Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Looks like I made it.

Whoops. Notice anything a little off with this photo?

I’ve been a bit of a mad scientist recently, trying to modify inexpensive, store-bought house paint to make it easier to distress after it’s been applied to wood furniture.

Sounds like a giant step backward, doesn’t it, anxiously waiting for applied paint to dry so I can un-apply it?

I try not to think about it.

I followed recipes found here and here and liked the results.

I bought a $4 quart of paint* at my favorite painting supply store, my local Rebuilding Center, and mixed two parts of paint with one part of (sifted! Thank you, Maria) Plaster of Paris and a tiny bit of water and voila!

Genuine DIY distress-able paint.

Never one to experiment on a test piece of wood, I dove right in on this desk.

Before painting, I lightly sanded the wood where it still had some its original varnish in case the paint might not adhere to those areas.

I didn’t use primer. Yay!

The paint dried quickly and I called in my alter-ego, Sandy, to do her thing.

I love the wood top and it was in very good condition compared to the rest of this desk which was in pieces when I found it, so I simply sanded & stained it and then finished it with paste furniture wax.

I heart this 50¢ drawer pull

I love the look of waxed furniture. I do not love the task of waxing furniture.

Good thing it’s the final step in the process.

Arms so tired can’t type sentence.

*Benjamin Moore’s Beach Glass

More great painted furniture ideas here.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Thanks to days of do-not-drive winter weather that kept me trapped indoors much like a pajama-clad shut-in, my 2012 furniture-painting efforts are off to a robust start.

This flakey Before is now an After.

There are two of these little nightstands and while not exactly heirloom pieces, I liked their curved legs and distressed hardware.

I did not like the gold plastic (plastic!) scrolly accents so I studied up on home dentistry and extracted them with a pair of pliers.
The nightstands go onto the stack of things I’ll be selling at my first vintage event of the year, happening in a week or so.
If I can get out of my driveway by then.
Just before the snow and ice storm arrived last week, I decided I’d better hit my super-secret thrift store circuit before the weather put me on lockdown and I’m glad I did.

Please disregard the following in this photo: vintage Christmas tablecloths not put away yet, vertical blinds (ew), dangling electronic doodads, nightstand on sideboard (?!), shadeless & bulbless lamps, bath towel on floor ... I could go on...

Furniture is now lined up and awaiting makeovers.
This is why dinner is sometimes eaten at the coffee table.

Who am I kidding? Dinner is always eaten at the coffee table.
Unless there are guests.
It’s not total anarchy, yet.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Vintage Crafter Strikes Again.

Despite what’s happening outside today, I see signs of Spring inside.


The thimble flowers are blooming.

And I’m surrounded by my favorite kind of roses, the Barkcloth Rose.


Just wanted to share these sweet gifts from my talented friend, The Vintage Crafter Magpie Ethel.

Hope you’re having a cozy & creative weekend.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let’s do this.

Happy New Year!
My 2012 vintage to-do list has finally been notarized, stamped & sealed. In no particular order and subject to change without prior written consent, I present to you:

Things I Hope To Do More of In 2012 and Perhaps Some of Them I Can Also Improve Upon While I’m At It Including My Constant Use of Run-on Sentences and Sketchy Grammar

1. Sew.
I wasn’t even aware it was happening but after sewing non-stop for years, I slowed and then ground to a halt last year for no reason other than I needed a little break.
But now I have pages of sketches, a fresh perspective and lots of vintage fabric bookmarked on etsy.
( My fabric de-stash plan is so 2011. )

2. Junk-related travel.
I love a road trip and I’m that person who stops at every odd roadside attraction to view the life-size dinosaur made of cheese or the world’s largest talking knife & fork.
Add a little junking to it and it's a great day.

This is the 'before'
3. Paint more furniture.
 I like to paint things. Maybe it's the paint fumes talking.
I’m going to try making my own chalk paint as well. I’ll report back.

4. Sell at vintage events.
Luckily, I had nothing but positive experiences as a vendor last year so this year I’m ready for more. 
Not to mention The Garage Where Cars Can’t Park is still filled with everything but cars.

a vendor at Monticello Antique Mall
5. Sell in an antique mall again.
And not in the unofficial one currently going on in my garage where I’m my only customer. A real antique mall.
I have my name on the very long waiting list for a particular antique mall in Portland, OR. The wait could be a year! 
Er, Plan B…?

6. Learn some new tricks.
Upholstery, maybe.
 I already have an electric staple gun and a very sad chair.
Do you have big plans brewing? I hope 2012 holds new adventures for all of us and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens!