Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall at the Antique Mall

Despite my previous history of falling down, I’m referring to the season.
Not the action.
The last day in my tiny space
I’ve been in my expanded antique mall space at Monticello Antiques for almost 2 months now and so far, so good.
How it looked the day I moved in
It’s been great to be able to turn around in my new space without knocking over a display of sharp, rusty objects. Actually, it’s been great to have a space I can turn around in, period.
How it looks this week. Fill 'er up!
What’s been selling?
Display shelves were $2 each at yard sales. I added the wallpaper in back.
Lots and lots of small things.
And not so many big things. I think I’ve rearranged my furniture in just about every possible configuration so far. Fingers are crossed that a dresser-loving buyer comes along soon.
I took the inexpensive and easy route with the wall coverings. The back wall is covered with one giant painter’s drop cloth from Home Depot which I think cost about $20. It was a little too wide so I stapled it in place and added a few pleats (also stapled because I’m fancy) on either side.
It was also too long but I just let it puddle on the floor since it’s hidden by all those dressers that haven’t sold.
 And when I was browsing in the paint department for drop cloths, I decided to cover the smaller side walls with brown all-purpose masking paper. I bought a roll with an endless, lifetime supply for about $10. So far I’ve used about 50 cents worth of it.  
That concludes our tour for today. Please feel free to take a dresser with you when you exit the building.


  1. Your posts and your treasures always make me smile. I'd love to take a few dressers off your hands if only I had an extra room or two. Always love those chalkboards with your very creative art! I see you have found a safe place to keep your windows.

  2. I love it all...especially the cleaver use of a drop cloth and masking paper!

  3. What a fun space you have... there's something for everyone! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you sell a dresser or two very soon!


  4. Your space looked great when you finishe on Monday. Hope by now someone has taken a dresser home!! Are you effected by the fire??

  5. Oh Amy, your space looks amazing! I haven't been there in a couple weeks and clearly need to get in and see what's new.
    Remember, even if the dresser are slow to sell, they are awesome and I'm sure they are attracting buyers into your space and that counts for a lot!

  6. Oh, such vintage goodness!! Love that floral needlepoint or painting in the white frame!! Wish I lived closer!! Have a great weekend! xo Heather

  7. So many vintage treasures! :) Love all the frames and suitcases! :) xo Holly

  8. Sometimes it's the smalls that end up being the money makers for the month. Been there done that! Loving your space and will keep my fingers crossed that the dressers sell! :)

  9. Hi Amy, your shop looks awesome!! And I see so many pretty flower containers ahhhh. Have a great weekend, Robin

  10. I would happily take a dresser ... if only I were there. Glad it's going well (other than the whole dresser thing, of course).

  11. The suitcases are awesome. Why are they still there! I would've snatched them right up


  12. I want the pink one! Why are you so far away?

  13. amy, your space looks wonderful! isn't it a lot of work to make it all look good and yet have enough stuff in there to sell? i love your style!!!!!!


  14. I, too, want the pink one! How much to ship to Chicago? :-) Your booth looks like someplace I could get lost in for long, lovely spans of time. Beautiful!

  15. Your space looks fantastic! Love the update on what you are selling. Thanks.

  16. I would love to take a dresser with me, and one of those window frames as well. But I don't live anywhere near your booth. :-(

  17. Amy - Your space looks great!! You have a variety of items. Wish I was closer to shop.


  18. Love your space!!! Lots of smalls selling here, too! Maybe sales on larger items will sell as we get closer to the holidays. Still love those chalkboards/artwork of yours!!!

  19. Amy Love you are my FAVE all time Vintage Friend with a space in an Antique Mall....I am quite simply GOBSMACKED by your visual merchandising skills....PLEASE come down here for a holiday & HELP me with mine....**wink**....!!

    Oh & DON'T YOU DARE put that pic on the fridge....!!!!!

    Hope you're having a JUNKtabulous week....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  20. BIG change getting more space, it does make such a great difference. You're right about changing things around frequently, makes everything look fresh again.


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