Saturday, January 23, 2010

The State of My Collecting

One of the big adventures of my 20's was moving across the country from Atlanta, where I'd lived most of my life, to Northern California, a place I'd been to only once, on a long weekend. And while exciting, relocating is never easy. Back then, before the days of the internet, I had to find all the good thrift stores the old-fashioned way - using the yellow pages and a map!

But I fell in love. With California.

And then it crept into my collecting. 

Still creeping in.

The last few years have been about the current adventure, life in the Pacific Northwest. With internet.

 And the start of a new collection.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far.

*magazine in last photo is from Sept. '06 Country Home - remember that magazine? I miss it!


  1. Hi Amy ~ I am so impressed with your vintage souvenir collection!! Wow! Do you want me to keep my eyes out for anything in particular when I am out and about. :)

    Oh how I remember the days of depending on the Yellow Pages to get directions. *sigh*


  2. Great collection! I love state stuff. Ben has some vintage maps and stuff in his room from Oregon - mostly old advertising. Fun!

  3. I'm having a great weekend! Started out at a garden nursery. So that pleased me mightily!

  4. Man you have a wonderful collection, I am in Calif myself in the Thousand Oaks, I have a few California collectibles but nothing like yours great share. oxoxox, Diane

  5. What a fun collection. The CA glasses are great!! I have those glasses from Oregon and a whole Oregon collection. Now I'm starting on WA and I have some Michigan in honor of my hubby.
    We must be just a little crazy??? :>)

  6. Last picture with all the plates is fabulous and something I keep putting off doing. Love that look and your collection. Speaking of yellow pages - I saw someone at a gas station today with a street guide. Wonder how long it will be until we are selling yellow pages and street guides as Ephemera!

  7. I love your collection....right about now, I'm tempted to start a Florida collection, on location of course! Great colors in the Cali tablecloth.

  8. What a great collection! I love the graphics.


  9. Amy, You have become a keeper of history! Your collection is wonderful, thoughtful, and so very colorful. I hope that future generations find our collections important enough to continue, or just to appreciate. Love the tablecloth...of course.
    ♥, Susan

  10. What a vibrant and colorful collection. I collect plates too (and spoons) from different countries/states. I grew up in the South and California was sooo far away that I always felt like it was a foreign country. Now I truly am living in a foreign country! HA! Ironic. Have a great day. Blessings, Tammy

  11. I love how it's like all of California is spread out across your shelf, rendered in souvenir glasses. The only collectibles I see around here are from Florida, although I did pick up a nifty set of metal Alaska coasters. You could see Russia on them!

  12. oh how fun! i just love the glasses! :D

  13. What a fantastic collection! I love them all.

  14. I am a native Southern California Girl...and I appreciate your collection. I made a fabulous find last summer here in Oregon and came across about 35 vintage tablecloths at a garage sale. I snagged them all up...I see your pillows, it difficult to cut them up?

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  15. Hi, I totally appreciate your souvenir state plate collection. Iam so in love with them, myself at about 25 plates right not, that I was going to make a mosaic counter top for my tiny trailer, but I didn't have the heart to break any of them....
    Keep on collecting, and having fun!
    Love your blog,


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