Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Because it’s my week (end).

For my birthday this year, I gave myself the gift of junking.

An entire weekend spent puttering around thrift shops, antique malls and junk shops on the Oregon coast (and a little on the Washington coast as well).

(I think she accidentally left the price tag on it – 50? Fifty? Must be her lucky number ... or something.)

It all began at Monticello Antique Marketplace with some foofing of my space there and coffee with Laurie who brought me this lovely bit of Springtime-in-January, a la Magpie Ethel (her alter ego).

Friended, fortified and foofed, off I went!

A vendor at an antique mall had hundreds of these for sale!

I made it through 4 huge antique malls, 7 8 thrift stores, 3 charming vintage shops and one *awesome* junk stop and saw lots of inspiration along the way.

in the basement at Phog Bounders Antique Mall, Astoria OR

Inspiring antique mall displays 
(I think I need to pack in more in my mall space – I really like this full-to-the-brim look. What do you think? Too much?)

Inspiring painted furniture. (Love the black)

Sewing inspiration. 

Bright ideas. (sorry)

Hobo Junction, 105 SW 13th St., Long Beach WA (click photo to enlarge and go nuts!)

And some good old-fashioned junking. This was my last stop and the most fun.

The owner was more than happy to climb over his mountains of treasures and pull out rusty, chippy things he thought I might be interested in while I pretty much wandered around in a daze and tried to take it all in.

The inside of his shop is as fascinating as the outside.

And his prices were more than fair.

You can see more photos of his shop here.

Happy Tuesday to you!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Wow those shops look awesome!!! Hope you have a wonderful week (end) :) hugs, xo Holly

  2. What a perfectly PERFECT birthday! I can't wait to see the goodies you brought back. Yes, I like that over-stuffed look, too. Just ask my kids about my "style" - LOL!

  3. My sister lives in Astoria and every time I visit her I have to go to Vintage Hardware! It is where I found my Pyrex lighted store display sign. You can check it out here if you want http://pyrexthriftersisters.blogspot.com/2012/01/so-awesome-i-had-to-post-it-twice.html

    Glad to hear that someone else enjoyed Astoria & Long Beach as much as I do when I visit.

    Happy Belated Birthday!


  4. Yes, I love that staged stuffed-to-the-brim look too, but it is hard to replicate for me...too much in my booth, and it looks like a messy thrift store, lol.

    Happy birthday too, what a great way to spend it :-)

  5. Sounds like a great Birthday to me! Love those pillows you show! Yes, stuff it! (that was fun to say) I like the stuffed look but it can't be too stuffed...just enough. Hope to see you soon!!

  6. Those flowers still look cheery despite the car ride to the coast (great photo with that check..you have such a good eye). Glad you found some junk and had a good birthday...next time I am going with you.

  7. Happy Birthday (hmmm price tag huh???) sounds like the perfect way to celebrate looking at wonderful junk!

  8. What a way to spend your birthday weekend, I can't think of anything better! You must have been in junking heaven when you walked into Hobo Junction. I noticed the "pray" sign in the other photo and got a good laugh out of that. I like the full-to-the-brim look when it's not messy...this one looks good. The dress form with the lampshade on her head is priceless...reminds me of a weekend away with the girls many, many years ago:-)

  9. Oh, wow, that sounds like a truly wonderful way to spend a weekend! Happy birthday!

  10. You were at all my shops!!!!! How fun. For such a little place, Astoria actually has a few really cute shops and like my Sister said, Vintage Hardware is AMAZING. I love that you stopped at Hobo Junction. I've picked up a few things there and really enjoy jumping across the river to check out the Washington side. So happy you had a nice birthday and made it to the coast.
    From Astoria,

  11. Happy Birthday!!! A perfect way to spend a weekend! So glad you had a great time! That Hobo Junction looks full of goodies! xo Heather

  12. perfect birthday celebration, congrats! i think you should make a annual event. and what a way to start with "magpie ethel" two of the best in the biz! gee, my birthday is coming up need to have a talk with my husband........

  13. I once climbed the Astoria Tower in 2" heels, then went for dinner of Seafood Bisque out at a snazzy place by the water...happy memories. Now if I went I skip the Tower and go for the junk! Thirty four years later I have much better perspective!

  14. What a great way to spend a birhday!!


  15. Welcome to the 50's Club, Mon Ami!

    My b-day was last week, and was nowhere near as stimulating as a junking adventure. I'm with Magpie. I'm gonna be a stoweaway the next time you do that.....

  16. Happy late birthday! Looks like you had a great time. I have a kind of love hate relationship with super packed booths. I love the look, and the fact that you aren't wasting money with merchandise sitting at home. But I really hate it when I go to shop in one of these and I feel like if I touch something, it is all going to come crashing down on me. Double edged sword I guess...

  17. Happy Birthday- what a dream weekend! Our local flea market always re-opens (after a winter hiatus) on my b'day weekend. It is a b'day treat to myself to attend and buy treasures!


  18. I love the Oregon coast, I spent Thanksgiving week at Long Beach Washington
    went in a museum where Jake the Alligator man was.
    I bought a tomato spoon at a nice antique shop there, loved the bakery

    So glad to got to shop around for yourself, I love doing that


  19. What a great birthday present to yourself. Will you be posting pics of any of your treasures? Anxiously awaiting...

  20. Glad you celebrated your birthday in vintage style ... hoping you have a junk (in a good way)- filled year ahead!

  21. I need to get my husband down to your "neck of the woods"... I think he'd go if I promised we'd stop at that last place~


  22. Happy Belated Birthday, and I hope you found lots of great birthday junk!!

  23. Wow thats the kind of shopping trip I need to have! AMAZING!

  24. Looks like you had a great birthday! I also made the half century mark just a week ago. Yay??? haha

  25. I love love love the Phog Bounders Antique Mall, too bad I don't live close by.. Adore the pictures :)

  26. That sounds like a pretty nice way to spend a birthday.


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