Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The postcard post

Mt. Hood

Every once in a while when there are multiples of something vintage for sale and I can’t bring myself to take on the possibly excruciating and/or time-consuming task of cherry-picking only certain ones to buy, I hear Sue of Vintage Rescue Squad whisper in my ear, 

“Ask how much for all of them.”

And I always do what the voices in my head ear tell me to do.

The multiples I’m referring to are vintage postcards. Hundreds of vintage postcards. 

Still counting them.

They’re from the 1960s & 1970s and they depict landmarks and landscapes in and around Portland, Oregon. Everything from snow-covered Mt. Hood, pre-eruption Mt. St. Helens, the Columbia River Gorge, the Oregon Coast and many, many views of the vintage Portland skyline. I’m guessing these postcards are unused inventory from an old souvenir shop.

Crater Lake, OR

I’m a state souvenir junkie and proud of it.

This one is my favorite.

I did end up buying every last one of them with the idea that I would resell them but without the idea of how exactly I would resell them. 

I’m envisioning these being used as save-the-date cards for a vintage-inspired wedding (there are enough for a HUGE wedding) or thank you notes or holiday cards (snowy outdoorsy scenes) or something along those lines. Or perhaps you have an idea?

The Oregon Coast. I've stood in this exact spot many times!

Hundreds of them…


  1. Oh, love the Lost Lake one. I've stayed there as a child and adult. Great memories. Of you had Olallie Lake, I might have to have it. It's my absolute happy camper place. .... great finds!

    P.S. I hear that same VRS voice every time I buy multiples....;)

  2. I know what you can do with some of them. I just redid some of my sunroom shelves with mountain themes and would love to see pre eruption Mt St. Helen's ( I grew up going up there) and Mt. Hood, Crater lake. Maybe we can get together??

  3. Save the date is a great idea for other occasions as well as weddings, like a family reunion or any sort of party. I can also see Oregon travel journals and scrapbook pages. And there are always those dishes and treasure chests made from stitched together postcards. So many possibilities!

  4. I always ALWAYS ask how much for them all. That's how I came home with 25 suitcases for a pretty killer price! :)

    I sell postcards individually in my booth. I always have a bunch of those plastic postcard covers on hand. I think they were a few bucks for a hundred on amazon.

  5. I am glad it was Sue's voice in your ear. I didn't hear her when you swooped in on them even though I was right there. They are pretty cool.

  6. Oh yes, you did good to buy 'em all up. I see you have them in your Etsy shop and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you sell out. Fabulous finds and they don't take up 1/2 a garage to store.

  7. These are so neat and how awesome would that be for a wedding! I used vintage style floral postcards for my save-the-dates which I loved! xo Heather

  8. I too am a state souvenir junkie! Loving the idea for save the date cards. Very clever!


  9. Oh for goodness sakes! We lived in Portland for two years while my beloved went to Seminary. We went to Mt Hood to Timberline Lodge many times, the Cannon Beach cards bring back the fun of driving there to see Haystack Rock! What a blast to find all those fun post cards!

  10. You're so smart. I never would have thought of them for save the dates but that's brilliant. Does it make you feel like a high roller to say "how much for all?"

  11. Wonder what it is about sue the RescurerWhisperer? :) I found her early on on Etsy, and because she is so great and willing to teach, she saved me a ton of time making the same mistakes everyone does...that I'm forever grateful to her. I still pop back in for new questions, and she's awesome to answer. Glad that you heard her whisper on these cards...they're cool! Laura


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