Tuesday, January 26, 2010

 Last week I had lunch in Portland OR with these two ladies -- do you recognize them? One of them you've probably seen shopping at estate sales, maybe holding a flashlight or magnifying glass, definitely some vintage treasures in hand. The other can be spotted touring Paris or thrifting around town, possibly in a cute pair of cowboy boots and some rhinestones. And I'm reasonably sure they're both always busy making something.

Magpie Ethel / Laurie


 Lunch quickly turned into an impromptu birthday celebration since Laurie's birthday had been earlier in the month and mine would be in the week to come. Which is now this week. Actually, the 'big day' is today. Thought I'd see if I could sneak that by you.

I tell you that so I can show you this.

 A happy vintage birthday birdie on a swing, made by Laurie/Ethel.

And this.

Absolutely beautiful birthday necklace, reversible too, made by Lisa.

Two wonderful birthday gifts, handmade and vintage.
I love them!
Thank you Lisa and Laurie/Ethel for your thoughtfulness.


I should mention that I made a little birthday gift for Ethel (not her real name but seriously, we all call her that, don't we?), inspired by one of her charming spun head gals.

The muse.

The plan. (A shining example of my art school education)

The result.

Thanks for sharing this day with me.


  1. What I wouldn't give to come live by you ladies! It looks like you had a fun time and got/gave great gifts!

  2. That must have been so much fun!! I have a One World One Heart give away going on right now, you might like to come by and enter...its for something vintage.
    ♥, Susan

  3. Happy Birthday! Am I the only one so far that noticed it is your birthday today? You tried to sneak it on by, but it didn't work! Have a wonderful day - what fun to have lunch with those two women. I love their blogs, as well as yours.


  4. That kitchen towel applique is so stinkin' cute! Happy Birthday!! xo, suzy

  5. I saw the beautiful towel on Laurie's blog today. Wow! It is awesome. And Happy Birthday to you!

  6. Happy Birthday to you and glad we could celebrate with lunch! Love seeing how my spun head gal came to life with that little sketch.
    Happy, Happy Day to you.

  7. Happy Birthday! I've marveled at your sketches since seeing them on Ebay a few years back. I sure enjoy your blog!! Inspiring!!

  8. miss amyyyyyyyyy~~~~
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday into vintage amy,

    arrrrroooooos from Mr. D. and Miss Fee
    and hugs from me!

    PS: that is the cutest towel!!!
    love the gifts from those two wonderfully
    talented friends. what fun lunch must
    have been!!!! xo

  9. Birthday wishes coming your way from a cold, cloudy and a little snowy Michigan! I will echo the sentiments of others and wish I could get in on a little of your birthday fun/lunches. You girls certainly do give good presents. Can we ever expect to find any thing like that adorable dish towel in your Etsy shop?

    I was just down in my basement today (I'm still putting Christmas odds and ends away) and I opened up the bin I keep my Christmas linens in and sitting right on top is the runner you made for me. It made me remember to get on the computer to send you a birthday wish!

  10. Just stumbled upon your blog tonight...it's a keeper! So pretty!

  11. Oh my...you must invite me next time you gals get together...I live a stones throw away...

    Happy Birthday to you all...how you did treat each other so wonderfully! Love the creations. Your adaptation of the spun head girl is "to die for"!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  12. I know both those sweet gals! So you glad you had a fun day with friends
    Hope you have another fun day for your Birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday! I'm so envious that you got to spend time with those creative gals! I read Laurie's blog regularly and love it. I LOVE that towel you created for her-- so "Magpie Ethel"!

  14. Happy Birthday Amy! I hope you're having a lovely day!
    You lucky girl, getting to do lunch with Laurie! You sure received some sweet gifts, and I love the towel you made for Laurie too.
    Have a great birthday week!

  15. you so nailed that towel for Ethel...you did a wonderful job..looks so vintage looking..and happy birthday too..:)

  16. Happy Birthday Amy! There's nothing like a birthday celebration with girlfriends...how fun!

  17. How fun! Happy Birthday, I hope it's been a good one. You did a great job on the towel. It looks just like Laruie's creations.

  18. happy birthday!! those are two of my favorite ladies and now you are too. tons of talent the three of you!!!! i went to art school too and my crafts always look like a first grader made them.....lol
    hope your day was sweet!!!

  19. Happy Birthday
    Have a Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday
    Have a Happy Day! Hey!

    So sorry I missed saying this yesterday, but better late than never!

    Oh and let's not forget the gorgeous little dishtowel you made. That is just amazing! I wish I had just 1/100 of your talent!

    Here's to many more happy birthdays!

  20. how fun! what lovely gifts!!! Happy Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful day today!

  21. Happy Birthday! How nice to have lunch with friends. You received such wonderful gifts and your teatowel design turned out beautifully. Have a terrific day. :) Tammy

  22. Amy-Happy Birthday!! Ooops sorry it's a day late but I did get to wish you a Happy Birhday in person last night.
    Mmmm, Dulce de Leche ice cream is the best!

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  24. Hi Amy! I don't know how I missed this post and missed wishing you a happy birthday. Great picture of me btw. ha ha Laurie and I were saying how much fun it was getting together with you. Next time we'll make a little road trip out your way to see you.




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