Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lots of lots

This summer of yard sale hoarding has produced some interesting results.

Dozens of them.

Setting things aside here and there for months adds up eventually.

My Santa cups runneth over.

In an effort to address this accumulation, I've signed up to sell at one more vintage event this year.

It was that or get a storage unit.

Or move away.

Now I’m already having a little separation anxiety about the milk glass.

And in a fit of purging after attending an especially scary & jam-packed estate sale, I’ve decided to sort through my personal vintage Christmas stash to see what I can live without.

I mean if I can live without.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What’s more fun than a vintage box of teeth?

Two vintage boxes of teeth?

Despite their freakishly lifelike appearance, they’re plastic.

I know. A little too real.

I don’t know what gets into me this time of year.

Probably something to do with the weather.

I promise, next time we meet we’ll discuss something much more down to earth like vintage Christmas space aliens.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Proving once again there isn’t much I won’t buy when it only costs a dollar

Doesn’t she look like someone just loved her to death?


It appears she received some emergency medical treatment along the way.

And a makeover.

From Morticia Addams.

A very nice gal at the rummage sale where I purchased this poor soul asked me “What will you do
with the antique dolly?”

Cue up spooky music.  

I think Dolly will be hard at work on Halloween.