Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Wedgies

With family members far and wide, Christmas dinner this year will be with a group of friends, about a dozen of us. My assignment is appetizers and while researching some options in a vintage Betty Crocker's Good and Easy Cook Book (I am all for 'good' and definitely prefer 'easy'), I came across a snack recipe for "Wedgies."

As in, "Would you like a Wedgie with your glass of wine?" So very tempting for all the wrong reasons! If I didn't suspect the main ingredient, bologna, to be on the Things-I-Won't-Eat-List of several of the dinner guests, I'd be showing up with a Santa platter piled high with Wedgies. If only for all the dorky jokes we could make.

Some other suggestions from this cookbook that I won't be making include Anchovy-Wrapped-Olive Rolls and something called Angels on Horseback*. I can't recall any holiday meal I've attended or prepared where things like this were served. Can you? Maybe you've been served something even worse? I hope it wasn't the Stuffed Heart or Broiled Lamb Kidneys on page 108. Ack!

Oddly enough, Betty C. herself wrote a note at the beginning of this cook book asking,  "What can I serve that my family and friends will enjoy?" I don't think it's going to be the Wedgies this year, Mrs. Crocker. Guess I'll just make cheese puffs again. Or maybe you can suggest something that's good and easy.

*My apologies to any bacon-wrapped-toothpick-speared-oyster fans.


  1. Sadly, some of those vintage foods are not as appealing as other vintage things. Oddly, I knew that angels on horseback involved oysters. I think I'm having a flashback to some kind of dreadful childhood experience.

  2. I love the cookbook; however, I can top that. I found a cookbook from the 1950's that showed how to cook raccoon, squirrel and turtles. Yum, Yum.

  3. OMG!! Do not bring the wedgies...although the angels on horseback might be a nice idea :-)


  4. you could totally cheat and check out the frozen food section of the grocery store - my favorite appetizers are spinach dip (which is a cinch to make), stuffed mushrooms, mini quiches, and jimmy dean sausage balls, which is really more of a breakfast thing but could totally pass as an appetizer! :D

  5. I hope you like fudge! That is what I am bringing to the party!


  6. Well, I say keep it simple and the hostess will have fun. Heavens, they might not even notice once they start communing and partying.

  7. Those old cookbooks are classics, aren't they! The 'Wedgie' recipe had me chuckling. AND your Etsy shop is stunningly-Christmasy~

  8. Mini quiches are always my favorite...but the Wedgies would be a great conversation starter. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  9. I have the same cookbook and it's hilarious...especially love the box lunch suggestions.


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