Monday, August 6, 2012

Where vintage gathers

I’ve now officially completed one full revolution in my adventures as a vintage vendor.
You may recall it all started last July when I drove a giant cargo van out to the country, packed Beverly Hillbillies-style with vintage anything-&-everything, and set up shop at my very first vintage event, A Vintage Gathering.

Green garden cart has moved on to a new forever home.
This July I hooked up a u-haul trailer to my freshly installed trailer hitch (look at me grow!), stuffed it full of things from the Garage Where Cars Can’t Park and rambled off to the country & A Vintage Gathering. Again.
And it was awesome.

If you're looking for milk glass, I think I have all of it now.
And I learned a few more things this time around.

Little pink dresser didn't sell but everything around it did.
I took my time unloading and was beyond careful in order to avoid breaking any (more) bones.
That plan seemed to work better than the last one.

Miracles can happen! I remembered to hang the sheet banner!
Having a u-haul attached to my car makes me want to buy crazy-big vintage things because I have a way to get them home. (But I didn’t. I don't have enough crazy-big space. Still…)

The Square credit card reader is a wonderful thing to have as a vintage vendor, especially when selling at a venue that may not have an ATM machine. I didn’t use it until the last hour of the day which seems to be when buyers have spent all their cash. Then I used it a bunch. Love it!  
It’s also handy to have if you’re holding a garage sale; those handwritten, neon poster board YARD SALE signs around town can now include the Visa/MC logo!

I can never predict what will sell.  Some of the things I think will sell right away sit there and gawk at me. Some gawk all the way back home again. Some are still gawking from the “What was I thinking?” pile.

Me and my friend Annette. Why didn't I tuck in that shirt?
A huge THANK YOU to everyone who worked so hard to make this amazing event happen!

PS I’ve created a board on pinterest with the rest of the photos in case you want to see the other vendor’s spaces. Just click here.


  1. Wow!! Wish i was there, i would have taken that pink dresser off your hands! Congratulation on your 1st year anniversary!

  2. Man,that looks great!!!! How fun. You have a booth and great things!! I am going to have a booth for the first time ever next Saturday. I am excited. You make it look fun! My cousins are in Washington and I am amazed at all the collectors and antique enthusiasts there! Seems Washington is great place for antiques!! Checking out your Etsy shop :) I am sure I'll be favoring a bunch of stuff!!

  3. Let me try this again as my Safari is acting crazy...I would have snagged that pink dresser first as I am partial to that color. Nice to see you had great weather and success sans the shandal...smiles...Renee

  4. Congrats on such an awesome booth!! I so wish I could have come and shopped!! I could've taken everything home!! So glad you had a fabulous time!! Have a great day! xo Heather

  5. Aww, you are a Woman of my own heart. I would love to take this on but, 1 Flea a year is all I can take with working FT.
    One day... I think. Great pics on Pinterest and great booth.
    xxx Liz

  6. An event on the grass...oh that would feel so good on my feet. Love your fabulous goodies!! Is that a wrapping station I see? Looks like pattern pieces in the pretty basket ready to wrap up all the purchases. Awesome idea. I love my Square when I don't have trouble getting a signal, so easy and quick. Happy to hear you made it through without any injuries.
    Your booth looks wonderful!

  7. Wow, you're a big girl now. A U-haul hitch AND a Square reader!

    A whole year.....*sigh* Time flies when you're junking......

  8. You have a card reader??? WOW! I am impressed...I don't even have a smart phone.
    We at A Vintage Gathering were very pleased that you were with us again with all your wonderful "junk".

  9. Eeek! Looks like soo much fun. I think I have the other half of all the milk glass. I have five of those top vases...they just keep multiplying and I don't want to part with them. Same goes for all the milk glass Fire King custard cups I come across. I think I have 22 now. yikes!

    I'm glad you had an amazing event.

  10. Oh what fun!!! Yes, I used a card reader at my last event, amazing what we can do now. Goodness I think I will make a note to myself not to get a trailer hitch Yikkes, I could be in real trouble!!


  11. Loved seeing you at vintage gathering. Maybe sometime when I come to Hood River we can meet up.

  12. So glad you had a successful sale. It was fun to see you if only for a minute. I was so tired. Can't believe that adorable pink dresser didn't sell. Are you all moved into your new Monticello space? Will be heading in soon to check it out.

  13. A year already? My, my said the fly! I've never been to a vintage outdoor market before. It looks like fun! ♥

  14. I just got accepted into my first vintage/handmade market this morning so your tips are like gold to me! I'm definitely planning to get set up with Square. Any more advice you have about being a vintage vendor--I'm all ears! Hope my booth can be as enticing as yours looked!

  15. I would have dived into the 'eek what was I thinking pile' did a great job!

  16. I feel wiser reading your post. I also feel tempted to do a show, which is something I think I would not enjoy very much until reading this. And I feel relieved that you made it back safely with all of your bones intact. (Cute photo of you, by the way!)

  17. I love all the pictures (I visited your pinterest sight!) That pink dresser is my favorite but those little egg cartons are darling too!

  18. Hi Amy, so glad your show went well - your display looks awesome! Oh my gosh, so many things calling my name :) Great picture!

  19. Love your booth!! I think I could have bought one of everything in there! Glad to hear you had a great time! :) xo Holly

  20. miss amy!!

    your space looks fantastically vintage! i love your clipboards with the chalked in prices and the chalkboards with the suitcase and camera. you are so uber, uber, uber talented!!!

    looks like a fun time. you and annette are so adorable. great to see a pic of you!!!

    miss b.

  21. [Sigh.] Would that I could have shopped your booth. The adorable vintage garden gnome would have been the first thing clutched in my greedy claws, followed by many other items. It looks like it was beautiful. (Did you not find it scary to pull the trailer? I did it for 500 miles one time and about bit my fingernails off.)

  22. Your setup looked great! Shows are a lot of work, I've learned. That's why I don't do them, lol! My hat is off to those that do!

  23. Congrats on your one year vintage show anniversary...especially with no broken bones this time! Yay! Best wishes in the year ahead! Still love that sheet banner!!!

  24. I love your booth design and Vintage Booth design in general, thanks for sharing!

  25. I love your Pinterest page and your set up was pretty sweet! I need to check in on your site more. Please feel free to do the same.


  26. I am green with envy! You're living my dream. But I'm so happy for your success and for the inspiration you give to others. Your booth looks terrific! And how nice to hear the little Visa/MC swipe-y machine works well. I've been intrigued by the commercials! Thanks for sharing your event. I'm off to check out your Pinterest board.
    Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  27. Amy, you look so much like your mom as I remember her. I so enjoy your posts.
    Alice Berka


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