Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Show me

I had a feeling this might happen.

While researching upcoming vintage markets & shows for my other blog, Vintage Market Guide, I come across information about so many amazing vintage sales & beautiful dealer spaces that now …

I think I want to sell at some vintage shows this year. 

I think.

I know I have the inventory. It’s hanging out in The Garage Where Cars Can’t Park.

And with yard sale season starting up, I suspect I’m going to see/bring home even more things and, well, we know how that’s going to go.

Or rather, where it’s going to go.

The Garage Where Cars Can’t Park is one chippy chair away from becoming The Garage Where Amy Was Last Seen Before She Disappeared Under a Pile of Vintage Everything.

So I think I’d like to (some people who have to park outside might even say I need to) sell at a vintage market.

I’d love to know more about your experiences with this (as a buyer or a seller) and any advice would be greatly appreciated.  

P.S. If anyone is looking for a hitchhiker or sherpa to take to Farm Chicks for some research & development, you know where to find me. :-)


  1. What lovelies & I love that mirror.
    Happy St. Paddy's Day ~
    TTFN ~


  2. Well I, for one, want to do a show also, but I know I don't have your level of inventory yet. I do know I would probably make a point of getting my arse to your show though, if it was local enough.

    And careful what you wish for. You put it out there about being a sherpa, so you just never know.......:)

  3. my garage.....where NOONE can park is also full..as well as 2 storages. I sold at an antique store and a few markets....I try to choose ones that r close. U need to factor in ur time....and the space fee for each show...gas if u have to travel. I do a few with my daughter and I m glad for the help...it is ALOT and I mean ALOT of work...3 30 am wake up calls.....loading and unloading..some sales are good...some not so great. I buy more at the shows too..ha ha....it is fun though..meeting the customers and the thrill of havn them buy things u love as well and the compliments on ur booth...attire..etc is refreshing. I say give it a try...u have the inventory so that is a plus. Let us know what u decide and where u sell..GOOD LUCK..can I come shop ur garage?

  4. At least we know approximately where to look if you don't post for a long time.

  5. Go ahead and try (she said after two straight weeks of truly sucketh shows...).It's like real estate - it's all about location, location, location.You have to find the show that has your clientele and often that has to be trial and error.And if I could find a way to hitch a ride I would too.Because that would be the RIGHT show to do.Now if you ever want to head East and do Springfield come on over and visit.We could junk it up over OH!

  6. I sort of just jumped in and went with the flow. The group I am in is very layed back, fun, helpful, and friendly. If you've been to a flea you pretty much know how to display. It's just an expansion of a mall space. Our Vintage Gathering shows have a great location and plenty of room, which is a good thing. You can contact me if you have more questions.

  7. I am a very small timer, but here are a few things I learned last year at my very FIRST season of selling:

    1 - engage people in conversation! Talk about the weather, are they having any luck shopping, what's the best thing they have seen today, that type of thing. It brings them closer into your space and lets them have a bit of a longer look at your stuff.

    2 - variety! Don't take all old mirrors, or all jars, etc. Diversify!

    3 - Make your space welcoming - use pretty things to decorate like quilts on the tables, etc.

    4 - don't be afraid to bargain with them. Most people expect it!

    Hope these help! Becky

  8. Okay, I think you should pack up your garage and come on down to The Roseville Spring Antique Market on April 17th. My motive is purely selfish, because I KNOW you've got GOOD STUFF. I just know it.

    Have you been to the Roseville Antique Market before? It's a good one. Lots of vintage goodness. Every booth is great, and my friend who has a booth every season always has a successful day.

    You probably know about this market, but in case you don't, just contact the girls at The Tattered House www(dot)TheTatteredHouse(dot)com. The market is on Oak Street, in front of their store and down the street.

    Really, you should sell at this one. Your family will able to sleep at night, knowing that they won't lose you in the garage. At least, until you fill it again.


  9. Oh Amy - go for it! That is my dream life, to ditch THE JOB that pays the bills and do the FUN STUFF that pays my heart. You have such a good eye that I know you will be a hit and the best part is those cars are used to being outside (be free car! be free!) so they won't mind if you empty the garage and just fill it back up again! Life as it was meant to be, I say.

