Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall at the Antique Mall

Despite my previous history of falling down, I’m referring to the season.
Not the action.
The last day in my tiny space
I’ve been in my expanded antique mall space at Monticello Antiques for almost 2 months now and so far, so good.
How it looked the day I moved in
It’s been great to be able to turn around in my new space without knocking over a display of sharp, rusty objects. Actually, it’s been great to have a space I can turn around in, period.
How it looks this week. Fill 'er up!
What’s been selling?
Display shelves were $2 each at yard sales. I added the wallpaper in back.
Lots and lots of small things.
And not so many big things. I think I’ve rearranged my furniture in just about every possible configuration so far. Fingers are crossed that a dresser-loving buyer comes along soon.
I took the inexpensive and easy route with the wall coverings. The back wall is covered with one giant painter’s drop cloth from Home Depot which I think cost about $20. It was a little too wide so I stapled it in place and added a few pleats (also stapled because I’m fancy) on either side.
It was also too long but I just let it puddle on the floor since it’s hidden by all those dressers that haven’t sold.
 And when I was browsing in the paint department for drop cloths, I decided to cover the smaller side walls with brown all-purpose masking paper. I bought a roll with an endless, lifetime supply for about $10. So far I’ve used about 50 cents worth of it.  
That concludes our tour for today. Please feel free to take a dresser with you when you exit the building.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

This week’s Moments-in-Vintage brought to you by the camera on my phone

I came across these books, organized by color, in the same local shop where I bought the gigantic typewriter.
That lone red book mixed in with the blue ones cracks me up for some reason. Either it’s a deliberate part of the design or some shopper was really not paying attention to what was happening on these bookshelves.
Wouldn’t an entire bookcase filled with hundreds of red & green books be amazing at Christmastime? Will someone please get on that and report back? Much appreciated.
This piece of big, heavy mid century awesomeness was a mere $20 at a yard sale this morning and the sellers delivered it, in a truck, to my garage.  I marvel at $20 furniture.
And motivated sellers.
Which brings us to something I have been dreading to share with you but in the interest of full disclosure, I feel I must.
The cow has been nicknamed 'van Gogh.'
This photo was snapped out in the Garage Where Cars Can’t Park while waiting for my yard sale furniture to be delivered.
Blow mold central.
And possibly future additions to the "What was I thinking?" pile.
Concluding these moments in vintage, a view from a walk.
On the Old Highway.
Hope this weekend brings you some vintage moments.

Monday, September 3, 2012

My Corona

It’s kind of a dusty mess but I love it.
I had to haul it up a flight of rickety stairs from the one and only antique store in my neck of the woods.
It weighs almost as much as I do.  (Please let me have that dream.)
Can you imagine if this was on your desk at work? A lot of elbow room is required. The carriage is over two feet long.
My favorite key? The ‘Floating Shift’ for no particular reason. I think it’s the font that won me over.
Word on the street (and by street, I mean internet) is there’s only one operating typewriter factory left in the world.
Part of me wants to keep it but I think I’m going to need a bigger typing table.