Thursday, February 18, 2010

Three facts this blog has revealed about me so far:

1. I sew.
2. I love vintage fabric.
3. I save things.

Here's a collage of all three of those things combined -- the 'I save things' portion being the part where I've saved every photograph of every item I've ever sewn using vintage fabric. You know, so when my life's work is archived by the Smithsonian, it'll be an easy job for the curators.

Now a fourth fact has been revealed.

4. I hallucinate.

(if you click on this photo, it will become ginormous.)

I emphasized my sewing of the patchwork variety since that's been on my mind lately as I continue my quest to 'sew through' my vintage fabric stash.

In addition to full-on vintage tablecloths, vintage yardage and barkcloth drapery panels, The Stash includes boxes, bins and baggies (baggies are so ... not vintage but don't worry, they're hidden from view) of bits & pieces, sorted by type and size, from larger 'chunks' on down to little pieces. I love to put all the colors and patterns together like a colorful vintage puzzle.
I haven't made one of these quilts in a couple of years so I have one in the works now although I'm not sure yet if it'll become a little lap quilt or maybe a patchwork tablecloth.
(a tablecloth made from tablecloths -- what will she think of next?)
I'm kind of leaning toward tablecloth.

Here's a sneak peek of something new from the product development department of the Doily Factory. Can you tell what it'll be? If you have the first correct guess, I'll make one just for you.


  1. Are you making totes or purses? I love old tablecloths. I have been collecting them for over 25 years and enjoy using them too!

  2. First off - I love these vintage lovelies you've created. I really mean it. They are gorgeous !
    I must get shopping, seriously.
    Well, the Product Development Department is creating an Apron, just for me.

    Love your blog,
    I love vintage.

  3. have already made headband?....Not sure but I want to win~lol

  4. Belt! Belt! Belt! Love the ginormous picture when you double click..I could just sink in amongst all those pillows. I'm also digging on that tablecloth idea - that is an awesome idea!

  5. I never get tired of vintage tablecloths. I'm trying to whittle down my stash too, but darn if a few new things don't keep making their way into the sewing studio.
    I don't know what you are up to but it's going to be lovely I'm sure. xo, suzy

  6. Wow, a headband?? Whatever it is I am sure it will be as beautiful as your other creations.

  7. I'm thinking it might be a camera strap? Love, love all your fabulous fabric!


  8. Okay, I take back what I said about ticking. The ticking tote is the cutest thing ever...seriously ever, and the pillows (particularly right side second from you still have that because I need that exact pillow), and I need a tablecloth tablecloth, and....I think I'll start collecting tablecloths, so I can make some of these beautiful projects. Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration, Amy!


  9. Whatever they are they are charming. I was thinking if they were a little smaller they would make delightful napkin rings... perhaps with a vintage button or two. I can see them with an oversized white linen napkin. What an amazing collage of your beautiful work. I am pleased to be the lucky owner of a few of the items! Is it possible to order something from the pictures? One can never have too many vintage pillows, tableclothes or quilts!!!!!

  10. Well, others have beaten me to it, but I think it's an apron, too. Love the work!

  11. Someone already beat me to my idea of what you're making, but I will also guess it's a belt. No doubt with a fab vintage buckle of some kind. Whatever it is, have fun sewing!

  12. Hi,

    I think it's a headband too.

    Love getting a look at your inspiration board!


  13. Amy.
    These photos are making me nuts!!!! I want them all!!!!! I can't wait to see my little project! You work is so awesome! I would love anything!!!! It looks like a handle to a shopping tote maybe????? It is stinking cute! :)

  14. Totally YUMMY! I love the tablecloth from vintage tablecloths! How fantastic is that?

    I'm thinking it's an apron?....

    Warm blessings,

  15. Gorgeous fabrics and beautiful creations. I wish I could sew! Such fun and fabulous things. Love your collage of work. There are many things I've made in the past that I wish I had kept a picture of just for my own benefit. So great that you have pictures of everything you've made. Have a great weekend. :) Tammy

  16. So glad I found your lovely blog this morning! I'm a vintage-loving girl who WANTS to sew more....right now I'm mostly a card-making girl (vintage-style, of course!) Have enjoyed browsing around through your beautiful posts...I'm your newest follower, so I'll be back often to see what new beauties you've made!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. I found you through Jane's Apron. I love your collage of photos. I think you might be making an apron but others have said that before me so I guess I am not commenting to win anything but just to say how much I am enjoying your post.

  18. I'll just say tab top curtains 'cuz all the other ones are taken. Anyway, I just love the cheery patchwork tableclothes turned into pillows, hearts, etc. I can't bear to cut into any of mine unless they are seriously torn or stained.

  19. I vote for a tablecloth made out of tablecloths and look forward to watching your projects emerge 'cause I love your stuff!

  20. Love what you do! Could it be a backpack strap? Oh, I didn't look to see if that one was taken....lookin' forward to seein' what you've got up your sleeve.

  21. Hi Amy!
    I found your beautiful blog through a comment you left at T's Daily Treasures...I'm so glad I did!!!!
    I knew it would be great if it was called "So into vintage"!!!
    Love love love all of your creations, knowing you are doing something beautiful with vintage fabric makes my heart sing~
    So glad to find you!

  22. Great blog, really enjoyed finding you.

  23. Me thinks it is a yoga strap!

  24. I think it is the start of a belt - for jeans - would look so cute

  25. I love vintage tablecloths and don't see anything weird at all about cutting up tablecloths to make tablecloths!!! You creations are the bomb!



  26. Your mosaic had me mesmerized!! I love the idea of a tablecloth made of vintage fell into the why didn't I think of that category. I am thinking that maybe you are making a tote bag, or maybe a yoga mat?
    ♥, Susan

  27. Your work is so beautiful! Don't stop! :)

  28. Think it is a tote bag!! Love the material!!

  29. I think you are making tie on seat pillows for your kitchen chairs. Just a wild guess.

  30. Your work is very pretty. Gave me some ideas. My grandmother had stacks and stacks of feed sacks that she had saved. I have always wanted to do something with the material but didn't know what. I love the table cloth idea.

  31. You are going to braid the strips into a little rug or hot pad, right? I love all these colors.:-)


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