Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The post about Farm Chicks 2014 that involves way too many asterisks* (and quite a few parentheses)

Every person attending has a version of this photo on their phone. It's Farm Chicks law. 

After several hours of driving and Skittles-eating, my traveling companion, Pam, and I arrived at the Farm Chicks Antique Show a few hours after the event opened on its first day and I made a beeline to my favorite vendors, the Vintage Linen People.**

I immediately gave them all my money (holds up hands and says “I have this many”) and then got to work selecting the items which would ultimately return home with me to join their friends who were eagerly awaiting them in my vintage linen hoard/stash /collection/whatever-we’re-calling-it-these-days.

I was recognized right away by one of the Vintage Linen People thanks to my repeat performances on the exact same spot in 2011 and 2012. 

Three years later they still remember me because of my previous summit attempts on their vintage linen mountain.  

Vintage barkcloth 1.o

Once completed, this transaction resulted in a drop-off trip to the car because it’s physically impossible to navigate the aisles of Farm Chicks while carrying a garbage bag stuffed with vintage tablecloths, barkcloth and doilies. Trust me on this.

(I secretly suspect those shoppers pushing baby strollers through the Farm Chicks venue don’t have human babies tucked away in there.  I now believe their strollers were filled with toddler-shaped gobs of vintage tablecloths in an effort to avoid multiple trips out to their cars. Smart.

Note to self:  Begin bookmarking folding baby strollers on eBay.)

Vintage barkcloth 1.2

Occasionally I would cross paths with my friend Ethel and her rock star, vintage-toting mom, signaling acknowledgement with just a friendly wave and a nod because Ethel was in her ZONE, a ZONE which prefers to skip over non-essential chitchat while there is still vintage goodness to be discovered.

That’s why dinnertime was invented. For the chitchat.

And I get that.***

Wrinkled. So very wrinkled. 

The second day of Farm Chicks was very similar to the first day for me. I spent some time with the Vintage Linen People (they had replenished AND FOLDED (!) their inventory) and then I moved on to some general junk browsing since the crowds were lighter this morning (that changes quickly as the morning goes on). 

This day I was actually able to see more of what was for sale rather than who was in front of, behind and all around me, buying it before I could reach it.

I exercised great restraint and these signs were my only other purchases and I plan to resell them. 

As if I need one more thing. Or one more vintage tablecloth.

Except maybe for these.

The drive home included one small unscheduled detour because someone was talking while her smartphone GPS was waving its arms in the air, pointing and shouting to let us know TAKE THIS EXIT. NOW.


I made it home eventually, happy with my very own mini mountain of vintage linens.


*See what I mean?

**Vintage Linen People, if you have a formal business name, I apologize for not knowing what it is and for bestowing you with such a McBasic (yet apt) descriptor. Maybe hang a sign or something? Or not. Whatever.  I love you.

***One of these days I’ll write a post about THE SECRET TEST**** Ethel gave me the first time I ever went junking with her.

****I passed. (spoiler alert)


  1. Obviously you knew what you were looking for in the heap of linens. I don't know how you found so many lovely things in that pile. I guess it takes patience. And desire, huh? You really did keep your purchases light.

  2. Vintage linens were a huge seller for me this weekend. I sold all of the tablecloths I had almost as soon as the event started. I use the stained beyond saving and holey vintage tablecloths to cover my tables with items for sale... and I can't tell you how many people asked to buy them, even after I explained (and showed them) their horrible condition.

  3. What FUN and I would have probably went to the "linen" booth right away!! I adore linens:)

  4. Let me just say that I am ever so happy that you passed that SECRET TEST as I so enjoy my adventures with you. Adventures that send me into the ZONE...and really who has time for chit-chat when I am on the hunt. Am glad the linen booth was good to you and next year I want to see you pushing a triple wide baby stroller down those aisles!

  5. Please let your next post be about the SECRET TEST, because you know, curious minds need to know and all. Farm Chicks looks like a total blast!

  6. Wow, Amy, Nice haul!!!!! So glad to hear you went to Farm Chicks. Still on my Bucket List. Maybe next year. Hope to see you in the gorge soon. Good luck on that stroller - LOL.

  7. What a mountain of fabulous vintage linens. Heaven on earth I tell ya.

  8. Holy cow the vintage linen people had a ton of linens. A ridiculous amount of linen. You were right to head there first!

  9. That pile of linens makes me want to dive in head first! Linens seem to be hot again, which explains my LACK of finding any in forever. BOOhoo. What a fun day for you all! I would LOVE to know the Secret Test!

  10. !oo many asterisks and parenthetical remarks are only one thing we have in common.

    I'm despondent that I didn't come out to road trip with you guys….

  11. Oh my, the time I spent digging through those glorious piles last year! I found my most favorite tablecloth ever there. Once I got home, I contemplated refinancing my house to buy the linen guy out. I thought it was a wise investment. Brian though? He wanted to have me committed.

    You and I will be shoulder to shoulder there next year. I can't wait!


  12. There is nothing like a good dig! I can't wait to hear about the secret test.

  13. I totally get the "In The Zone" thing as Ethel. I am exactly the same. Can't properly focus on the goods with chit chat going on. I even get distracted when someone is chattering on their cell phone next to me....

    Glad you found some textilian treasures.

  14. I know that table! that's where i got my quilt! :)

  15. Lovely linens you brought home!! Looks like such fun to go digging through that pile!! Glad you had a great time! xo Heather

  16. Holy Moley, those linens. How on earth do you know how much they are? Are they priced by the pound or do they come up with a price on the spot once you've picked a bunch out?

  17. A real mountain for fabricholics!!! Holy Cow! I'd be in hoarder Heaven. LoVe the story, Miss Amy! And I look forward to "The Secret Test!"

  18. how fun!

    sounds very much like the country living fair, which i just attended for the first time.

    happy june wishes


  19. Wow, wow, and more wow. Love and lust for the barkcloth. I am green with envy over this wonderful junk trip. BTW, love that anchor you lugged home.

  20. Well, as a self-confessed Vintage Linens Addict who is totally Obsessed by Vintage Tablecloths... and Doilies to Create Wearable Art out of... I have a point of reference to how Shows like this are the stuff Dreams... and bigger biceps from carrying it all... are made of. I'm totally Green with Envy now! And staying up way too late browsing your Archived Posts now that I'm on a roll! *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian


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