Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In my drawers

There’s a new addition to the vintage Christmas tablecloth drawer and I’m especially happy about it because:
It’s one I don’t have and it’s one I’ve never seen before and (this is always the deciding factor for me) it was a really great price.

I have achieved vintage Christmas tablecloth nirvana.

As long as we’re in the Christmas tablecloth drawer, let’s look around, shall we?

My all-time favorite. 
 Somehow I’ve ended up with four (!?) of these which might mean there’s been a breakdown in my Vintage Tablecloth Inventory System.  Or I’m hoarding. Or both.
 I really don’t know exactly what went wrong here.

My second all-time favorite.
Which I guess explains why I have only one.
Instead of four. (!?)

Do you iron before you store yours?
Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t.
 I’m random like that.

None of these fit my table but I like to layer them over a big, plain white tablecloth.

That way no one gets left out.

Or in. The drawer, I mean.

Christmas comes but once a year.


  1. well if ya ever wanna give up a candy cane one... I would love to find one!
    How happy, a christmas table cloth drawer!!!

    I love your santa cups in the background.
    I notice Pottery Barn reissued those this season and they are hard to not go scoop up :)

  2. It is impossible, absolutely impossible to pick a favorite! What a scrumptious collection.

  3. Beautiful collection and I understand about four of your favorite. How could you you NOT rescue them and give them a good home where they would get the respect they deserve??
    I enjoyed the tour of your drawers - LOL!

  4. Oh that first one, with the candy canes, is easily my favorite too. Perfection quadrupled, and so Seussian!

  5. Oh Good Lord! Now I'm going to have to collect and hoard vintage table cloths. I won't be able to stop myself. I'm going to have to blame you :) I love each and every one of yours!

  6. I have only one Xmas table cloth. And even then it's more of a runner/oversized mat that I layer over a plain red one. I'm in awe of this collection!

  7. Thanks for the "tour"! They look so happy! ♥

  8. Oh, the stocking one, the stocking one!!! But they are all equally lovely. I love vintage linens.

  9. I love your collection. I don't have any holiday tablecloths but I do have a lot of vintage ones. I'd love to see a post on how you use them or do you just display them? You may already have, I've only followed you for a few months now.

    Love your blog & all your vintage things!

  10. I have a drawer (or drawers) like that as well. This was the year when I consciously walked away from tablecloths at yard sales and the like. The piles were out of control. I actually use the holiday ones to cover the seat cushions on the porch during Christmas. It adds to the "will you look at her porch" now factor for the neighborhood walkers!!

  11. Um...can you please tell me where exactly that drawer is in the house?! That is by far the best image of vintage Christmas this year. What an amazing collection. You are incredibly lucky to have each and every one. But then I would expect nothing less of you....If you listen really carefully I am sure that you can hear little angels sing around them...smiles...Renee

  12. I love them all!!! That red one with the white poinsettias is especially festive!!!

  13. Love them all, Amy!
    I think the candy jar might be my favorite though. I've never seen one like that, but then I do lead a rather sheltered vintage Christmas tablecloth life.
    Compared to some people anyway.

  14. love those table cloths! If you ever want to part with one of the extras... let me know! :)

  15. Your new one is a great addition. I also like the one with the jars of candy. I haven't seen either of those but I don't collect them.

  16. I've never seen such a pretty collection. I can see why you have so many, they are so pretty.

  17. Your last photo is making me drool. I have one lonely vintage Christmas tablecloth and it's sitting here waiting for me to iron it. It's square-ish and I never thought to put it on top of a white tablecloth at my round table before. Thanks for the idea.

  18. They're all so beautiful, Amy!
    Now I think I need to get into MY Christmas tablecloth bin!

  19. I have collected vintage tablecloths for years and I am in love with your Christmas collection. My favorite has to be the one with the striped socks. I haven't ever seen that one before. They look so cute and happy all lined up in your drawer. Glad to hear you use them. I love to use them too.


  20. Your Christmas linens are so pretty- what a nice assortment!

  21. Want to share??? Ha, Ha. Yes, Christmas comes once a year. Are you Santa?
    xxx Liz

  22. Uh muh guh! What GORGEOUS collection you have there! I'm drooling. I'll be keeping an eye on my mail box, you know, for one of your four extras;)


  23. One can NEVER have too many Christmas table cloths! You never know when you might need one or ten!



  24. Tablecloth envy! That is a damn fine collection. xo, suzy

  25. I'm declaring you the Queen of Christmas Cloths.
    What a fabulous stash you have. I think you have four of the same cloth because you still love it every time you see love. I really like that one with the candy canes in the jars.
    No, I don't iron my table cloths before I put them away; I'm always putting off for tomorrow what I can do today.

  26. I especially like your newest tablecloth with the gray stripes in it. And your drawer is so....organized!

  27. Hello,

    I saw you lovely profile photo on your comment at Meadowbrook farm.

    What a treasure of exciting photos you have here! I cannot wait to come back and see more.

    ~ Hope

  28. Oh Amy I LOVE playing in your drawers....hahahahahaSNORT....!!!!!

    What a GOBSMACKINGLY AWESOME collection you have there....If you could see the shade of green my face has turned you would run VERY FAST to a safe place & HIDE those Treasures....LUCKY you can't see though hey....So there's still an opportunity to catch you unawares....***wink***....!!!!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  29. Covet covet covet the one with the green branches and jars of peppermint candy sticks. Waaaaannnntttt! What a great collection!


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