Friday, February 15, 2013

If you pile it, will they come?

I’ve been thinking a bit more about the look of a filled-to-the-brim antique mall space and it makes me wonder if I can be maximizing the real estate in my own little mall space even more?

On one hand, I want there to be plenty of things for a shopper to browse through.

On the other hand, I prefer said shopper not be crushed or lose an eye when a sketchily-stacked mountain of rusty and splintery vintage stuff topples over.

It’s a fine line.

So I’m making a decided effort to really, really (really) fill my space and see if more sells when there’s more to choose from or if it turns into a can’t-see-the-trees-for-the-forest scenario.

Yesterday I learned what selling an item from a packed space means for the fine folks who work at the antique mall where I sell.

Just as I had finalized a total overhaul / rearrange,  a wooden bench that was piled high with a cabinet and shelves (both of which were filled with thousands if not millions of little items) sold ... which meant all that piled junk had to come down in order to extract the bench.

The bench came out and then I started piling it up all over again.

Despite the required re-foof, I’m always happy when something sells and I learned the bench was purchased to be used on the set of Grimm which is filmed in Portland, OR.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!