Friday, February 17, 2012

Junk Jenga

You may recall earlier this year I mentioned putting my name on the very long waiting list for a dealer space in Monticello Antique Marketplace in Portland, OR.


At that time I was told the wait could be a year.


A year!


The garage is filled to the brim with junk right this minute. And yard sale season is just around the corner…

Well, what do you know?!

Turns out the universe heard my whining and had just about enough of it.

TA-DA! MY FUTURE SPACE (it’s still occupied by its current tenant)

 My name came up on the waiting list much faster than I could have hoped and now I’m thrilled to be setting up my vendor space on March 1st.

It’s small. Your basic starter home of mall spaces.

But all 3 x 5 feet (yes, it’s the size of a throw rug) are mine!

click photo to see some *inspiring* MONTICELLO DEALERS

And the location within the store is terrific.

I plan to fill it all the way up (literally) with a tower of vintage Junk Jenga.

You’ll see…


  1. Congratulations! Sounds like the perfect answer to your full garage! Good Luck, keep us posted

  2. How exciting!! Congratulations! Wish I lived near!

  3. Wow, that's awesome! I'm a jellus h8r now......:)

  4. Yeah for you! Good things come to those that deserve them! (just like I will get to go back to Portland one day and visit your booth)

  5. You know I'm excited for you. I can't wait to see you spin your magic into that space. It may be small but it will be mighty!

  6. Congrats shop owner!! I hope you do well there.
    Hey, it's a start :)
    xxx Liz
    Ps. I'm following you now.. Yay!!

  7. How exciting for you!!!! I have been in the same mall for 5yrs and have lost count as to how many times I have moved.....started with a itty bitty booth, moved to bigger, then bigger, back to small then just recently moved to bigger than ever!!!!! What can I say? I like change!!! Have fun!

  8. so excited you are joining the Monticello family of dealers! Now I'll get to see more of you and your cool junk. Have a fun weekend!

  9. Oh this is going to be so good. A new reason to spin vintage magic. I can't wait to see your booth and watch it grow. Congratulations....smiles...Renee

  10. Wow how exciting. How does vending this way work??

  11. Happy Cottge Quilter: In this particular antique mall, dealers rent a space month-to-month and also pay a commission to the mall on their sales. In return for that, the mall handles all selling and marketing. I've sold my things in other malls in the past where dealers had to work the sales floor for a day or two each month and I didn't care for that – I would rather be out looking for more junk!

  12. jenga junk anchored in spot by a concrete deer..congrats!

  13. Congrats!!! You're going to have a great time with a vendor space. I can't wait to see how you fill it up!!!

  14. Yay Amy - contratulations!! I can hardly wait to see it!

  15. Yippee! I'm so excited for you. You'll have so much fun packing your space full of fabulous treasures. Can't wait to see how it looks when you're all moved in. Congratulations.

  16. Congrats! Oh, how I wish I lived closer. That booth is bound to be fabulous!

  17. What wonderful news, Amy. I am so happy for you. I can't wait to see you work your magic and shop your space full of charming treasures. I'm coming during the Garden Show which should be perfect timing for your "Grand Opening." Have fun getting everything together. XOXO

  18. YAY! I'm still giggling over "junk jenga!"

  19. Oh, you'll do great. My space is only a shelf... 1" x 3" but I go up & fill every side and still do very well. Like you said, it's a starting point. Wish I was closer so I could come see it!

  20. Best wishes with the space! Let us know how space ownership goes.

  21. Sooooooo happy for you. !!!!!!!!!
    I am sure that it Junk Jenga will be a happy spot - small, but fulllll of fab stuff!!!! Remember, good things come in small packages - or spaces, if you will.

    Much success to you, dear Miss A.!
    Doggies send their love,

    Miss B.


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