Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Can I get your autograph?

I wrote a lame title for this post and I just couldn’t bring myself to use it but it’s dorky enough that it seemed a shame not to share.  Ready?

Vintage Junk Rocks!  

Random junk photo taken on the same day as the other photos in this post... 

Ok, I’ve probably written worse but if you knew how much over-thinking I put into things, you’d understand why I consider that kind of cringe-worthy and once/if you read this post (unless that last sentence was enough to make you turn off your computer or put down your phone or abandon your tablet and leave the area) you’ll understand how lacking-in-subtlety (yet easy) that title would have been.  For me.

Did I mention the over-thinking? Good.


Ditto on this photo. 

There’s been a series of totally random yet very delightful emails showing up around The Land of Into Vintage lately and here’s one example:

I was wondering if you would be interested in letting us use the attached photo on an album cover for a small up and coming band called Surviving Allison. It will be used in good taste, and we would give you full credit for the photo on the album.


You may recall a post from back in the olden days when I took myself out for some birthday junking and snapped these photos while in an antique mall in Astoria, OR (Hi there, Phog Bounders Antique Mall).

 Then that random-yet-delightful email arrived and before I responded, mad googling commenced in order to check out the band, Surviving Allison.  I just wanted to make sure they don't sacrifice unicorns or anything like that.

They don't.

And so my response to the email was a big, ol’ YES.

Days later, this appeared in my inbox.

The designer told me each object with a sales tag represents a member of the band.

No words except maybe “Vintage junk rocks!”

Or follow them on Instagram here.


P.S. a HUMONGOUS thank you to everyone who took the time to wish my dear Auntie a happy birthday on my previous post. You are the best. xo  


  1. How COOL is that?!!!!! Congratulations! Awesome photo and great that you never know who may be reading! Judy

  2. How fun! Does the person who owns the booth know about it? Because that is a WELL STYLED booth!

  3. Congrats! That is pretty awesome that your photo will be around a long time!

  4. I guess now I can say I knew you when....


  5. Congrats! Great photos.....
    Looks good on the album.

  6. Very, very cool! I love that it's vinyl too and not a CD. If I buy any new music, I have been buying it on vinyl, if available.

    Reminds me that I need to figure out when my junk will be making it's tv debut this Nov/Dec :)

  7. YOU ROCK!!! How fun is that?? How did they find your picture? Do they follow your blog? How long did you overthink the decision to say yes to the cover??

    ps. am having trouble getting blogger to post my comments so if this is a repeat, sorry.....

  8. WOW!!! Very cool vintage vibe in that photo. Who knew you would become a celeb in the music world too. Rock on,Amy!

  9. This rocks big time! Are you ready to have that song stuck in your head....gonna see my picture on the cover, gonna buy 5 copies for my mother. You know the one. I've never heard of them, but won't forget now.

  10. Groooooovy, baby! Congrats on this awesome happening! You are my hero! And I like their music! Can I get YOUR autograph??

  11. Awesome! Congratulations!!! No wonder you are so excited!!!

  12. I would buy that album just for the cover.

  13. That is super cool...super duper cool. You have been on an email roll lately. Keep em coming!

  14. Wowza - that is so cool and fun!!

  15. This. Is. SO. COOL. I love that cover! We must love them if they love junk enough to put it on their album covers, right?

  16. Wow! You are now a published photographer (is that a thing?)!!! That is fantastic!

  17. Cute post. I wonder if "overthinking" is a condition that we bloggers are just prone to. I just blogged about my underwear (really!) and boy did I ever overthink that!
    Enjoying your blog,

  18. THAT IS AWESOME! How cool and fun all at the same time. Perfect for linking to my "Let's Talk Vintage" party... if you're into linky parties, that is! :)


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