miss amy! lol about the reindeers!


  20. Wow! The estate sale Gods were smiling down on you! I love the vintage Christmas goodies! Especially the reindeer.



  21. I think you must have been at my Nana's house. She had all those reindeer and ornaments ~ more tablecloths than I have ever seen (never used them though) and that little elf always scared me as a child (still does kinda). Great score!!!

  22. I have that very same little scary elf in gold! I'm not sure if you felt this when you were looking around my blog, but um... I think we have a few things in common! I'm so glad you commented on my blog so I could find you and see all your lovely goodies. I'll be following you back and checking out your etsy shop as well! Have a wonderful new year. PS... do you do vintage Valentines? : )


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