Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Putz village idiot

On a recent trip, I spent some time at an antique mall where I attempted to purge the display case of a vintage Christmas collector who was downsizing.

There was entirely too much to choose from so I kept my looting limited to vintage glass bead garlands and little vintage cardboard (Putz or not) buildings, mainly because I had to ship it all back to Oregon.

Honestly, I don’t know a Putz house from a housecoat but this seller had so many of these little buildings so inexpensively priced that I bought them strictly for their curb appeal despite the missing church spires, sub-standard glitter application or other aesthetic disfigurements.

(Proving ignorance can be bliss.)

In the corner of the display case was a handwritten note taped to the wall suggesting a visit to this seller’s vintage Christmas website.  (If you head over there, I would suggest turning down the volume on your computer and perhaps investigating anti-seizure medication beforehand as there is a lot going on.)

photo courtesy of Papa Ted's Place

One of my favorite pages on this website is the one where this (very schooled) collector has compiled photos and prices paid on eBay for vintage Japanese-made miniature houses along with his colorful commentary regarding whether the buyer made a wise decision or not.

photo courtesy of Papa Ted's Place

I also love the page with glimpses of these vintage Butler Brothers Christmas catalogs and am now pining for a catalog of my very own.

Santa, are you reading this?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vintage Christmas by the square foot

You may recall that last year’s hunt for vintage Christmas turned up little finds like these,


and these.

And silly me, I assumed this year’s finds might be more of the same.

Imagine my surprise when 'they' turned out to be this.

He's six feet tall and made from printed paper applied to plywood pieces -- I was told he once was a holiday street decoration in Los Angeles.  Found at a local yard sale.

Hope you're having a wonderful, long weekend!