Friday, June 22, 2012

Holey Sheet

Late last night, long past when I should have been asleep in preparation for today’s yard-sale-ing,* it seemed like a great time to start a little no-sew vintage sheet project I’d been thinking about.

Impulse control? Never heard of it.

I’ll be a vintage vendor at two outdoor events later this summer and I wanted to make something colorful to flutter gently in the mild summer breezes that will be blowing softly through my vintage-packed canopy tent.
(This post is actually a subliminal message for the weather gods. I hope they receive it so I don’t end up with something colorful and sopping wet flapping madly in the hurricane-force winds beating against my rain-soaked canopy).

And I wanted it to be fast and easy.

Like tying-knots-onto-string-easy.

And it was.
Have a wonderful weekend!

 *Sadly, June-uary weather prevailed and rained out today’s yard sale plans.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Camp for Vintage Junkies

 How I Spent My Summer Vacation at Meadowbrook Farm.

I only wish this photo belonged to me ... not to mention that kitchen!
If you'd like to pin this photo, please hop over to Meadowbrook Farm to pin from the original source
Welcome, camper!

Late afternoon arrival will begin with a walking tour of the camp followed by the evening meal* served in the vintage dining hall.
After-dinner Meet & Greet. 
Scheduled topics of discussion include blogging, the merits of chocolate pudding, Pinterest, Downton Abbey and sewing with vintage sheets: For or against?  (For.)

Lights out: Whenever. 

Day 1.
Morning.  Round table talks:  Photography, props & styling, creative process, and pro and cons of Hobby Lobby.
Break for lunch at charming local restaurant. Meal highlight is crazy good cheesecake.

I've got mail. My favorite summer camp junk acquisition.
Afternoon. Tour of antique shops which may include encounters with skittish local wildlife.**
Retire to camp for delicious dinner, vintage chit-chat, magazine viewing and Season 2 of Downton Abbey.

Day 2.
Morning. Chocolate muffin paired with vintage fabric show & tell.  This will also be the time for campers to plan future projects involving current and not-as-yet-acquired vintage fabric and will include a vintage fabric swap.
Please remain in your pajamas for this event as it will extend into the early afternoon and be spread out across several rooms.
An in-depth exploration of gingham begins at noon.

Break for a late lunch at yet another charming local restaurant. Dessert will be an amazing cream puff made entirely of 10 billion calories.
Afternoon of antiquing and thrifting along with wonderful driving tour of local points of interest.
Retire to camp for another delicious dinner, more vintage chit-chat, additional magazine viewing and the rest of Season 2 of Downton Abbey.

Day 3.
Cram vintage purchases, boxes of vintage fabric and fluffier self into jeans-that-used-to-fit/car and prepare for departure.

Next stop, Farm Chicks!
While driving, reflect on amazing moments the internet has brought about and the generous invitation that made attendance at Meadowbrook Farm Summer Camp possible.
*at this camp, chocolate is incorporated into every meal.
**please maintain a calm demeanor if a semi-domesticated/crazed squirrel named Rosie runs across your shandal and straight up your pant leg at 90 mph while you are simply standing there, minding your very own business.