Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the family jewels

Nearly 20 years ago I inherited my mother's costume jewelry collection, most of it already vintage by then since she'd had many of the pieces for most of her life. She was a bit of a note-writer, attaching handwritten messages to some of the pieces, reminding me when or how she came to have them.

She had a little of everything and these are some of my favorites.

I love this faceted amber glass necklace. The note with it says "My father gave this to me in 1929. Photo taken wearing it." I hope I have that photo somewhere. And for those of you doing the math, my mother was born in 1920 and I was a later-in-life surprise for my parents. That's all I'm sayin'.  :-)

This little necklace is my favorite -- more faceted glass. I always admired it when she and I would look through her jewelry box. The note with this says "I'm glad you like this. I wore it as a young girl."

There wasn't a note with this Italian mosaic necklace. The tiny details on it are amazing.

Two sweet pins. A pretty celluloid bouquet from Japan and a googly-eyed Scotty in a turquoise top hat.

And this is the 'Mysterious Mary' pin. No note and no idea who Mary was. But I think I'll keep it in case the mystery is solved someday. 


  1. What treasures! Your mom had excellent taste. xo, suzy

  2. Beautiful, I love vintage jewelry..
    Thanks for sharing with us...what a good thing is was for your mom to tag them...
    really sweet,
    good day,
    glenda@serendipity cottage

  3. I love jewelry that is passed down through the family. When I graduated my favorite aunt gave me a little gold heart necklace that her husband gave her when they were dating (and she was staying with my parents, and my mom was pregnant with me), I think of that every time I wear it. My mom has this beautiful painted brooch that has forget me nots on it, it is the one piece of jewelry of hers I love most. :)

  4. How amazing to have a collection of your Mother's jewelry...and to have little notes with some too!

    The first one is my favorite :)

  5. What beautiful jewelry and lovely memories. Your mother was very thoughtful to leave the notes to pass along the history. Maybe Mary was a friend?

  6. oh LOVE!
    My mom made reproduction clothes for people's antique dolls when I was a kid. The lady she worked for collected things for her to add to the dolls clothes. One of those things was a tin full of vintage broken jewelry. We would play in it for hours...

    These are stunning. The mosaic know that made my heart beat faster...

    Thank you for showing us these beautiful things. It was especially wonderful knowing that they are your family things. I don't know why but that makes me happy...knowing they aren't just orphans with no story.

    Really lovely, Friend.

  7. I am totally drooling. That faceted glass piece would not be safe around me at all ;) It's my favorite too!

  8. Those are really beautiful - especially that celluloid bouquet.

  9. Those pieces are so lovely, and I hope that you wear them! They must be so precious to you, almost as precious as the little notes that your mother wrote about each one!

  10. Those are so sweet. I think it's even sweeter that your mom wrote little notes for you about them. It's so sweetly sentimental - and I mean that in a good way. Thank you for sharing your precious jewelry with us.

  11. How pretty. Do you ever wear them? The necklaces would be gorgeous with a turtleneck. So nice to have special family heirlooms that you remember from your own childhood.

  12. Wow. Double wow! Bella Della and I could fight over the faceted glass pieces:)hehehe
    Those are my fav, too.

  13. Wonderful!! I love that your Mom wrote the notes. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Oh, beautiful vintage heirlooms! That mosaic piece is just to die for...I love that you inherited these pieces.
    ♥, Susan

  15. Such beautiful jewelry and I love how your mom left notes with it. P.S. Really like your blog. I now have you listed on mine as a favorite!


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