Thursday, July 24, 2014

I need to know.

Before I get started here let me just say that this much I already know:  I am a vintage dish junkie and therefore have NO BUSINESS whatsoever prowling around the dish aisle of a Goodwill thrift store BUT once I’m in the store I feel it’s my moral obligation to check out every. single. aisle. including the one with the lame used sporting goods (deflated soccer ball or random golf clubs anyone?) and so there I was.  

Doing my civic duty in the dish aisle. In the name of junking. Which sounds an awful lot like junkie.

For the most part I kept my hands to myself but while eavesdropping on two people discussing Pyrex (free continuing ed class over in housewares!)  I spied some pretty little plates and here comes a(nother) confession:  I have become THAT PERSON. The one who whips out her phone in Goodwill to google the item in her hand before making a potentially heinous mistake involving fours of dollars by taking a pass on something that maybe she should have bought but didn’t.  Because of the fours of dollars involved.

And now I’m also that person who refers to herself in the third person.

And it was just four dollars.

I really don’t know how to explain that part of the equation. It’s not like they cost forty dollars because then PROBLEM SOLVED.

The tipping point. 

Back to the dishes. The magical, pretty dishes that had many interesting things happening. A nautical theme. Not one but two marks on the back (mad googling begins here!) and those marks involved the words ENGLAND and FAMOUS ARTISTS. Surely those are good signs. And the crazing. I love crazing. And they were pretty. And I’d never seen them before. And they were pretty.

Oh that crazing...

Hands over four dollars.

Despite my frenzied googling at the store and later again when my dishes and I got home, I still couldn’t determine specifically who the “famous artists” were and somehow not knowing disturbs me.  If I were putting the works of “famous artists” on my merchandise (and adding a second china mark specifically explaining that they were made by “famous artists”), I would say in BIG HUGE LETTERS who the “famous artists” are.

A painting by a "famous artist." 

And now I feel as though the internet is keeping secrets from me. Because everything about everything is on the internet by now, isn’t it?

I will keep looking.


  1. These are pretty. I would've bought them without Googling... especially for $4!

  2. Those are mighty cool for the hefty price of four buckaroos. Am sure some blogland friend will offer some insight into them...they often know more than the internet and are quick to volunteer information. (that is not the case with me...I know nothing about these dishes)

  3. The next time you hear a continuing education class going on in the Pyrex aisle, let the people know that Pyrex is so 4 years ago and Corning Wear is the newest craze. Hanna & I are working on spreading this rumor from coast to coast :-)

    So Hanna and I are headed to Alameda next weekend. I would love any tips you have on good places to stop for junk, food, booze, etc. You are an expert, no?

    Love the plates BTW!


  4. 'm laughing at The BARNACLE story! You did the right thing! I may not have! LOL!!! Cool cabin signs! The real estate one would be perfect for my hubby, if you are going to sell them(hint!)
    Cool plates. I'm trying very HARD to stay away from plates, dishes, glassware, stuff like that. It's just not selling and the china cabinets are full!

  5. Aside from the fact that you were feeding your addiction, the plates are lovely. My quick bit of research came up with nothing. I hope someone knows. Are you going to Plucky tomorrow?

  6. That is a well spent $4!! I think they are very cool plates! I am trying to hard not to buy more plates but since I've now donated so many I do have a little room left on my shelves...OK so I'm addicted also!

  7. great find, love the pattern on the edge with the prints. very nice. glad you are taking your job seriously : )

  8. LOL - I have done the same thing while thinking, just buy it you dope! Famous artists or not, I love the plates. I have never seen them before, either and hope you will share if your sleuthing pays off.

  9. Honestly I would not have bought them... It's really what your heart desires..for me neither the monie or the boats make me want them.. the only interest I would have are the edges of the plates.. It's what you like whether they were 4 or 15 dollars.. they are nice but just not for me.. I have a huge addition as well for dishes period not just plates. but I try to stick to the do I really really like it plan lol.. if you desired them that's all that mattered.. with love Janice

  10. *raises fist in That Person solidarity*

    I did it when I went thrifting this afternoon. In my defense, I really don't need a gravy boat. Even for two dollars. Even if it's pretty.

  11. I do the googling at the thrift store thing too. What did we ever do before cell phones were invented? Oh yeah, plopped down the $4 and run out the door.

  12. I'm also a dishaholic. They are pretty fabulous. Definitely worth every bit of $4.

  13. Hahahahah! Sort! That was a great and funny blog post. It is so relateable. I have become that person too. Thanks for sharing and neat find for surezies!

  14. Well, I am THAT person too. After I've hit all the aisles, I sit down in the furniture section to quickly peruse "Ebay" for a ballpark value. If I can't find it anywhere, I am usually intrigued enough to bring it home.

    I, too, am in love with the crazing.... and the ships. Lovely find!

  15. They would have been in my cart so fast. $4 - a bargain!!

  16. You are hilarious. Reading your blog posts are *almost* as cool as finding a treasure at the thrift store. I`m sure you understand. :-) Now, I think we should all go researching those Famous Artist Plates and meet back here to discuss.

  17. Those are lovely!!! Enjoyed reading your post!! haha! :) Have a great weekend!! xo Holly

  18. I would of had those plates in my basket in a NY minute.

  19. Beautiful plates and the detailing is so pretty! Hope you find out the artist! xo Heather

  20. Ooh, I love those plates and the pretty edges that look like icing on a cake. Good thing you grabbed them before the Pyrex people discovered them. You did good!!

  21. You're hilarious! Glad I discovered your Blog and great wit in Sharing your Junquing Adventures... I like to end the day with a Smile. I'm only NOT that person because my older G-Kids have not yet successfully dragged me fully into the 21st Century, so I still own a flip cellphone akin to something Wesley Snipes had in New Jack City era... oh the Shame of Gramma whipping that out if they're present! *winks* I always wondered what everyone else who is IN the 21st Century fully is frantically googling and scanning with their smart phones whilst we're all Junquing... now I have some vague idea, Thank You! *Smiles* Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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