Sunday, October 4, 2009

I recently moved to a small town where there's no home mail delivery service so it's a requirement to have a p.o. box in order to receive mail. What this means is once a day I have to remove my pajamas, put on 'real' clothes and go into the post office.

Some days the trip just isn't worth the effort, my tiny p.o. box stuffed with random coupons for local businesses ("Get your tractor a tune-up and we'll oil your chainsaw for free") or endless credit card applications with my name misspelled ('Any' when it should be 'Amy') or worse yet, no mail at all.

Every once in a while there's a little treasure hunt waiting for me. I unlock my p.o. box to find an official-looking, numbered key to yet another, larger p.o. box, this box big enough to hold parcels.

Not too long ago, that larger p.o. box held a package from blogger Lisa at A Thing For Roses. We met several years ago at the Portland Antique Expo where she and Isabel were selling their vintage finds.

Lisa knows I sew with vintage tablecloths and tea towels and ticking stripes and she sent me the prettiest package of vintage fabrics, all tied up with a rayon seam binding bow and a lovely note on a pink rose card. (Because of her thing for roses).

Makes getting out of my pajamas so worth it. Thanks Lisa! I love the fabrics and I'll do my best to sew you proud. -amy


  1. Some days it really pays to get out of the PJ's! xo, suzy

  2. Lisa is SEW sweet! (pun intended!) he heee.
    You are one lucky gal to get that bundle of cute goodness!



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