Thursday, December 3, 2009

Merry Thrifty Christmas

The last time I did my local-ish thrift store circuit was before Thanksgiving and there wasn't even a speck of Christmas to be found. Do most thrift shops wait until after Thanksgiving to sell their Christmas items or is that some sort of local phenomenon?

 The St. Vincent de Paul store had bags and bags of ornaments for 99 cents - there were so many ornaments I almost ran to Michael's to buy a glue gun so I could start making wreaths right there in the store aisle. Then I remembered I don't make ornament wreaths. I did find these little red ones at the bottom of a 99 cent bag. They're perfect for my mini vintage tinsel tree.

This poor little guy was having a terrible day. Someone put a paperclip leash around his neck and plucked all his tail feathers. Fortunately it only cost 25 cents to bring him home with me and he's now a fully feathered, free range hummingbird after I performed a successful tail feather-ectomy to remove the feathers from his insides. The things I'll do for vintage.

 I must warn you, the next sentence contains some strongly worded language. I found these vintage bulb-shaped ornaments at a shop where I was told "Whatever ornaments don't sell will probably get tossed in the trash after the holidays." What?! I rescued as many as I could and told the others I would try to come back for them.

If you look closely, you'll see yours truly reflected. Bedhead, reading glasses and all.

No plans yet for this spun head heavenly quartet. I'm just happy to have added 'spun head' to my vintage vocabulary this year.

Looking forward to a little snow later this week. Maybe it'll be a white Christmas...
Hope you'll join me here tomorrow for my giveaway.


  1. What fabulous vintage finds!
    I love the little glass hummingbird ♥

  2. There's a lot to comment upon here, so I hope I remember all of my points. I've given up on trying to understand thrifts. No rhyme, no reason to anything - merchandise, employees, prices, etc. Nice job on the bird. (Oh, the paper clip - aaaagh.) Thanks for the warning about the rough content, but I read it anyway. I love the angels. And I will be back tomorrow giveaway or not but I should warn you that I'm feeling lucky. Do you want my address now?

  3. Oh, you hit the mother lode! Everything is wonderful, especially that little birdie!


  4. The little bird is shaking his tail feather, the bulb ornaments have a special glow and the angels are singing your praise. Great rescue job! Carly in PA

  5. Wow, my parents had all of those ornaments when I was a kid! (well, except for the strangely blonde angels.) Nice find.

  6. Oh what great finds. I so miss St. Vincent de Paul. We used to have several and they have all closed. Your bird rescue is wonderful!

  7. Thank you for giving Mr.Bird new life. He certainly deserved a better life than a paperclip ball and chain! What kind of store throws out ornaments that haven't sold...there should be a LAW AGAINST THAT!

  8. oh for the love of Pete! Those are wonderful! I love them all. I was going to stay home and be dutiful tomorrow, but maybe I'll have to run out and see if I can rescue some ornaments like these!

  9. what great finds! I love those red ornaments and that little hummingbird, you can almost hear his sigh of relief at being restored to his full glory :D

  10. Love it all! I never find this much on one store!!!! And for 99cents a bag! Lucky Lucky you! And I love the bird, he looks so much happier! :)


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