Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One week, two farms.

It’s been pretty darn quiet here lately while sequestered on the couch with The Foot.

I solemnly swear these will be sewn into something useful.

Daytime tv has a LOT of room for improvement and with every book & magazine in the house read and reread, I eventually turned my time and attention to ebay and etsy and the vintage fabrics waiting for me there.

I heart the internet.

I think the Doctor said "No ironing." At least that's what I heard.

And my broken foot and I are thrilled to have been promoted recently from the robotic velcro boot to an equally hideous item of medical footwear I refer to as The Shandal (shoe + sandal) because now I can drive again!

Footwear design inspired by the spatula.


Yard sales!

My antique mall space!

My fingers (and some toes) are crossed that The Foot will continue to heal because I have big plans next week that involve driving.

Road trip!

photo courtesy of Meadowbrook Farm

First stop, beautiful Meadowbrook Farm.

photo courtesy of Meadowbrook Farm

I have the magical powers of vintage tablecloths to thank for this visit. And a generous invitation from Teresa of Meadowbrook Farm, of course.

Because it would be weird to just show up, right?

I thought so.  

After seeing her incredible photos on her blog for a few years now, I am giddy with excitement to see Meadowbrook Farm in person.

From Meadowbrook Farm, I’m off to Farm Chicks! This will be my second trip to Farm Chicks and now that I know what to expect (great vintage junk, amazing displays, zillions of people’s behinds),  I’m feeling more prepared.

Last year I experienced vintage junk overload as soon as I walked in the door.

Just hoping no one steps on my Shandal this year.

Any big plans for Memorial Day weekend?  Hope it’s filled with fun things to do!

 { Thanks to all of you for your kind words, comments & emails about breaking my foot. You. Are. Awesome.  XO!!  -amy }

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ker-Plunky Goes the Maiden

That’s right.
About ten minutes into the frenzy of unloading my U-Haul full of junk at the Plucky Maidens event this past weekend, I managed to spaz out trip on the truck ramp, bend my foot entirely the wrong way and, in an attempt to be an overachiever in field of self-inflicted injuries, break a little foot bone.
( You know how people say "Oh, if it were a broken bone, you'd know it!"  My response to that: “You might not.” It took an x-ray two days later for me to know it. )
Luckily, I injured myself while in the midst of some of the nicest people on the planet. Many of the Plucky Maidens vendors very generously provided ice, manual labor (unloaded my truck!), ointments, candy, wine, advice, hugs & moral support.
Of course, now I'm kicking myself (with my good foot) for doing this at the start of yard sale high season.
To my gas pedal foot, no less.
So I have just the one photo of my double space at Plucky Maidens. I meant to take more but decided to sit down instead.

Happy to report that despite The Foot, I sold a lot of junk.*

 (*I’m always curious what people are buying – here are some of the things I sold:  mid century modern chair, rusty window screens, old single pane windows with chippy paint frames, a dresser without drawers converted into a potting table, galvanized metal tubs, metal numbers, two concrete deer (one of which was resold to someone else before it left the building!), garden chair, tall wood ladder, misc. metal cabinets and carts, all sorts of odds & ends, garden bench, milk glass vases, vintage suitcase, clipboard chalkboards, vintage tablecloths (I can’t keep them all … or can I?), chippy paint stepladder, garden books, wood/painted drawers, vintage pennant banners, typewriter, globe, mcm metal shelves)