  10. Hey GORGEOUS Girl....!!!

    A LOT of GREAT advice here so NO need for me to blather....I would like to add my two cents to Becky's though as I AGREE totally that engaging your Customers & welcoming them into your space is a must....But then I reckon that would be right up your ally Amy....I know you have CERTAINLY made me feel VERY welcome.... :o) !!!

    I think your creativity is just ITCHING for a show or three & I'm sure you will enjoy EVERY succes....!!

    THANK SO much as always for your comment....One of the boxes does have a few Chrissy cards but they have a floral overtone & don't appear to be obviously Christmas....PLEASE keep me in mind if you EVER come across a PERFECT Chrissy box....I'd be HAPPY to buy it or we could 'do swaps'.... :o) !!!!!

    ....hahahahahaha....I have a vision of you & I shopping (vintage of course) together with similar wool coats & leather bags....Can you say, "Second hand Roses".... :o) !!

    Look forward to hearing what you decide....!

    Cheers for now from Oz,
    Tamarah xx

  11. Oh,jump right in there and do it. It'll be fun. And if it's not - well we can talk about that later. You've got some pretty spiffy stuff. I think you'd do well. And I want to see pictures!! - Kathy

  12. I've thought about selling some of my "overflow" too! My cupboards and cabinets are full and I still have boxes in the garage to unpack! Good luck if you do. I wish I lived closed enough to shop!
    And...if anyone is reading this and passing the central valley of California on the way to Farm Chicks, pick me up too!!

  13. My husband says if he wasn't around to stop me my vintage would land me on the show hoarders. Glad someone else has the same issue!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Otis and James accessory giveaway

  14. I would love to do a show. One problem for me is lack of space. So, for now I'm thinking about Etsy. That's my next move in a few wks. Spring is coming. You know what that means. More thrifting for Me!!! Lovely lamp by the way.xxx Liz

  15. Do it, do it! You have some amazing stuff and would do really well. It's different from the antique malls because you have to set up in a hurry, so don't make it too complicated. Keep watch on the weather forecast and be prepared for wind, rain, or heat. It's all worth it and oooh so much fun:)

  16. You should do it! Because:
    1. You know how to put together an eye-catching space, which will draw people in like a magnet.
    B. You've got alot of great stuff!
    3. Between word of mouth and your other blog, plenty of people will know about your shows, and will flock to them.
    That all adds up to guaranteed success!

  17. Just googled retro blogs and found yours, I'm also a collector :-)

  18. Diane has loads of infor over at http://cdiannezweig.blogspot.com/2011/03/1930s-nu-enamel-paint-advertising.html. Don't forget to have fun!

  19. I have no selling experience, but I do have quite a bit of buying experience, and I know you'd definitely have the kind of booth that would be right up my alley.
    I say go for it....you'll never know if it's for you until you give it a try. Plus, it will open up a whole new world of junk buddies for you. A girl can never have too many of those!

  20. Well I just know that I'd come buy from you!

  21. Your things are soooo beautiful that I'm sure you'd do well ~ go for it!

  22. Sorry I'm so late to the party. I originally started just doing shows, which eventually led me to getting a booth in a mall. Personally, I didn't like up/down nature of a show (so much work, so much to haul home if you made bad decisions), and didn't like selling directly to the public—but that's just me.

    Seriously, just DO IT. You've got the goods, you've got the eye. You've done enough shopping to know what will make a good display. Go into it with a positive attitude that you're passing along good junk, and that you're liberating your garage. You'll be hooked in no time.

    I can give more details if you'd like, just email me! XOXOX and good luck!

  23. I LOVE selling at the larger events here in Oz Amy....The excitement of 'pulling it together', creating a space that says this is me....This IS Shabby Vintage Junk....Having people admire what I've done & the positive feedback that comes with that....Dealing with like minded Vendors & Customers....Yes indeed....I LOVE it & I'm SURE you will too....!!

    Tamarah :o)


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