Monday, March 7, 2011

Junkin' road trip pros and cons

Sadly, this is not a photo of the World's Best Salvation Army store. 
This sign was hanging in the Coburg Antique Mall in Coburg, OR

+ On the plus side +

+ Shopped the Sacramento Antique Faire and really liked it. Not too big, not too small. Great mix of antiques, vintage, mid century, shabby, mantiques and junk.

+ Met a dealer whose shop is also called Vintage Home.
(I know!)
  My favorite kind of junkin' jumble. Saw this at Antique Cottage & Garden in Shasta Lake, CA

+ Stopped at some antique shops along the highway that I’ve always wondered about.

+ The weather, at times.


- On the minus side -

  Didn’t go to the Candlestick Park Antiques Faire.
 (last minute change of plans) 

Didn’t buy nearly as much as I would have thought.

Should have taken a lot more photos*. A lot

The weather, at times. 

*New camera. We took a time-out around Day 4.
We made up on Day 6.

I had a lot of fun browsing even though I didn’t bring home as many things (to resell later) as I had hoped I might – plenty of little things but no *major* score/s.

I was fully prepared (hoping!) to drive home Beverly-Hillbillies-style with rusty, chippy stuff strapped to the roof of my car or better yet, pulling a packed U-haul, but it didn’t work out that way.

However, being the optimist that I am, I would do it all again and hope I can. Next time…


  1. Ah - nevermind - worth doing!! SAYING THAT I love love love the clock - did you buy it? Is it yours? Tell tell tell?


  2. I love the lemonade clock! Very cute!

  3. It's great fun browsing though isn't it, even when you don't find anything. I just love flea markets and junk shops. And now the weather's getting better the car boot season will be starting.

  4. Just going is half the fun. Think of all the fun things you saw and did. Maybe the MAJOR score is just around the corner!!

  5. I love the hunt even on the days when I don't find much, although it's just that much better when you do! I would be overwhelmed going to so many new places and would find it hard to make a decision because that's the way I roll. Well, I better not spend my money on this because I might find something I like even more at the next place... and the next thing you know i didn't get anything - LOL!

  6. I'm from and I just became a Follower because I adore your site and your taste in vintage and your writing style. You have inspired me to go on a vintage treasure hunting road trip. Thanks!

  7. Love your road trip pics. Thanx for sharing! Always enjoy seeing what you have posted! Keep junkin'...The Cranky Queen

  8. Love that clock and those brides and grooms are a hoot. New to your blog, too - will be a new follower. (and will check yours out, Lynda - y'all can find me at ) New to the vintage blog scene and LOVING it.

  9. Oooo, I love shops that have all kinds of junk outside, before you even get to the door! And I for one hope that your next trip involves one of those Hillbillies-style drives home, and that there are lots of pictures!

  10. Wow! I would LOVE a good rummage around those places. I am in Australia so we are a bit more limited in what we can find than you guys. Job well done.

    This is me:

  11. Just a follow up. I have put you on my Blog List. I love your Blog.

  12. I am loving the pictures. The thought of junking is enough to make me swoon. Thanks for sharing. Renee

  13. Looks like you better spill it quick on that clock. I dream of junking road trips - not long ones even - but I think it could be amazing fun. (Although I don't think it's likely mine will be in California. Or upstate NY until the snow stops.)

  14. The clock! I saw that at Antique Cottage and Garden in Shasta Lake, CA in their outside patio area and ... I left it there. :-) What was I thinking?!

  15. Thanks for the pros and cons. I've never taken a trip exclusively for antique hunting, but whenever I make a trip, I always try to hit up local antique/thrifting haunts. Orlando and St. Augustine Florida are my current playgrounds of choice...

  16. Lots of fun the clock! Thanks so much for your encouraging comment about my kitchen re-do!

  17. Sounds like you had a good time despite the minuses. Glad you and your camera have made peace.

    I still need to drive that little 10-15 minutes to check out that Sacramento Antique Fair. One of these days... I've just realized that I haven't been on the hunt for anything particular lately. Now that has got to stop. I love the hunt!

    Let me know next time you're down here antiquing... maybe we can "run into each other"... but not in that "mow each other down getting to the vintage linens" kind of way. I promise. :)


  18. Oh that beautiful clock! So sorry to hear you left it behind....:( Oh well, no sense crying over spilt milk now.....Maybe you could make one, though there's always another treasure just around the corner. Glad you had a great adventure anyway. I haven't been to Coburg in years. I'm itchin' for my own junking road trip. Heaven!

  19. There is nothing more disappointing than a disappointing vintage junk trip. I've had a few lately....maybe I'm just getting pickier? Is that a word? More picky? Anyway, it seems like it's been a long time since I've made a major haul that I'm over the moon about.
    Sounds like we're due, Amy!
    Of course seeing family and friends along the way helps ease the pain a bit, right?


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