Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Meet the Staff

This is my sidekick, Vintage Cat.


Duties include Vintage Fabric Inspection

and Product Photo Disruption.

Prefers to use the computer keyboard as pillow which leads to a lot of this:

Slurps coffee from your cup when she thinks no one's looking.

Good girl.


  1. I'd say that she is the perfect one to have around while you work. Fiona usually makes an attempt to squeeze herself in to whatever I am doing. out the attic....and yup, she is there.

    Amy, your fabrics are making me drool....:)


  2. Amy,
    Your "staff" looks like she neeeds a talking to about productivity! :) She sure is cute!

  3. love your kitty..our black cat loves to drink coffee with my hubby too..and then she gives us that look like she smelled something funky and is back for more.:)

  4. Your staff seems very competent. I hope you pay them handsomely!

  5. Love the "staff"
    My threesome are also pros at sneaking sips and tastes..They perform handsomely at their tasks..BeBe longhair calico is my computer expert..always nearby or on the keyboard..
    Cat Ballou guards the intruders..but if mommy decides a cat nap is in order, he snuggles close to guard mommy..
    and Bubba G..he guards the entire household, doles out his unique brand of unconditional love and entertainment as he deems necessary..
    all are paid accordingly..mommy love, treats galore!
    works for us!
    hugs and smiles.. Loui♥


I love this part! Thanks for your comment.