Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Scenes from a garage. (And a driveway. And a living room.)

In preparation for this weekend as a seller at my first vintage event, A Vintage Gathering, vintage stuff has now officially spread throughout almost every room, the garage and onto the driveway.

Watch your step.

The good news is I’m feeling pretty organized which can only mean one of two things:

I’m forgetting something really important or I’m actually organized.

Mr. Into Vintage and I did a practice set-up of the giant canopy tent in order to get any necessary cursing out of the way.

Everything has a price tag on it.

Except for these white baskets because I don’t know what to ask for them. Do you?

Things have been cleaned, painted, pressed and packed.

And now just a few final details to take care of until the big day.

{ a little sneak peek -- click to enlarge }

I'd love to meet you if you plan to shop at A Vintage Gathering! (or if you'll be shopping at Barn House be sure to check out A Vintage Gathering as well -- these two vintage events are only 4 miles apart).

Here’s how you can recognize me this Saturday in case my previously posted blurry self-portrait is a little too vague.  (I'll be there for Friday evening shopping as well wearing who-knows-what)

Have a wonderful weekend! J

A Vintage Gathering

Friday, July 29   5 - 9 pm
Saturday, July 30  8 am - 4 pm

Free Admission

17414 NE 199th Street
Battle Ground, WA 98604


  1. I love the little deer!
    I hope you sell out!!!
    Deb :)

  2. Have a fabulous show.Everything looks amazing.Before a show my stuff spreads to the basement as well.It's rather like primordial ooze with a mind of its own!Best of luck.

  3. Sneak peeks are driving me crazy!!! See you this weekend...

  4. I say this with great love and affection........I really really hate you.......

    How am I supposed to focus on anything now that you've shown me all that vintage fabulosity? Those frames, those bottles, those cubbies, the aqua wood. I'm ill.....

  5. Your treasures are going to be a huge hit!! Think of how nice it will be to be able to park in the garage again because you won't have to bring anything back home....right? I love those green drawers, and your bottles, and your baskets, ALL of it. Hope you have a great show. I'll be looking forward to seeing your pictures.

  6. Wow! I am doing my first big sale in a couple weeks and you have WAY more stuff than I do... And great stuff to boot! Wish I lived closer!

  7. Good luck! You have a witty and great blog!

  8. So jealous! Can't wait to hear about the show!!! Best of luck! XOX

  9. It looks like you have tons of goodies! I have never sold at a market or event, it is on my to do list. I can't wait to hear how it goes! Take lots of pictures


  10. Good luck, Amy!!! I know you'll do really well. How could you not with all that swell stuff. Love that cement drr-rabbit-squirrel...whatever. It's cute. Put $200 on the baskets and then if they don't sell add a decimal point after the 2. Who knows? You might make a killing!

    Let us know how it all turns out.


  11. Hey Amy! Your stuff looks amazing and you are so far ahead of me in the organized department. I still need to price everything. I'll for sure be seeing you on Friday night after I'm done setting up at BH. I'm super excited. I think there will be a great turn out for both sales. See you Friday!

  12. Oh, Amy, it all looks so great!! The blue dresser has me thinking (about where in world I could put it). I think Michele of My Shabby Passion has sold those baskets before. You can always ask around when set up is going on. Here's to a fun and successful show! Knock 'em out,

  13. Wow - you have a great selection and the weather forecast is perfect so I predict a great sale!

  14. Good Luck everything looks just perfect! Sell out!

  15. I wish you all the best of luck, but heck, you don't need luck! You are awesome! Have a wonderful, marvelous show and .............a .........sell...........out!

  16. Oh no! I want, want that little white cabinet with the green knob - I have fallen in love with it!

    The baskets - about $20 each? I have one and I think that's what I paid.


  17. I hope its the amazeballs for you!

  18. I sure wish I was close enough to stop by! I see so many neat things and really 'need' some old bottles! Have fun! You'll look cute! ♥

  19. I look forward to meeting you, AND all your junk! It looks like you are going to do great things, as a first timer!

  20. Good luck, Amy! I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you during your first vintage show. Everything looks great and I'm sure you'll sell so much that you'll have very little left over.

  21. Hello Amy,
    I hope that your sale is a huge success.
    Smiles, Paula

  22. Amy, You go girl!!!!

  23. holy crap, that is a lot of good stuff.

  24. Looking forward to meeting you at Vintage Gathering! Your stuff looks great!

  25. I hope you are wildly successful if for no other reason than freeing up space in the garage. (For the car, of course. Not more furniture, or baskets, or ...)

  26. so many lovely things! hope it was great :)


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